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Урок 1English VII Main Summative

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Small Summative Assessment №3

Subject - English Date ________ Grade 7 Name ________________ ________________


1.Choose the useful piece of advice.

A) Don't respect your teachers ! C) Don't be at school in time !

B) Don't run in the classroom ! D)Don't be polite to your classmates!

2. Make up a sentence .

1.school 2. your 3. where 4. situated 5. is

A) 3,5,2,1,4 B) 3,2,1,5,4 C) 3,5,4,2,1 D) 3,4,2,1,5

3.Use the sentence in Present Perfect Tense

I(buy)____________________________a new car recently

4.Odd the negative ones out.

fantastic, passive, friendly, kind, helpful, unhappy, hospitable, lazy, untidy, impatient, active.

5.Write the correct variant

A) speak-spoke________ B) buy-bought___________ C)cut-cut__________D)fall-fell_________

6.Choose the correct word .

You … never leave the tap open.

A)can’t B) should C) haven’t to D) shouldn’t

7. Choose the correct pair of antonyms.

A) unsafe- dangerous B) to chat – to talk C) complicated – easy D) to be – to become

8. Choose the correct line of irregular verbs.

A) have, get, smile B) arrive, carry, want C) go, come, take D) send, find, chat

9.Circle the weather words.

Windy, blue, salty, safe, deep, sunny, dangerous, frosty, foggy

10. Choose the correct line of regular verbs.

A) read , copy , know B) produce , search , prepare

C) begin, like, understand D) explain, show, buy

11. Choose the correct modal verb.

Does she ..... take a test in English ?

A) must B) have to C) should D) has to

12.Choose the odd - one - out

A) lemon B) mice C) bee D)rabbit

13.Choose the correct conjunction.

Mary has a lot of friends . . .she likes chatting with them.

A) because B) and C) but D) or

14.Choose the correct negative form of the sentence.

I have spoken to him on the phone

A)I haven't never spoken with him on the phone

B)I have never speak with him on the phone

C)I have never spoke with him on the phone

D)I did not speak with him on the phone

15.Choose the correct answer.

You make a cake, put candles on it and sing a song. What day is it ?

A) Mother's day B) Children's day C) Birthday D) Salvation day

16. Choose the correct article .

..... air was fresh and..... sun was shining brightly in.... sky.

A) the, -, the B) the, the, the C) the, the, a D) the, -, a

17.Choose the correct question to the sentence.

Linda wrote him a letter two days ago.

A)Does Linda write him a letter two days ago?

b)Did Linda wrote him a letter two days ago?

C)Did Linda write him a letter two days ago?

D)Has Linda written him a letter two days ago?

18. Match the special days with the descriptions.

1.Halloween 2.New Year's Day 3.Thanksgiving Day a) people thank God b) children dress up in strange costume c) people decorate fur trees

A) 1-c, 2-a, 3-b B) 1-b, 2-c, 3-a C) 1-a, 2-b, 3-c D) 1-b, 2-a, 3-c

19. Choose the correct pronoun.

My mother doesn't let ...... stay outside so long .

A) our B) their C) us D) we

20.Put questions to the sentences.

A)She has broken her favorite cup. What_________________________________________________?

B)They played basketball in the yard yesterday.Where______________________________________?

C)Amanda takes the bus to work every day.How___________________________________________?

D)The children are sleeping now.What___________________________________________________?

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