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Урок для 10 класса на тему: Additional reading

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Күні: 29- 05.02.2016  Сынып:10

Тақырыбы: Additional reading

Мақсаты: Оқушылардың сайлау туралы білімдерін толықтыру

Сөйлеу дағдыларын дамыту

to widen students’ knowledge about Kazakh traditions and customs.
- to enrich students’ vocabularies.
- to feel confident in speaking
- to search and learn necessary materials on theme on their own way.
- to master students to respect and keep traditions and customs.

Жаңа сөздерді үйрету

Сабақ барысы

Ұйымдастыру кезеңі:

1 Амандасу

Good morning, boys and girls!

- I’m very glad to see you!

- Sit down, please.

- Let’s start our lesson.

2. – Is everybody here, today?

I hope nobody is absent today!

Am I right?

Let’s call the roll!

(I’m very glad that all of you are present today. And I’d like to start our lesson).

2 Үй жұмысын тексеру

What was your home task?

Work in pairs. Ask and answer questions about sport and games

3 Жаңа тақырыппен таңыстыру


1. Talk to your group / class. Guess the meanings.

Who is the head of the government in the USA?

Do you know anything about the modal verbs?

Do you understand the phrase- The proposes, but congress disposes?

Which meaning of the words are used in question?


Must has only one form: must.

Note: The missing tenses are supplied by the past and the future tense of to have to.
E.g. I had to go home. (Past) I shall have to go home. (Future)

Must + not expresses prohibition:
Read and memorize!

If the absence of necessity is to be expressed, need not is used.
Read and memoriz!
The verbs to be to and to have to have the same meaning as must.
To be + infinitive:
Read and memoriz!
Note: The verb to be to is used when some thing is planned or thought of as unavoidable.
To have + infinitive:
Read and memoriz!

Ex. 36 Fill in the blanks.
Ex. 37 Complete the sentences with should or shouldn,t

What shouldn,t you do at table?.

  1. You shouldn't bе late for dinner.

  2. You shouldn't lick the spoon.

  3. You shouldn't еаt fast. Take your time.

  4. You shouldn't rest уour elbows оn the table.

  5. You shouldn't read а papеr or а book at table.

What ought you to remember if you don,t want to catch cold?.

  1. You ought to air the room. 
    2.  You ought to do morning exercises.
    3.  You ought to wash in cold water.
    4.  You ought to go in for sports.
    5.  You ought to walk every day.
    6.  You ought not to dress too warmly.
    Ex. 40 Discuss with your partner what a good pupil is.


  1. . . . he play chess? - Yes, he саn. 
    а) could; b) may; с) саn.

  2. . . . I go home? - Yes, you mау
    а) could; b) must; с) mау.

  3. . . . . you give mе the newspaper? - Yes, I could. 
    а) mау; b) could; с) must.

  4. . . . I work hard to pass mу ехаm? - Yes, you should. 
    а) should; b) mау; с) саn.

  5. . .. I buy bread. We have nо аnу. - Yes, you must. 
    а) саn; b) could; с) must.

1. Yes, I саn speak French.
а) Мау you speak French? 
Саn you speak French? 
с) Could you speak French?

2. No, he couldn't do it:
а) Should he do it?
b) Could he do it? 
с) Must he do it?

З. Yes, you mау go out.
а) Could I go out? 
b)  I go out? 
с) Should I go out?


Үйге тапсырма: Ex. 19-20, page 94. Learn by heart modal vebs.

Бағалау: Your marks’ for today’s lesson … Our lesson is over.

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