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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Урок - игра по теме “ Великобритания”.
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Урок - игра по теме “ Великобритания”.


Тема  урока, тип урока: Урок - игра по теме “ Великобритания”.


Оснащение урока, готовность учащихся:

 Доска оформлена - надпись темы урока, Карта Великобритании, таблицы, плакаты-задания, картинки.

 Учащиеся  разбиты на 4 команды.

У каждой группы свое название: The Romans, The Celts, The Tudors, The Victorians. 

Используется магнитофон, компьютер, видеомагнитофон.


  Цель урока: повторение изученного материала по курсу British Studies,   развитие навыков и умений иноязычной речевой деятельности: аудирования, говорения (монологической, диалогической речи).

Воспитательные цели урока: воспитание интернационализма, патриотизма на конкретном материале, эстетическое, трудовое воспитание, воспитание черт коллективизма.

Общеобразовательные цели урока: познавательные, страноведческие, лингвострановедческие, развивающие.

ОРГАНИЗАЦИОННЫЙ МОМЕНТ начинается со звуков музыки торжественных церемоний Великобритании, что удачно «переключает» учащихся на предмет «СтрановедениеВеликобритании», учитель беседует с ними на иностранном языке, объясняя ход урока, требования к работе, представляя жюри: учителей школы и американского гостя Роберта Макдональда.


Основные формы классной работы: фронтальная, групповая, в парах, индивидуальная. 

 Режимы работы на уроке – Учитель-ученик,  ученик – ученик,  ученик – класс,  ученик-магнитофон , ученик - реалии страны изучаемого языка.


                                               проведения викторины

1. Teacher 1
Good morning everybody! Welcome to the British Studies Quiz!
The aim of the Quiz is to revise the main information you learnt at the lessons of British Studies and of course to learn more about the country.
During the Quiz you can't use any notes or texts.

2. Teacher 2
Introduction of the Jury.
Our first contest is Introduction of the teams.
Name your team and pronounce the motto if you have one.

3. Teacher 1
The captains are welcome! The next contest is for you. Each of you is to answer 5 questions. If you fail to do it the members of your team can help you.

4. Teacher 2
Now be ready to answer questions on History. First choose the number of your question. Draw it out the bag please!
The teacher reads aloud 4-5 questions for each team.

5. Teacher 1
Now comes group work. What do you know about such names as Great Britain, England, the United Kingdom? When were they introduced? When were Wales and England united? Match column A with column C. You've got 2-3 minutes at your disposal.


6. Teacher 2
Now you will see some historical clips. They are parts of different films. The task is to recognize the famous people and tell us everything you know about them.

7. Teacher 1
Geography contest.
Take your maps of the United Kingdom. There are no names on them. Your task is to stick the name cards and picture cards to them. You've got 3 minutes at your disposal.

8. Teacher 2
Questions on Geography and Politics.

9. Teacher 1
Group work.
Try to do these crosswords as quickly as possible!

10. Teacher 2
Musical contest. Listen to the song and try to guess what group it is.

11. Summing up. 

                                         Captains' contest.

Questions to the first captain
1. What is the nickname of the British flag? (Union Jack)
2. What colour are London taxies? (Black)
3. What is the name of the national Scottish costume? (Kilt)
4. How many pence are there in one pound? (100)
5. What is the other name for the Houses of Parliament? (Palace of Westminster)

Questions to the second captain
1. Who can you see on the top of the column in Trafalgar Square in London?
(Admiral Nelson)
2. What colour are London double-deckers? (Red)
3. Who lived in Sherwood Forest? (Robin Hood)
4. What is the emblem of Wales? (The leek, the daffodil)
5. What is the other name for English football? (Soccer)

Questions to the third captain
1. What person in London has the address 10, Downing Street? (British Prime
2. What do many children usually say when they knock on their neighbours' door on
Halloween? ("Trick or Treat?")
3. Where can you see ravens in London? (The Tower of London)
4. What is the national Scottish musical instrument? (The bagpipes)

Questions to the fourth captain
1. What is the capital of Scotland? (Edinburgh)
2. What is the Queen's residence in London? (Buckingham Palace)
3. What is the nickname of the first guest on New Year's morning? (First Foot)
4. What do the English often put in their tea? (Milk)
5. What is the other name for Northern Ireland? (Ulster)


                                   Questions on History.
1. Who introduced the name "Britannia"?
2. What Celtic languages are still spoken?
3. Who were Druids?
4. What is the famous temple of the Druids?
5. Who was Boadicea ?
6. Who attacked Britainin 55
7. How long were the Romans in Britain?
8. Is "London" a Celtic or Roman name?
9. What fruits & vegetables did the Romans bring to Britain?
10. Why did Roman Emperor Hadrian build a great wall?
11. What Germanic tribes invade Britain?
12. How many kingdoms did Angles, Saxons Jutes divide Britain into? Name them.
13. Where did the Vikings come from?
14. What happened in 1066?
15. What is the motto of the royal family which can be seen on the Royal coat of arm?
16. Who was Queen only for 9 days?
17. Whose daughter was Bloody Mary?
18. Why did Henry the eighth's daughter Mary become known as Bloody Mary?
19. Whose reign is described as" the Golden Age" and why?
20. What King ruled without Parliament?
21. When was Britain a republic?
22. What was the title of Oliver Cromwell?
23. Whose reign was the longest in the history of Britain?
24. When did Elizabeth II become Queen?
25. Who were the Pilgrim Fathers?
26. Who was Thomas Becket & what do you know about him?
27. When did the title "Prince of Wales" appear?
28. When did Red Rose become the national symbol of England?
29. Who is Elizabeth the second's heir?
30. How many children does Elizabeth II have?


                           Questions on Politics, Geography.
1. When was the English Parliament set up?
2. Which house of Parliament has democratically elected members?
3. Where are spectators allowed to sit in Parliament?
4. Who is the Head of the Armed Forces in Great Britain?
5. What is the Queen's full title?
6. How many members are there in the House of Commons?
7. Are Members of Parliament paid for their work?
8. What is the British constitution based on (Acts of Parliament or Acts of Queen)?
9. Who is the head of the state?
10. What are the functions of the monarch?
11. Which is the minimum voting age in the UK?
12. What is a Readingin Parliament?
13. How often are General Elections held in Britain; every 3 years, 4 yeas, 5 yeas?
14. What is Downing Street, 10?
15. What is Whitehallassociated with?
16. Who chooses the date of General elections?
17. Who is the Head of the Church of England?
18. What does the abbreviation MP stand for?
19. What does the word "Whigs" mean?
20. What does the word "Tory" mean?
21. What is the French name for the English Channel?
22. What is the English name for Pas de Calais?
23. In what part of England Stonehenge is situated?
24. What is the nickname of Welshmen: Taffy, Welshy or Celts?
25. Which of these capital cities is the capital of independent state: Edinburgh, Belfast, Dublinor Cardiff?
26. Where is the oldest University situated?
27. What is Stratfordupon Avonfamous for?
28. What town is the religious centre of Britain?
29. What are the names of the most popular airports in England?
30. What is longer "a mile" or "a kilometer"?
3 1. What is riie national bird of Great Britain?
32. What is the longest river in Great Britain?
33. What mount is the highest in Britain?
34. How many islands is Great Britaincomposed of?
35. Whai county is known as "the Gardenof England"?
36. What stream influences the climate of Britain?
37. What is the other name for Northern Ireland?
38. What country Ls called "Land of songs"?
39. Where is Snowdonia situated?
40. Is Land's End the most westerly or southerly point of Great Britain? 

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