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Урок на тему: "Welcome to London"

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hello_html_m353ee7ae.gifhello_html_5d8aa352.gifhello_html_cf857ef.gifThe theme of lesson: “Welcome to London”.

Group: 14-1

Course: I

The aims of lesson:

Educational: To enlarge pupils vocabulary, to pay attention to their pronunciation, to teach to work individually. To enrich students knowledge concerning the theme. Presentation of the new words, to explain the text.

Developing: to develop pupils speaking habits and self working skills.

Bringing-up: to educate pupils respect other country’s peoples.

The aids of lesson: cards, interactive board, copy - book, markers, stickers.

Type  of  the  lesson: question- answer, explaining;

Method  of  the  lesson: group  work, pair work;

Expected results: Pupils will know new words& new expressions;

Activities of teacher

Activities of pupils




Organization moment


I’ll check the register.

Giving cards with some examples:

Checking up home task

Unit 1 Step 3

Presentation of the new words:

To explain the text.

What do you already know about jobs? Working in groups.
Talk about what you know. Get together with a group of students to talk about what you already know about jobs. Here are some questions to help you get started:

To do exercise 3

Fill in the blanks in each sentence with the words from the box above.

3. Now you should match the text and the picture.

- Good morning !

- everybody raise their hands and say «Here»/ «Present».

double - decker bus – екі қабатты автовус
single - decker bus - бір қабатты автовус
queue - кезек
coach - автобус
plague - оба
crooked – қисық
straight - тура
spread – таралу

Beginning the lesson

(Тұсау кесер)

4. Working with book
Match the sentences.


Find your task: Let’s play game

Make up words from the given letters.

Now you have the last task. Complete the word search.

1. The houses of Parliament is
2. Baiterek
3. Big - Ben is
4. Buckingham Palace
5. Astana is
6. Duman Entertainment centre has
7. The tower of London
8. Akh Orda
a) the second coldest capital in the world.
b) a big aquarium with over 2000 sea animals.
c) the building which British Parliament sits.
d) is a Tower, Astana’s most famous landmark.
e) one of the famous clocks in the world,
symbol of London.
f) is the official residence of the Queen.
g) is the official workplace of the President of
h) is a very old building, now it is a museuм

1 yellow – what is the currency of Great Britain? (Pound)

2 yellow – who is the head of the Great Britain? (Queen Elizabeth II)

3 yellow – what kind of state is the UK? (it is a parliamentary monarchy)

1 blue – they celebrate Halloween on the ……. (October 31st )

2 blue – the oldest University in great Britain (Oxford)

3 blue – what is the national emblem of England? (rose)

1 red – a red dragon is the symbol of ………. (England)

2 red – What co lour is the flag of Northern Ireland? (red and white)

3 red – what is the highest mountain in UK? (Ben-Nevis)

1)       The Englishmen’s favorite drink.( Tea )

2)       Something that the English put into tea.(Sugar)

3)       The political centre of London. ( City )

4)       The co lour of taxis in London. (Double - decker bus)

5)       The river on which London situated. (The Thames)

6)       The national emblem of England.( Red Rose)



Colour cards

Theoritcal part

(Негізгі бөлім)

(For captains) Give the answer immediately.

True or false?

1. Name the capital of the UK.


2. What river does London stand on?

the Thames

3. What are the countries of the UK?

England, Scotland, Wales,

Northern Ireland

  • London isn’t near the river Thames. (False)

  • London is a very old city. (True)

  • The Tower of London is a residence of the British Queen. (False)

  • Nelson’s Column is in Trafalgar Square. (True)

  • The London Eye is a big museum. (False)

English book 10class p.159



Copy –book

Conclusion part.

(Қорытынды бөлім)

Places of interest

Test “Faces of London”

Home work:

Giving marks:

Writing the reflection.

You can see it from the river Thames. It’s very old. This place has a long and cruel history. It isn’t just one building. It has a history of blood – the blood of men, women and children. Now the Kings and the Queens of Britain don’t live there. (the Tower of London)

It’s the place where British kings and queens live when they are in London. When the Queen is inside you can see the flag over it. Important visitors often go to this place. They meet Queen Elizabeth and the royal family there. A lot of tourists go to visit this place. They stand outside and see the Changing of the Guard. (Buckingham Palace)

They stand beside the river Thames. You can also see them from Westminster Abbey. The country’s leaders speak at this place. The famous clock Big Ben stands near them.

(the Houses of Parliament)

It’s one of the famous bridges across the Thames. It was built in 1894. It’s next to the Tower of London. It opens and ships go up and down the river Thames.

(Tower Bridge)

It’s a place where different meetings take place. In the middle of this square there is Nelson’s Column.

(Trafalgar Square)

  • The Bloody Tower is in…

    • Westminster Abbey

    • the Tower of London

    • Trafalgar Square

  • The famous museum of waxworks is called…

    • MOMI

    • The Science Museum

    • Madam Tussaud’s Museum

    • The country’s leaders speak in …

    • Big Ben

    • the Houses of Parliament

    • Buckingham Palace

Exercise:5 .Reading &translating.

Diary of pupils


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