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Урок "Gerunds" 9 класс

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The plan of the lesson

Theme: Gerunds

Aims: 1) to introduce pupils with Gerund and new words;

2) to enrich pupils’ vocabulary, habits and enjoy their life;

3) to talk with pupils about vacation, what do they want to do and where they want to spend their time.

Stages: Organization moment.

Greeting with class. – Who’s on duty today?

  • Who’s absent?

Checking homework: What was your homework?


The underlined words in the text are Gerunds

after finishing the University – университет бітірген соң

started working – жұмыс істей бастады

enjoys meeting people – адамдармен танысқанды ұнатады

thinks of changing her job – жұмысын ауыстыруды ойлап жүр

stopped going to the theatre – театрға баруды қойды

Grammar: Gerund

The Gerund is a non-finite form of the verb. It has exactly the same form as the Present Participle: running, speaking, working. It can be used in the following ways:

a – as subject of the sentence: Dancing bored him.

b – as complement of a verb: Her hobby is painting.

c – after prepositions: He is fond of singing.

d – after certain verbs: dislike, enjoy, finish, forgive

Exercise 8. Read. She isn’t pleased with her new life

Exercise 9. Complete the sentences with suitable gerund:

go dancing, go skiing, go running, go shopping …

  1. shopping

  2. skiing

  3. travelling

  4. dancing

  5. running

Exercise 10. Complete the sentences below using gerunds.

  1. Pupils of our class can easily read books in English.

Reading books in English is easy.

  1. I like going to the beach at weekends. Going to _______ is enjoyable.

  2. I dream to travel all over the world. ______ all over the world is my dream.

  3. I find it difficult to do sums. _________ is difficult

Homework: Exercise 11

Conclusion: 1) Give marks for the lesson

2) The lesson is over. Good – bye, pupils.

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