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Урок на тему "Dream vacation"

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I. Form: 9

II. Theme: Dream vacation

III. The Aim:

Developing pupils’ knowledge of dream vacation and to teach the use of the Prepositions.

Developing pupils’ oral speech, memory, will and to teach to tell their points of view.

Brining up pupils to have their own tastes and to differentiate the good and bad sides of things.

IV. The type: traditional, mixed lesson.

V. The methods: question-answer, translation, individual, pair works

VI. The equipments: slides, cards, text.

VII. The literature: the textbook, the teacher’s book

Organization moment

  1. Greeting

T: Good morning, pupils!

P: Good morning, teacher!

T: Sit dawn, please!

б) Dialogue between teacher and pupil

- Who is on duty today?

-What is the date today?

-What day is it today?

-What is the weather like today?

-Who is absent?

в) Checking homework

T: What was your home task for today?

P: Ex p

T: Who is ready? You please!

Main stage

a ) phonetic drill

Pupils look at the blackboard and who wants to tell about its meaning.


  1. The main stage.

Lets think about your dream vacation : What kind of places will you visit? Who will you take with you?


  1. Look at the blackboard and at first I’ll read then you’ll repeat after me.

Vacation- демалыс,саяхат

Statue of Liberty- Бостандық ескерткіші

Louvre and Notre Dame Cathedral-Лувр және Нотр Дам ескерткіші


Pyramids of Giza- Гиза пирамидасы


Melbourne- Мельбурн

  1. Lets read the text about dream vacation.


  1. What do you think about this picture?


  1. Giving homework.

Your homework is to write a composition about your own dream vacation.

  1. Marking.




The lesson is over. Good bye!

School №14

Open lesson

Theme: “Dream vacation”

Teacher: Mukhanova Galiya.


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