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Урок на тему I want to swim

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

The theme: st-5 I want to swim.

The aims: 1 Introduction with the new material and new words reading, speaking.

2 to develop oral speech, reading , speaking and thinking habits.

3 to raise their interest to the subject, to bring up to love our Motherland, to be polite.

Equipment: book, active board, slides, pictures, test cards.

The type of lesson: combined.

Procedure of the lesson

I. Orgonization moment. 1.Greeting.

Good afternoon, students! Good afternoon, teacher!

2. Speaking about day, date, weather, season.

P P2 P3

II.Phonetic drill. East or west home is best.

III.Checking home task. Ex16 p106

Complete sentences with much, many, a lot of

1.Is there _____ water in the glass. Yes there is/ No,there isn’t. 2. How _____ water is there? 3. There is _____ water.

IV. Generalizing H/T

Test cards

1.There are ______ desks in the class room.

A)much b)many c) a lot of

2.Is there ______ milk in the bottle.

a) many b) much c) a lot of

3. There are______ apples in the basket.

a) any b) many c) much

4. How _______ water is there in the glass?

a) a lot of b) much c) any

5. There’s ________ water in the glass.

a) a lot of b) many c) any

6. There isn’t ______ eggs in the fridge.

a)any b)some c) an

7.Are there ______ pictures on the wall?

a)some b)any c)much

8. There are _______ pictures on the wall.

a) some b) much c) a lot of

9. How _____ desks are there in your classroom.

a) much b) any c) many

10. There are ________ desks in our classroom.

a) a lot of b) any c)much

V. New material.

I want to swim/ read/ eat/ drink/ play a chess… .

Do you want to swim/ read/ eat/ drink/ play a chess?

Yes, I do./ No, I don’t.

Look at the pictures . Answer.

Does he want to drink? Yes, he does./ No, he doesn’t.

Does she want to swim? Yes, she does.

VI. Reading and generalizing .

1.read ex3. Listen and practice.

2. Make sentences with the phrases.

I want to Watch TV Do I want

Listen to music

learn English

Talk to my friend

He/She wants to Does he/ she want to

Go shopping

Play chess

Go for a walk

Drink some juice

Swim in the swimming pool

VII. Reading.

Ex5 p108 listen and read

VIII.Oral speech.hello_html_32990f45.jpg

I want to go __________ by___________ .

The USA plane

Egipt car

India helicopter

France boat

Japan bus

He/ She wants to go________ by __________ .

Astana plane

Almaty bus

Aktau ship

Shimkent car

IX.Make dialogues.

-Do you want to go to Astana? -Yes, I do.

-Do you want to go to Astana by car? -No, I don’t.

-I want to go to Astana by plane.

X. Home task.

Ex11 p109 read and write

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