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Урок для младших школьников "The trip to the kingdom of games"

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Aims: to develop writing and grammar skills through games.

Equipment: toys, alphabet, cards with transcription, pictures with favourite animals, a crown for the queen, wrath for the autumn, leaves, apples, paper mushrooms, pictures with means of transport, a white coat.


1. Warming up

Speaking chain: teacher – student 1 – student2 … etc.

How are you, Alesha? – I am fine, thank you, Alesha, ask Alyna “How are you?” – “I am well, thank you. I am not bad, thank you. OK! Thank you” etc.

2.Role playing

T: Do you like playing children? Let’s have a trip to the kingdom of games. Oksana, come here. Show the means of transport in the picture and ask: “What’s this?” Children answer in chorus.

What’s this? This is a bus.

What’s this? This is a tram.

What’s this? This is a train.

What’s this? This is a car.

T: By what kind of transport would you like to go to the kingdom of games?

Ps: By train.

Over the mountains, over the plains,

Over the rivers, here come the trains.

3. Revising the letters of alphabet.


Station 1. The ABC

T: Children, the doctor has to come to us. She wants to know how you are. Tanya, you will be the doctor, show the letter please and ask “What letter is it?”

Children, shut your right eye,

Shut your left eye.

Vova, ask Denis: “Tell me please the ABC.”

Station 2. The Wood

T: Children, tell me please, what’s this?

Ps: This is a wood.

T: Our train is going through the wood. Who lives in the woods? Read, please, and say if is right or wrong.

Ps: A squirrel, a bear, a wood goblin, a hare, a fox, a giraffe, a kangaroo, a wolf, a hamster.

Station 3. Autumn

T: What season is it now?

Inna, come here. You will be autumn. Ask children: Do you like autumn? Why?

Ps: Yes, I do because I like fruit.

Yes, I do because I like apples.

Yes, I do because I like mushrooms.

Yes, I do because I like my birthday.

Yes, I do because I like yellow leaves.

No, I don’t because it’s rainy.

No, I don’t because it is cold. Etc.

Autumn, give the children your leaves, apples, mushrooms and say “Good bye” to them.

4. Writing

Children, write down the missing letters in the words in your leaves, apples, mushrooms and then put the words in the alphabet order. Who is ready, raise your hands and you will be the winner.

5. Physical exercises

The children can see bears. Sasha, you will be a daddy bear.

Tanya, you will be a mummy bear. Zhenya, you will be a son bear. Bears, do physical with the children.

1.Hands up. Hands down. Hands on hips. Don’t sit down.

2.Bend to the right. Stand straight. Bend to the lift. Stand straight. Don’s sit down.

3. One, two, three, hop.

One, two, three, stop. Thank you. Sit down.

6. Speaking

Children, our train has stopped. This is the Kingdom of games. You are welcome. Lena, come here, you will be a Queen of the Kingdom.

Children, ask questions to the queer about her family, toys, pets etc.

-What’s your name? What’s your family name? Have you got a family? How old are you? Where do you live? What street do you live in? Have you got a pet? What pet do you have? What’s your mother’s name? etc.

7. Reading

The Queen gives the children cards with the description of her friends. There are some words and expressions on the blackboard which help to understand the texts.






Children read the cards and translate the sentences.

Card 1.

I have a friend Teddy. Teddy has a little family. Teddy is a good bear. It is not big. Teddy has a toy. It is in the hand. Teddy likes honey. Teddy likes playing hide-and-seek.

Card 2.

I have a friend Mickey. Mickey has a big family. Mickey is a funny little mouse. Mickey has a toy. It is the box. Mickey has a cat. It is in the park. Mickey lives in the Disneyland. Mickey likes playing Leap frog.

8. Listening comprehension

T: Children, the queen has gives me the letter in which she writes about her pet. Listen to it and then write down if it is true or false.


I have a pet. My pet is a cat. My cat’s name is Kitty. Kitty is a big gray cat. Kitty has a little fat kitten. It is funny. Where is the kitten? It is in the box. The box is on the floor in its room. The kitten likes milk. Kitty likes a mouse. Kitty is a good cat.


1. My pet is a dog.

2. Kitty is a little gray cat.

3. Kitty has a fat kitten.

4. The cat is in the box.

5. The box is on the floor in its room.

6. Kitty’s kitten likes milk.

7. Kitty likes playing with a mouse.

8. Kitty is a bad cat.

9. Assessment

T: Queen, show please the photos of the animals and ask the children to tell us about their pets.

The children try to use pattern: Show me your toy.

T: I have a daisy. Take one or another leaf and do what is written there.

A pupil tells the alphabet, counts from 1 to 12, recites the poem, tells about himself/herself, about a favourite pet, etc.

10. Home task

Draw a picture of your favourite pet and write some sentences describing it.

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