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Инфоурок Другое Другие методич. материалыУрок на тему "Business correspondence"

Урок на тему "Business correspondence"

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Business correspondence


The book, black board, picture, cards, rebus


To create positive atmosphere in a class,

To raise Ss’t interest to the new theme and to make them rack their brains working on the rebus,

To get acquainted Ss with the new portion of the words and to control their understanding,

To listen to tape-cassette for specific information and to control Ss’ work through written work developing their responsibility for their deeds,

and to teach Ss to give their own assessment.

Lesson procedure


I. Organization moment.


II. Home-assignment: write 10 sentences with the learned words.


III. Setting the aims: Today you will start working with new unit, earn new words and listen to tape-cassette.


IV. Warming up:


The life is so cruel and we say to each other kind words not so often. On a piece of paper write only one word you would like to listen today towards your personality.

Change your papers with a person whom you sitting by.

Read. Remember.

And with a kind smile on your face change pleasantries.



Group work

Group work

Group work

V. Lead in new theme.

a) On the black board there is a rebus with one hidden word that is to describe today’s theme of the lesson.

Ss are divided into 3-4 groups and guessing the word.

Key: correspondence

b) In the same groups Ss are given papers and colorful pencils. They are to answer the question- When you are in correspondence with someone what way of communication do you use. ( on the papers Ss use only pictures)

c) Groups share their ideas.



Class work

VI. Vocabulary Study.

a) On the b/b there are the stripes with definitions and the stripes with the words. The task is to match them.


Over familiar-inappropriately informal or too friendly

Jump into smth-to be involved into a situation or organization

Off-putting-an adj used for describing smth you want to avoid because it is unpleasant and unattractive

Impact- an effect or influence

Pleasantary- a pleasant remark

Proper- suitable

Recruitment- to find people for a military force or an organization

Request- asking for smth in a polite or formal way

b) Game.

Students’ backs are prickled with the stripes of the words.

They go around the class and look at everybody’s backs. If they know the words they describe with the definition and the prickled Ss guess their words

Tape cassette

Individual task

VII. Listening and writing.

a) Ex. 4A p 73.

Listen to three people talking about their problems with the correspondence they receive at work and match the ideas with the speakers.


1-2 4-1

2-3 5-1

4-3 6-2

b) Written work. Answer the questions

1. What is annoying for speaker 1?

2. What letters does Speaker2 decline?

3. What is it difficult to find when you write business letters?


VIII. Giving feedback: What have you done today?

What have you learned today?


IV. Assessment: Thanks everybody for your work. Your marks for today are…




TEACHER: Datsayeva L.M.

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Краткое описание документа:

The theme of the lesson is "Business Correspondence"

On the lesson students mainly develop their thinking, speaking and listening skillls. The lesson id based on authentical learning that helps students to gain the material easily.

On the lesson students work either individually or in team that also helps to cooperate to each other .

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