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Урок "Food and drink"

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Outline of the lesson plan

6th form

Date: 19.11.2015

The theme of the lesson: Food and drink

The Aims of the lesson:

Educational: to explain the use of pronouns of some, many, much with countable and uncountable nouns;

Developing: to repeat and fasten the studied material, work at development of dialogic speech, study new lexical values, structures;

Bringing up: to inoculate interest in studying of English language.

The form of the lesson: traditional

The type of the lesson: combined

The Method: talk to your partner, speaking, reading and writing, pronunciation habits, working out a questionnaire, discussing the menu

The Procedure of the Lesson:

I. Organization moment.

-Good morning.
-Sit down.
-How are you?
-Who is on duty?
-I am on duty.
-Who is absent? .......is absent.

What's the date today?

-Thursday, the 19th of November

What did you have for breakfast?

II. Brainstorming. Today we continue to study the topic "Food and drinks "

  • Vocabulary-2

We work at the pronunciation of new words and learn by heart their meanings.

Listen to the speaker and repeat new words.

egg- жұмыртқа soup-суп

juice-сок fish-балық

cake- пирог butter-май

mineral water- минералды су cheese-ірімшік

milk- сүт sausage-колбаса

chocolate-шоколад meat-ет

III. Practice.

V. Listening.

Practice the dialogues in persons. (The teacher distributes dialogues, children prepare in pairs, and then act them).

S1 : S2

VI. Presentation. Using Countable and Uncountable Nouns

T: In English Grammar , words that refer to people, places or things are called nouns. They can be classified in many ways. Countable nouns have a singular and a plural form. Most countable nouns become plural by adding an 's' at the end of the word.

On the board. For example: I have two friends. I have a friend.

I want milk. I want a glass of milk. I bought some oranges. I bought three oranges.

I bought some rice.

Slide 7 Grammar tips-1


Grammar tips-2 Мany, much, a lot of

Countable Uncountable

many sweets much cheese

many carrots much chocolate

many glasses of milk. much milk

a lot of milk. a lot of cups of tea.



Activity-1. Help Michael to fill the fridge. You can put ONLY uncountable things there.

Activity-2 Make up sentences

How many

How much




cup of tea




glasses of juice









at breakfast

at dinner

at lunch

every day

Pupil 1: How many apples do you eat every day?

Pupil2: How much glasses of juice does your friend drink at dinner?...

Activity-3. Put much and many into the blanks.

1. Michael has got many friends.

2. How many lessons have you got every Monday?

3. Don't put much sugar into coffee.

4. I can't eat so much chocolate

Individual work with the week pupils.

Card №1

I like an C:\Users\Фыгы\Downloads\images.jpg , but I don't like a C:\Users\Фыгы\Downloads\загруженное (1).jpg .

Card №2

I like hello_html_m61b70a73.png, but I don't like hello_html_d8bc3a.png .

Card №3

I like drinking C:\Users\Фыгы\Downloads\загруженное (5).jpg , but I don't like drinking hello_html_m3e3b35b9.png.

VII. Conclusion. What have you learnt at the Lesson?

P: We can use much, some with uncountable nouns and many, some with countable nouns.

We know the names of food and drinks. We can make up sentences. When we use countable and uncountable nouns , we'll pay attention to articles and adjectives.

VIII. Evaluation of pupils.

Home task : To revise all vocabulary

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