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Урок на тему "All seasons are beautiful "

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Demonstrative lesson.

Summer Holidays”

(the 5th form, Challenges- Longman)

Theme: Summer holidays

Aim: To make pupils speak on the theme.

Objectives:1. to revise vocabulary

2. to develop speaking, reading, writing, listening skills

3.to introduce with grammar material (to be going to do smth.)

Equipment: Student Book “Challenges”, interactive board, flash cards, pictures, tape recorder.

  1. Organization moment: ( greeting with the pupils, speaking about the weather and etc)

  2. Warm up.

T: Look at the photos and answer the questions.

    1. What can you see in the photos?

    2. Where are they?

    3. What are they doing?

    4. What holidays do you like?

    5. Do you like to go to a summer camp, etc

T: 1)Look at the pictures and name them.

Now you should match the word-expressions with the pictures.

T: As you see the theme of our lesson today is Summer Holidays. Today we are going to speak about summer holidays and your plans about summer holidays.

a) read the holiday plans and match the people with the activities.

Alan stay with family

Alan’s sister go sightseeing

Sarah go to the mountains

Tim get a holiday job

Tim’s dad learn French

Tim’s mum go to a summer camp

Sarah’s family paint the house

3. Introduction of the grammar material. ( using interactive board)

Future Simple ( to be going to)

  1. the rules of using it

  2. using the interactive board pupils should do the tasks.

  1. put the words into the correct order (e.g. this, to, aren’t, go abroad, we, going, summer)

  2. match the questions with the answers.

3. Listening ( listen and choose True or False)

E.g. The girl is going to have a holiday this year.

  • True

  • False

4.Reading. Students Book p.96 and do ex. 4,5 p. 97

5.Writing. Look at the diary and complete the sentences. (Skills 3)











Today Sam’s party


Shopping with Mum







  1. I’m going to do a maths exam …

  2. I’m going to go to Sam’s party …

  3. I’m going to go shopping with Mum …

  4. I’m going to go camping ...

6.T: Now let’s see what you are going to do this summer holidays. (work in pairs) Students Book ex.9 p. 97

Your plans

Your partner’s plans

Where\ go?


Who\go with?



Pupils should ask and answer the questions about their plans. Complete the table with the partner’s plans. After it they should tell the class about the partner’s plans.

E.g. Emma is going to go to Alaska this summer. She is going to go with her boyfriend. She is going to stay in a hotel and she is going to take photos of polar bears.



9.Hometask. W.B. ex 3,5.6 p 84

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