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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Урок "Do you know English"
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Урок "Do you know English"


The theme: “Do you know English?”

Мақсаты: 1. Оқушылардың ағылшын, орыс, қазақ тіліндегі білімдерін жетілдіру. Үш тілде мақал-мәтелдер, жұмбақтар айтып үйрету.

2. Оқушылардың ағылшын тіліндегі білімдерін дамыту, сөйлеу, сұраққа жауап беру қабілеттерін дамыту.

3. Оқушыларды ағылшын, орыс, қазақ тілінде сөйлеуге, өз Отанының патриоттары болуға тәрбиелеу.

The host: Good day, dear students, teachers and guests! Welcome to our intellectual show! We are glad to see you and we hope that you’ll enjoy today’s game.

Language is the main type of means of communication. There are nearly 3000 languages in the world. English and Russian are the languages of an international communication; they are the languages of Pushkin, Shakespeare, Lermontov, Byron, Esenin, Burn whom we love and respect for their poems, sonnets and novels. And Kazakh is the state language of our country.

With the help of the knowledge we can communicate with each other. Through the Internet or get necessary information from it. And with the help of Russian and Kazakh we can develop our skills in oral speech and reading and bring up as patriots of our participants.(Participants tell some words about themselves, about hobbies, favourite subjects, motto, etc.)

Our teams are Boys from Kazakhstan, Girls from Great Britain. Their nationalities are Kazakh, but they educated in Great Britain.

  • A man who knows many languages has no barriers and difficulties, especially in the 1st level

Level 1“Baiga”

  • Well, let’s start the 1st level.

  1. What is the currency of Great Britain? (pound)

  2. What is the capital of Scotland? (Edinburgh)

  3. What is the highest mountain in UK? (Ben-Nevis)

  4. What is the national emblem of Scotland? (thistle)

  5. What is the oldest university of Great Britain? (Oxford)

  6. What is the national emblem of England? (rose)

  7. What river is the British capital situated? (Thames)

  8. Who is the head of Great Britain?

  9. What river is Astana situated on? (Ishim)

  10. Who is the head of Kazakhstan? (President)

  11. When does Kazakhstan celebrate the Independence Day? (16 December)

  12. What is the most popular national holiday in Kazakhstan? (Nauryz)

  13. When was the last Constitution approved? (1995 30 August)

  14. How many regions are there in Kazakhstan? (14 regions)

Level 2.“Polyglot

  1. Никогда не откладывай на завтра то, что ты можешь сделать ______ (сегодня, бүгін, today)

  2. Нет дыма без _________ (огня, от, fire)

  3. Без труда не вынешь и_______ из пруда (рыба, балық, fish)

  4. Куй железо, пока __________ (горячо, ыстық,hot)

  5. На вкус и______ товарищей нет (цвет, түс,colour)

  6. Лучше поздно, чем______ (никогда, ешқашан, never).

Level 3. Magic seven

20 красный .Подбери английский вариант для каждой русской пословицы.

  1. Меньше слов, больше дело. 1.Better late than never.

  2. Лучше синица в руке, чем журавль в небе. 2. Better to do well than to say well.

  3. Лучше поздно, чем никогда. 3. All that glitters is not gold.

4. Не все золото, что блестит. 4. Better an egg today than a hen tomorrow

20 синий. Переведи значение казахских пословиц на русский язык.

Ана сүті бой өсіреді,

Ана тілі ой өсіреді.

Көп сөз – күміс, аз сөз – алтын.

20 зеленый. Дополни предложения, и ты узнаешь 7 английских поговорог.

1) To run like ………. a) a fish

2) To swim like…….. b) a log - сурок

3) To go like ………. c) a hare

4) To sleep like ……. d) aspen leaf – осиновый лист

5) To flight like…… e) a nightingale - соловей

6) To sing like……. f) a lion

7) To tremble like…… g) the wind

30 синий –Riddles

1. We have friends,

They cannot play

And can not see

But they are good.

To you and me. (books)

2. There is the season,

When days are cool

When we eat apple

And go to school. (autumn)

3. I don’t know


But I’m writing,

As you can see. (a pen)

30 красный

1. Five cupboards,

But only one door. (a glove)

2. A little old woman with twelve children

Some short, some long, some cold, some hot. What is it? (a year)

3. Has no leg, but just for full,

It is always on the run. (a ball)

30 зеленый

1. What has a face but no head, and hands but no fingers? (a clock)

2. In what month do children talk the least? (February)

3. What can fly but has no wings? (time)

40 синий

What symbols of Kazakhstan do you know? (State flag, state emblem, state anthem)

40 красный

How many regions of Kazakhstan do you know? (14 regions)

40 зеленый

What river does Astana stand on? (on the banks of the Ishim river)

Level 4. Do you know English perfectly well?

Gym onal

sea ket

air nasium

tic try

nati son

coun port

mother endent

educ land

indepen ation

Level 5. “Zhorga”

The national musical instrument in Northern Ireland? (harp - )

The most popular sport in England? (football - )

What kind of buses are in London? (double-decker - )

What universities are the oldest in GB? (Oxford, Cambridge)

Charlie Chaplin was born in … (London)

The Beatles were from … (Liverpool)

Where do English children find Christmas presents? (stockings)

The Queen Elizabeth husband’s name? (Henry)

What is the symbol of freedom in Kazakhstan? (an eagle)

The national musical instrument in Kazakhstan? (dombyra)

What was Kurmangazy?

The epic novel “Abai” is the work of …

When the capital was transferred from Almaty, the city got a symbolic name…?

What is the symbol of the Kazakh art?

What do you know about the national games of Kazakh people?

What kind of the popular films made in Kazakhstan? “Kyz Zhibek”, “Kokserek”, “Our favourite doctor”, “My name is Kozha”

Level 6. “If I were ….”

Speak about your future profession

For example: There are many interesting and noble professions in our country. I want to become a doctor. I like this profession and I am eager to get a medical education and work at a hospital. It is a good tradition in our family. My mother is a doctor, my grandfather is a doctor and I want to be a doctor, too. When I was a little boy my grandfather worked at a hospitaln and I spent some time at the hospital with him. He is a skilled surgeon and works in a surgical department. My grandfather tells me a lot of true stories about doctors, their profession, and their aid for people. I respect my grandfather. I like his profession and I have a dream to be a doctor too.

So, thank you for the game. We wish you health, we wish you joy! Good-bye!

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