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Урок "Welcom to Bashkortostan"

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Welcome to Bashkortostan

А.Г. Саитгалиева

Учитель высшей категории МБОУ «Гимназия №2», г.Октябрьский

Цель урока.

Образовательная-расширение знаний об особенностях культуры родной республики, знакомство с достопримечательностями.

Воспитательная- формирование патриотического отношения к своей стране.

Развивающая-развитие коммуникативных способностей

Практическая-развитие речевых умений (монологической и диалогической форм речи).


Рассказать о достопримечательностях столицы Башкортостана, совершенствовать умения аудировать с целью извлечения необходимой информации.


Видеокассета, открытки, плакаты с видами г.Уфы, карта города, карточки с заданиями.

Ход урока.

Teacher: Good morning, my friends. Your homework for today`s lesson was to work in groups and to make a project “Welcome to Bashkortostan”. I hope you were friendly and helpful while you were working on this project. And I hope the- results will be excellent.

Every year a lot of people visit our republic. Ufa is the capital of Bashkortostan. Our city is fantastic. Imagine that one group of British tourists is in Ufa for the first time. They want to see famous sights of our city.

This gentleman is a group leader(GL). And that one is a correspondent(C). He always asks many questions. These ladies and gentlemen are guides (G) from Ufa Tourist Information office. This gentleman is a head (H) of the office. And I am an English tourist too. And you should present your project. I think we`ll start with a visit to the Tourist Information office. Let`s begin.

Разговор между представителем группы и директором.

GL: Good morning.

H: Good morning. Can I help you?

GL: I am the leader of a group of British tourists. We are in your republic for the first time and we would like to see some cities and towns what could you suggest?

H: I can suggest a bus-tour about Ufa.

GL: Oh, thank you. I think it is the best way of travelling.

H: Here you can also see some leaflets about the most famous Ufa.

GL: Thanks a lot.

Teacher: Our excursion starts.

Guide 1: Dear guests! As you know Ufa is the capital of Bashkortostan. Ufa is situated on the banks of the Agithel and Karaithel rivers. It is a political, economic and cultural center of our republic.

Ufa was founded as a fortress by a detachment of Russian archers in 1574.

In 1922 Ufa became the capital of the Bashkir autonomous Soviet Socialistic Republic within the Russian Federation. Ufa today is industrial, agricultural, scientific, cultural center. Its population is over 1,100000 people. Bashkortostan is 4 million people. Bashkortostan`s national flag has three stripes on it. The stripes are blue, white and green. The blue color means honesty and devoted to their friends, families and to the country. The white color means nobleness. The green color means the Earth, freedom and wisdom.

There is a golden emblem – the flower of the kurai in the center of white stripe. The flower of the kurai is a symbol of friendship.

The landscape of our republic is picturesque. In the east the hilly forest-steppe with its black-earth ploughed fields, lime groves and clear rivers give way to forest covered mountains. Bashkortostan is rich in beautiful lakes.

G2: Ladies and gentlemen! I`d like to draw your attention to the streets of our city. Our city is famous for its straight and wide streets, beautiful parks, museums. By the way there is famous Nesterov`s State museum here. You can see wonderful masterpieces and sculptures there. We can admire with the works of Nesterov, Levitanov, Tropinin there. There are many theaters, the Opera and the Ballet Theater.

By the way we are near the Bashkir State Academic Theatre of Drama. The Republic has seven Bashkir, four Russian and two Tatar state Drama Theatres.

One of the most popular performance in 1990 years was “Red Pasha”. This year our republic celebrated 120th jubilee of Karim Khakimov, the main hero of this performance. His name is famous all over the world. He was the first soviet diplomat, was born on the 28th of November 1882 in the country Dusyanovo Bashkortostan. Karim Abduraufovich was the first ambassador of Soviet Russia in Arabic countries. He took an active part in the building of the new world and became a close friend of today`s rulling dynasty of Abdel Aziz ibn Saud; he won trust of common people of Arabian Peninsula. Repressions in attitude to “Red Pasha” made a great impression on the representatives and were interrupted and renewed only nowadays.

The history of our republic is closely connected with the name of our poet and writer Mustai Karim.

G1: Dear guests. Our tour in Ufa is over.

T: Your homework for the next lesson is to write your opinion about Ufa.

It can be a letter to your friend.

You have worked very well today. Thank you. Good bye.

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