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Урок на тему "ABC partyl"

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C:\aigul\Новая папка (3)\буквы\м.gifC:\aigul\Новая папка (3)\буквы\и.gif

ABC party

A is for Apples.

One apple for me,

And one for you,

One for himC:\aigul\Новая папка (3)\буквы\к.gif

And for her, too.

B is for Bird,

Birds like to sing.

They start to sing

When it is a spring.

C is for Cat.

My cat is grey.C:\aigul\Новая папка (3)\буквы\р.gif

He likes to run,

And he likes to play.

D is to Dog and for Doggy.

I have a bag6 not a doggy.

E is for English

At school we learn Russian

And English, too

Do you like English?

Yes, I do.

F for Flowers: red and blue,

White and yellow and rosy, too

F is for family” my mother,

My father and my big btother.

G is for Girl, and also for Garden

I see a girl going to the garden.

C:\aigul\Новая папка (3)\буквы\а - копия.gif

H is for Hat.

Ann has a hat.

I’m a boy

And I have a cap.

I is for I.

I am a boy,C:\aigul\Новая папка (3)\буквы\о.gif

What do I have?

I have a toy.

J is for Jam.

This is apple jam.

Jimmy likes it,

And so does Sam.

K is for Kite. Kate has a kite.

Kane can read and she likes to write.

L is Letters.

Do you know them all?

Yes, we do. We can recall.

M is for my and for mine.

This is my book

And that isn’t mine.

N is for Nine. Ninety and Ninety-nine.

How much is ninety and nine?

O is for one.

One little house

Is opposite the big one.

P is is for pencil and for a pen.

Have you got any?

Yes, I’ve got both of them.

Q is for Questions:

How old? How tall?

How strong? And how are you?

R is for Red. Many things are red.

What can be red? Do you know Fred?C:\aigul\Новая папка (3)\буквы\р.gif

S is for Spring and Summer, too.

When the sun is blue.

C:\aigul\айгул\Новая папка\01.gif

T is for Ten and for Tom.

Tom is a pupil of the tenth form.

U is for uncle, for Us and in a bus.

Let us go with me uncle by bus.

V is in five and in Seven,

It is in Twelve and in Eleven.

W is for Where? When? and What?

Where is Willy? Willy has he got?

X is in Six. Let’s count up to six.

One, two, three, four, five, six.

Y is for Yard where children play.

They play in the yard every day.

Z is for Zoo. I’d lire to goC:\aigul\Новая папка (3)\буквы\к.gif

To the Zoo with you.hello_html_72c1fd0.png

C:\aigul\Новая папка (3)\буквы\о.gif

C:\aigul\айгул\Новая папка\01.gif

C:\aigul\айгул\Новая папка\01.gif

C:\aigul\Новая папка (3)\буквы\а - копия.gif

C:\aigul\Новая папка (3)\буквы\и.gif

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ABC party

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