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Урок на тему "I want to visit Astana"

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4 lesson

6 form


The theme of the lesson: “ I want to visit Astana”

The Aims: Speaking of the countries on has visited or wants to visit. Present perfect tense , affirmitive sentences, work in groups, use active vocabulary

To develop pupils habits and skills of oral and writing English speech

To educate pupils interest to learning English language
The bringing –up: To understand the meaning of the text.
Type of the lesson: Introduction of new material.
Methods of the lesson: question-answers, new words and speaking.
Visual Aids: interactive board, slide – show

The contents of the lesson.

1.     Organizational  moment

T: Good morning!

P: Good morning, Good morning, Good morning to you! Good morning, good morning! We are glad to see you.

T:  I am glad to see you too. How are you?

P1: I am fine!

P2: I am class!

P3: I am super! And so on.

2. Checking –up the homework.
Now, children let’s check up your homework. - What is your homework?
Your homework was to read the text and to learn new wopds.
- Are you ready?
3. New task.

Today we’ll work on a very interesting theme.

T: What is the capital of our country?

P: Astana is the capital of our country.

We’ll learn a lot of interesting things about Astana

T: Have you been Astana?

4.     Phonetic drill ( фонетическая зарядка)

At first, let's divide into groups. ( yellow, red, green, orange).

 Look at the blackboard and listen to the proverb.

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page”.

Do you agree with it? I think you do. Listen to the proverb once more. Now say it after me in choras. world, those, read, who

Certainly we want to read a book but not a page.

But we have no chance to travel.

What should we do?

We should read a lot of books about different cities.

The more you read the more you know.

So we’ll read and learn a lot about  Astana  at our lesson.

5.     Speaking practice( речевая зарядка): диалоговое обучение- teacher-pupil, pupil1-pupil2.

 And I am waiting for a guest. I want you to meet a young boy. He is from Astana. (Стук в дверь). Oh, I think he has come.

Come in, please. We are glad to see you.

Dear friends. This is Nurbergen. He is a student. He is from Astana. He likes to travel. That’s he is here.

I want you to ask Nurbergen about his hobbies, his family, about his house in Astana.

Примерные вопросы учащихся ( из разных групп ).

- What’s your name?

- Is your family large?

- Have you got a brother or a sister?

- Where do you live?

- How old are you?

- Have you got many friends?

- Where do you study?

- What’s your hobby?

- What’s your favorite sport?

- Where do you live?

- Do you live in a house or a flat?

- What’s your address?

Thanks a lot.

Nurbergen’s answers

- My name is Nurbergen.

- My family is not large.

- I have got a sister.

- I am from Kazakhstan. I live in Astana.

- I am 12.

- My hobby is reading and playing football.

- My favorite subject is Biology.

- I live in a flat.

6. Work with the text.

And now Nurbergen wants to tell you a few words about city.

Listen to Nurbergen with attention and be ready to answer my questions.

Nurbergen: “ Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan. It is  big and modern. The population of the city is over 800 thousand people. Astana is a centre for business and for tourism. There are many theatres, museums, cinemas in Astana. There are many beautiful large parks. You can have a very good time there. I want to show you some pictures of my native city. (Показ фотографий комментируется).

a)     Astana streets

b)    The popular buildings:

1.     The monument of Baiterek

2.     The Circus

3.     The entertainment Centre of Duman


T.: Thank you for your story Nurbergen. And now I want to see how attentive you are. Answer the questions, please.

- Describe the Astana.

- How many people live there?

- What are the popular buildings?

7. Presentation of grammar.
The Present Perfect Tense ( Осы шақтағы жедел өткен шақ)
Дәл сөйлеп тұрған уақыт алдында ғана болып өткен іс әрекетті білдіреді. Бұл жерде әрекеттің орындалу уақыты емес, нәтижесін білу маңызды.
To have көмекші етістігінің сәйкес формасы (have, has) мен мағыналы етістіктің есімше ІІ (Participle II) арқылы жасалады.

8.Reading. Чтение текста. (с.147). Самостоятельное изучение материала.Work in groups.( work with flipcharts, clasters)

a)     Claster: your association with the city Astana

On the blackboard you can see some key words. Use them.

b)    I give you some pictures of Astana sightseeings. You should write a title of the popular buildings under each picture.

9.One speaker from each group protects the presentation ( project)

10. I offer you to see the Presentation about Astana.

11.Fastening. Закрепление.

Pupil 1: Astana is the capital of our country. 
Pupil 2: Astana is the most beautiful city in the world. 
Pupil 3: Astana is famous for the Baiterek Tower. 
Pupil 4: Astana was twelve years old in 2010. 
Pupil 5: Astana became the capital in 1998. 
Pupil 6: Astana is the place where our President lives. 
Pupil 7: Astana is the city where I would like to live. 


a) You can visit here a 3D cinema, a bowling, cafes, a theatre and an aqua park. There is a large aquarium with real sea sharks. It opened in 2006. ( Duman)

b) This tower is the main symbol of Astana and its visiting card. It is very popular with tourists. Here you can see our President’s handprint. This tower is 105 metres high. (Baiterek)

c) This Palace is the official residence of Nursultan Nazarbayev- the President of Kazakhstan. It is a very beautiful building with white columns. ( Ak-orda)


d) This Palace was built by British architect Lord Norman Foster. It looks like a very big pyramid. The pyramid is  62m high. ( The Pease Palace)

12.Fill in the last column of the table: What did you know about Astana?

13.Подведение итогов.

You work well,good . Your marks are : excellent,good

14.Homework: your homework will be: find the information and tell us about Cultural Centre, Educational, Sport and Transport of Astana and so on.

15. Singway.


Modern, beatiful

Build, grow ,

Astana is modern city.


The lesson is over.

Good – bye.

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