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Урок для высшей школы "Holidays, traditions and customs"

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Сабақ жоспары № 8

Plan of the lesson № 8

Subject: English

Курс тақырыбы

The course theme: Grammar

The lesson theme: Holidays, traditions and customs in England. Participle 1.

Оқыту стандарттары

Standards of teaching:

Оқушылар білу керек

Students must know: Holidays and traditions, customs of GB. Participle 1.

Оқушылар жасай білу керек

Сабақ мақсаттары

Objectives of the lesson

Students should be able: speak about the traditions, customs and traditions of Great Britain using grammar point


teaching : To present new active vocabulary, introduce the grammar


developing: to develop student’s skills in speaking, writing and listening


up-bringing: to bring-up respect to other country’s culture, language

Сабақтың типі:

Тype of the lesson: practical

Сабақтың түрі:

Kind of the lesson: combined

Сабақта пайдаланатын әдістер

Methods used at the lesson: practical, reproductive

Сабақтың жабдықталуы:

The equipment of the lesson:

көрнекілік құралдар

interactive board, slides, grammar tasks

үлестірмелі материалдар

flash – cards, files

оқытудың техникалық құралдары

Пәнаралық байланыстар (межпредметные связи):

қамтамасыз ететін

providing: English, Geography, History

қамтамасыз етелетін

provided: English


Literature: Golitsynsky’s book on grammar, Internet

Сабақтың мазмұны (Contents of the lesson:):


Stages of the lesson

Сабақтың элементтері, оқу мәселелері, оқыту әдістері мен формалары

Stages of the lesson, questions, forms and methods of teaching.







Organization moment:

Good afternoon, girls and boys.


pointing of absentees

explanation of aims of the lesson

1.What date is it today?

2.Who is absent today?

Checking the home-task:

New words concerned the previous lessons;

Presentation stage:

Revision of the grammar rules “Participle1”;

Giving the examples on grammar point;

Presenting new vocabulary concerned to the theme;


to be considered — считаться, рассматриватьсякак
customs —
to attach —
proud —
to keep (past kept, p.p. kept) up —
поддерживать, хранить
to crown —
folk —
народный (относящийсякобычаям, традициямпростогонарода)
to wear (past wore, p.p. worn) —
одевать, носить
ribbon —
лента, ленточка; тесьма
handkerchief —
носовой платок
Boat Race —
лодочные гонки
Easter Sunday —
Пасхальное Воскресенье
exciting —
возбуждающий, волнующий
amateur —
любитель; поклонник; любительский
rider —
всадник, наездник; жокей
event —
countryside —
сельская местность
Celtic —
origin —
происхождение; начало
All Halloween's Eve —
Канун всех святых (сокр. Хэлло-уин)
Bonfire Night —
to blow up —
взорвать, подорвать
to catch (caught) —
схватить, арестовать
to hang (past hung, p.p. hung) —
straw —
bonfire —
firework —
обыкн. мн. фейерверк
truly —
действительно, по-настоящему
Eisteddfod —
ежегодный фестиваль бардов (в Уэльсе)
competition —
to convince -
убеждать, уверять
essential —
важнейший; необходимый;основной
ounce —
унция (- 28,3 г)
pound —
фунт (современная мера веса, используемая в англо говорящих странах; = 453,6 г)
stone —
мн. обыкн. неизм. стоун (мера веса, равен 14 фунтам, или 6,34 кг)
pint —
пинта (мера емкости; в Англии = 0,57 л; в США = = 0,47 л для жидкостей)
quart —
кварта (единица измерения объема жидкости;равняется а/4 галлона — 2 пинтам)
gallon —
галлон (мера жидких и сыпучих тел = 4,54 л)
inch —
дюйм (= 2,5 см)
foot —
мн. ч. неизм. фут (мерадлины, равная 30,48 см)
yard —
ярд (мерадлины, равная 3 футамили 914,4 мм)
mile —
английскаямиля (*= 1609 м)
metric system —
pound sterling —
фунтстерлингов (денежнаяединицаВеликобритании, равнялась 20 шиллингам, или 240 пенсам; с 1971 г. = 100 пенсам)
shilling —
шиллинг (англ. Серебряная монета = 1/20 фунта стерлингов — 12 пенсам)
penny —
мн. репсе, pennies (оботдельныхмонетах) пенни, пенс
half-crown —
полкроны (монетав 2 шиллинга 6 пенсов)
half penny —
пол пенни

