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Урок на тему "A fantasy story"

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English, Nauryzova G.D


Form: 4 b

The theme of the lesson: Reading: A fantasy story

The Aims of the lesson:

  1. Educational: to get to know with pupils, to speak about themselves;

  2. Developing: to develop pupils` skills and habits in monologic and dialogic speech;

  3. Up- bringing: to bring up pupils to work in collaboration, to listen to each other;

  4. Practical: to train pupils in usage their vocabulary; to practice them in real use of language.

The form of the lesson: traditional

The type of the lesson: combined

The equipment of the lesson:

  1. visual aids: flash cards, posters, cards, portative DVD

  2. Distributing materials: cards and song

  3. Literature: English World

The plan of the lesson:

  1. Organizational moment:

  1. greeting

  2. making absents

  3. dialogue with the pupils about the date, day, weather.

  1. Checking the home task

  1. Warming-up / Phonetic drill

  1. Basic part of the lesson

  1. Vocabulary revision

  2. Introduction with the new vocabulary

  3. work with the cards, slides

  4. work with the dialogue

  5. play the game

  6. sing a song

  1. Concluding stage:

  1. giving home tasks

  2. marking

The modern of the lesson



Organization moment

- Good morning/ afternoon, children.

- Sit down, please.

- How are you?

- Ok, let`s begin our lesson.

- Who is on duty today?

- Who is absent today?

- What date is today?

- What day is it today?

Checking the home task

What was the homework for today?

Ex. 1 p. 77 w/b

Warming up/ phonetic drill

Revise parts of the body

Basic part of the lesson

  1. vocabulary revision

  1. Introduction with new vocabulary: ugly – сүйкімсіз, friendly – мейірімді, sleepy – ұйқылы ояу, asleep – ұйықтап жатқан, scared – шошынған.



  1. Play CD2 track 17 A very funny monster!

  2. Explain that some of the sentences are wrong. Tell the class to put their hands up when they think a sentence is wrong. Ask different children to read sentences.

  3. When children put their hands up, ask what is wrong. Check the answer with the whole class. Agree together what the correct sentence is.

  4. When all sentences have been read, children write the correct sentences. (It was nine o’clock in the evening. John was asleep. A monster was on John’s bed. Its tail was long and thin. It was a very funny monster.)

  1. Ex. 2 Draw a monster

hello_html_m7b837da2.gifDraw a monster with…..

3 left arms

2 head

3 tails

2 right legs

4 right arms

4 left legs

3 toes on the right feet

1 toes on the left feet

  1. Ex. 3 Read and translate


  1. Read the first paragraph. Ask Where was John yesterday? In bed. What time was it? Nine o’clock. Read the other lines and ask questions. Read the whole text.

  2. Questions: Where was John’s book? On the bed. Was it sad book? No, it was a funny book.

Who was on John’s bed? A monster.

Was John scared? No.

What colour was its hair? Black.

What colour were its eyes? Green.

Was it ugly? Yes.

Was it funny? Yes.

What is John doing at seven o’clock? Waking up.

Is the monster on John’s bed? No.

where is the monster now? Children’s own ideas, but they may say that the monster is in the picture in the book.

Concluding stage:

- Giving home tasks

- Marking

Ex. 1 p. 78 w/b

-So, I’ll give your marks. I want to evaluate your activities.

P1: You are the best one who works hard today. Your English is good & I put excellent.

P2: You want to work industrious, but have some mistakes today. I put mark good.-Stand up!

Our lesson is over. Thank you for your attention!

Good bye, children!

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