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Урок на тему: "FOOD FOR THOUGHT"

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Еркужаева Шынар Жұмамұратқызы

Қазалы аграрлы – техникалық колледжінің ағылшын тілі пәні оқытушысы

The aim of the lesson:
1. Educational: to introduce thematic words, and to read the text.
2. Breeding: to learn and discuss about cultures of different countries.
3. Developing: develop critical thinking, to enrich vocabulary.
The type of the lesson: Traditional lesson.
The methods of the lesson: association, Venn diagram, I.I.I. method , question – answer.
Technical aids: The interactive board.

The procedure of the lesson:

1. Organization moment. Greetings
Good morning! Hello to everybody! How are you? Who is on duty today? Who is absent today? What date is it today? What day of the week is it today? What is the weather like today?

2. Warm up.

• Apple, carrot, orange, potato, banana, pear, grape, cabbage.
• Write these words in alphabetical order.
• Translate into 3 languages.

3. Home work: Ex: 2.
Discuss the following questions in small groups.
Are you healthy?
Do you eat things that are good for you?
Do you think about your diet?
Do you ever eat too much / too little?
Do you take vitamins?

4. New lesson
a) Read the new words. The presentation of a new theme vocabulary work. Write on your vocabulary note – books.
Urchin – [ә: t∫әn] – теңіз кірпісі
Locust – [lәukәst] – шегіртке
Snail – [sneil] – ұлу
Tarantulas – [tә'ræntjulәs] – бүйі
Seaweed – [si: wi: d] – балдыр
Snake – [sneik] – жылан
Squid – [skwid] – ұсақ балық
Octopus – [
ktәpәs] - сегізаяқ
Eel – [i: l] – жыланбалық

b) Reading of the text. Ex:6

* Group ‘Seaweed’ * Group ‘ Sea urchins’

c) Complete the table. Ex: 8.
Country --------------- Food
China ................___________
____________......... Locust
France -----------___________
Central America ...._________
____________........ Snake
Japan .................___________
Europe ..............._________
____________ ...........Eel

d). Write the capitals of the following countries
Country -------------------------------- Capital

e) Ex: 12. Match the sentences in exercise 11 with the meanings below

I forget to I forget to order urchin

I didn’t remember ordering urchins

I probably ordered urchins, but I couldn’t remember

I didn’t remember to order urchins

I didn’t continue eating the urchins

I stopped eating

I stopped because I wanted to eat urchins

I stopped to eat

5. The concluding stage

a) Solve puzzles

Work with the picture ( Our national food is beshbarmak )

b) Venn diagram

hello_html_m4a4a5669.gifc) Association

hello_html_2995fc84.pngd) I.I.I. method

I knew

I have known

I want to know

6. Home task

Ex 6 p69 . Reading the text & translate into Kazakh

7. Givingmarks

Your mark is… The lesson is over.

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