Practice stage:

Exercise I Translate the sentences from English into Russian using Participle I;

Exercise II Translate sentences from English into Russian about holiday.

Christmas candles Candles at Christmas also go back to those time. People believed that their light helped him to forget the darkness of winter.

On Christmas Eve, children hang their stockings over the fire-place. They are told that Santa Claus arrives at night from the North Pole and fills each stocking with presents.

Christmas food Lunch is the most important point on Christmas Day. The traditional lunch consists of a roast turkey with vegetables, goose, Christmas pudding, nuts and oranges.

Christmas card Not all Christmas traditions are old. The first Christmas card was made in 1842 by an English painter John Calcott Horsley who sent that card to one hundred of his friends.

Boxing Day The first weekday after Christmas is a public holiday. In England it is called Boxing Day. In past times it was the traditional day to give presents to servants. This day is called Boxing Day because the presents were put in boxes. Usually Boxing Day is December 26, but if Christmas Day falls on a Saturday, Boxing Day is on December 27.

ST. VALENTINES DAY – FEBRUARY 14 On this day, people send Valentine cards to their husbands, wives, girlfriends and boyfriends. You can also send a card to a person you do not know.

PANCAKE DAY It takes place in spring and people not only eat pancakes everywhere but run with them.

MOTHERS DAY People visit their mothers if possible and give them flowers and small presents. If they cannot go they send a Mothers Day card.

ST. PARTRICK`S DAY It is not a national holiday. Its an Irish religious holiday. St. Patrick is the patron of Ireland. Irish and Irish Americans celebrate the day.

EASTER Many modern Easter symbols come from ancient time. The egg was a symbol long before the Christian era.

APRIL FOOLS DAY This is a very old tradition from the Middle Ages. At that time the servants were masters for one day of the year. Now April Fools Day is different. It is a day for jokes and tricks.

MAY DAY IN GREAT BRITAIN May 1st is not a public holiday in Great Britain On May Sunday workers march through the streets and hold meetings.

TROOPING OF ТНE COLOUR Trooping The Colour. The second Saturday in June. Celebrates the Queens official birthday. Lots of marching, military music and the soldiers are dressed in colourful uniforms. It is a big parade with brass bands and hundreds of soldiers at Horse Guards Parade in London.

HALLOWEEN On October 31st British people celebrate Halloween. It is the most colourful and exciting holiday of the year. People dress up as witches, ghosts etc. Halloween is a time for fun.



Match. Match the words by their meaning



Table work

May 1

St. Valentine's Day

March 8


December 31


October 31

Women's Day

February 14

May Day

November 5


April 1

New Year

December 25


Pair work

Make up your own dialogues

Find out the odd words

Project word

Make up short project word. Congratulation card using WI-FI


Performance stage:

Answer the qestions


1. What nation is considered to be the most conservative in Europe?
2. What are the best examples of their conservatism?
3. What are the most popular English traditions?
4. What is the original name of Halloween?
5. What is a popular Scottish event?
6. What is the Eisteddfod?
7. What peculiarities of the English monetary system do you know?

Evaluation of the results of the lesson

Concluding the lesson by revision the new words;

Putting students marks for the lesson

Homework: Project work “My favourite holiday”, grammar rules and exercises on grammar point “Participle 1”.


1 осн ФО-1

1 осн ФО-2




Group:Оқытушы қолы: _______________________________аты-жөні___

Teacher’s signature: G.S.Sasenova Surname

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