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Урок "Друзья и дружба"

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  1. Introduction

-Good morning, children/ Sit down, please. Today we have a lesson which is not quite ordinary. Pupils, I want you to determine the topic of the lesson yourselves after listening to the poem I shall read.

Once upon a time

There lived a funny guy.

He always lived next to me

With him was very fun to be.

I often turned to him for help-

He always gave a helping hand.

He stood by me no matter what,

We both were going in for sport.

We talked our problems through together

And found what to do in any weather.

I knew that he`d betray me never

And that it would be so forever.

-So, children, what is the topic of our lesson?

-You are right, our lesson is devoted to one of the greatest human feelings-friendship. That is why the topic of it is «Friends and friendship». The symbol of friendship is two linked hands.

-Children, our aim is to make a portrait of an ideal friend and prove that your friend is really true.

2. Warm-up activities

-First of all I want you to discuss this problem with…Ask your own questions, express your own opinion. You can start like this «A true friend is a person…», «A false friend is a person…», «Friendship is a thing…».

3. A song «Everything At Once»

-And now, children, let`s have arrest and sing a song together.

4. Summation

-And now, children, we`ll try to draw the portrait of an ideal friend. Open your textbooks and repeat some new words (page 92) characterizing such a person. After that you will come to the blackboard in turns and write what a true friend looks like.

-So here he is, our ideal friend! You see that he is loyal, reliable and supportive. He`ll never betray you and always cheer you up in trouble. It is so importance to have only true friends because we can`t do without them.

5. Checking homework

At the previous lesson I asked you to prepare a good story about your best friends. Who will start?

-Thank you,.. Pupils, what do think about Kate`s project?

6. Homework and marks

-Children, our lesson is finishing and I`d like to thank you because you were active and worked hard at the lesson. Please, look at the blackboard and write down your homework.

In conclusion I want you to express your opinion about our lesson.

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