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Урок на тему "Easy English"

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Easy English

Good afternoon dear, guests, teachers and pupils. There are a lot of us and we are glad to see you. We shall begin our English competition now. Welcome to our game. Today we have wonderful competition between 8-th forms.

The theme: “Easy English”. Let`s divided in two teams. The first team is called : “Star”.

The captain is Aktilek. The team is called : “Clevers”. The captain is Moldir. We have seven rounds.

The first round : ``Introduction``

The second round :``Proverbs``

The third round :`` Do you know?``

(We have rebuses)

The fourth round:`` Who is quickest?

(We have antonyms and synonyms)

The fifth round:``Captain`s competition``

The sixth round:``Competition between fans ``

The seventh round:``Result``(Tests)

I round

1)Introduction : a) greeting



II round


1) A friend is need is a friend indeed.

2) All is well that ends well.

3) A good name is better than riches.

4) Better late than never.

5) Do not play with fire.

6) Grasp all, lose all.

7) Power is in knowledge, knowledge is in the books.

8) East or West home is best.

9) First think then speak.

10) Live and learn.

11) Health is wealth.

12) Laziness is a nasty i11ness.

III round

``Do you know?``

(Solving the rebuses


IV round

`` Who is the quiskest?``

(Synonyms and antonyms)

Give the synonym to the words and translate.

  1. to adore -to love

  2. to alter – to change

  3. to depart – to leave

  4. to require – to need

  5. to select –to choose

  6. to weep –to cry

Give the synonym to the words and translate.

  1. Kind – unkind

  2. Fast –slow

  3. Day –night

  4. Clever –stupid

  5. Interesting –uninteresting

  6. Dirty – clean.

V round

Competition between fans.

Now 2 pupils come here. The first you must count in English and in Kazakh. The second you must answer my questions.

Adjectives made from nouns.

  1. ly b) –ous c) – ic

1.metal 2. ghost 3.week 4. Suspicion

5.glory 6.poison 7.climate 8.industry

9.order 10.fame 11.friend 12. Humour

13.democracy 14.mystery 15.economy

16.adventure 17.deanger 18.year 19.poet 20.part

Nouns made from adjectives.

  1. cy b) –ity c) –ence

1.punctual 2.dark 3.vacant

4.fluent 5.conveniend 6.weak

7.special 8.private 9.confident

10.popular 11.effisicient 12.similar

13.present 14.bitter 15.kind

16.foolish 17.frequent 18.constan

19.intelligent 20.stupid

VI round

Captain`s competition.

We have two cards .You must take of them and answer. The first card:

1)Speaking a) Say about Museums in Kazakhstan

2)Grammar b) preposition.

The second card

1)Speaking a)Say about Transport in London.

2)Grammar b) Articles

VII round

Result with tests.

1.Do you want …. computer?

a ) a b )an c )many d) much

2. ….sister know English? My sister does.

a) When b) Who c) What d) Whose

3. Since 1998 the capital of Kazakhstan.... .

a)Almaty b)Astana c) Akmola d)Povladar

4. What time is it? It is a quarter past five.

a)4.45 b)4.15 c)4.30 d)5.15 e)5.30

5. He is doing his homework.

a)Present Continuous. b) Present Perfect.

c) Past Continuous. d) Present Indefinite

6…… are workers.

  1. It b) They c) I d) He e) She

7.Nobaby entered … the room.

a )at b) into c) on d) - e) to

8.Are Pete and Kate….?

a) baby b) baby c)baby`s d) babies

9. ……. Baltic sea is stormy in …. winter

a) a/the b) the/- c) the/a d) -/the e) -/-

10.``Blackbo…rd`` сөзіндегі түсіп қалған әріп:

a) o b) i c) u d) k e) c


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