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Урок на тему "London"



(Английский язык 8 кл. К. И.Кауфман, М.Ю.Кауфман)


Образовательные: а) провести практику в речевой деятельности: монологической, диалогической, аудировании; б) ознакомить учащихся с лексикой по теме «Лондон», расширение словарного запаса.

Воспитательные: а) развивать интерес к изучению иностранного языка; б) ознакомить учащихся с достопримечательностями столицы Великобритании; в) приобщить к культурному и историческому наследию народа страны изучаемого языка.

Развивающие: а) развивать мышление, творческую фантазию, инициативу в осуществлении иноязычной речевой деятельности; б) повышать удельный вес самостоятельной работы в школе и дома; в) развивать межпредметную связь (с историей) и познавательный интерес учащихся.

Оборудование: карты Великобритании и Северной Ирландии, тестовый материал, диск (песня на англ. яз.), фильм «Лондон» .
Т: Good afternoon!

Pupils: Afternoon!

T: Sit down, please.

T: Today we shall speak about London. Your homework for today's

lesson was to make a project, "London". I hope your project will be excellent. You should be very attentive today and at the end of the lesson you will have to fill in the blanks in the "London" quiz, will watch the film " London" and speak on this topic. All of you dream of visiting London, and let's hope that sometime our dream will come true, we'll see one of the greatest cities in the world.

Let's remember what we know about London.
On the blackboard you can see some small topics and key words.
Use them, and say few words on each of these themes.
Trafalgar Square
British Museum

National Gallery National Theatre

10, Downing Street The Houses of Parlament

The Thames Buckingham Palace

Hyde Park Tate Gallery

St. James's Park Barbican

Queen Victoria Tower of London

Regent's Park William the Conqueror

Westminster Abbey Piccadilly Circus St. Paul’s Cathedral Sir Christopher Wren


The Capital of Great Britain

the first century A.D., was founded by, to be situated, population, total area.

PI: London, the capital of Great Britain, is two thousand years old. It is

the largest city in Britain and one of the largest in the world. Its population is about 9 million people. It is also a huge port city. It was founded in the first century A.D. by the Romans. The Romans built a town on the river Thames. The name of the town was Londinium. The Romans built Londinium. After the year 400, the Romans left Britain. In Roman times Londinium was a small town with the Thames River at its centre. London is 46 kilometers from the north to the south and 58 kilometers from the east to the west.

T: Good. What calamites did London suffer?


a terrible plague, the Great Fire

P2: In 1665 there was a terrible plague in London. In 1666

the Great Fire of London ended the plague but it also destroyed much of the city. In 1666, there was a strong wind from the river and the big fire began to spread. The fire burnt for four days and destroyed 80% of the city. After the Great Fire people rebuilt the city.

T: Now let's speak about London as a political centre.

Political Centre ,

the Houses of Parlament, Buckingham Palace, 10,Downing Street
P3: The British Parliament has two houses: the House of Commons and

the House of Lords.

The House of Commons consists of Members of Parliament, MPs. The 1203 members of the House of Lords are not elected. The House of Commons and the House of Lords meet in the Houses of Parliament. The head of both Houses of Parliament is the Queen, but she has very little power. Her Majesty Queen and her family live in Buckingham Palace.

The leader of the winning party becomes Prime Minister and
appoints the Cabinet. The members of the Cabinet are the leading
government ministers. The Prime Minister is the most important
person in Parliament British Prime Ministers have lived at
10, Downing Street since 1731.
T: Nice. Who wants to tell us about London as an industrial centre?

Industrial Centre

firms, plants, to produce, goods

London is the centre of the clothing, food and drink industries. Small firms predominate in all these industries. London is an important centre of light engineering and chemicals and has some

heavy engineering plants.
T: Right you are. Now speak about London as a cultural centre.

Cultural Centre

museums, theatres, libraries, parks

P4: There are a lot of museums in London. The most important museums

in London are: the British Museum, the National Gallery, the Tate Gallery and the Victoria and Albert Museum. London is famous for its theatres. The best known are the National Theatre and Barbican. There are also a lot of green parks and libraries in London. The most important libraries are: the British Museum Library, the London Library in St. James Square and Kensington's New Central Library;

T: Very good. Now let's speak about the main parts of London.

Main Parts

the City, the West End, the East End

P5: London consists of three main parts: the City, the West End and the

East End. The City is the most important commercial and financial centre of the country. There are banks and offices of companies in the City. The West End is a district of the theatres, bars, restaurants and hotels. In the East End there are most of the factories and docks.

T: Nice. Now let's speak about education in London.

Educational Centre

universities, colleges, young people, different countries

P6: We can say that London is an educational centre. Many young

people from different countries come to London to get a brilliant

T: Good. The next topic is about sport and transport.

Sport and Transport Centre

sport facilities, swimming pools, railway stations, airports, ports

P6: There are a lot of sport facilities in London such as stadiums,

swimming pools. Transport in London is extensive. You can see many buses, cars, taxis and the London Underground. There are many railway stations and four airports in London. Heathrow is the busiest international airport in the world.


T: The next point is the sights of London.

T: And now imagine, my dear friends, we are going on an excursion

round London.
На экране идут слайды с видами Лондона и учащиеся комментируют их.
ответы учащихся:
PI: The Tower of London is a very old building. It is nine hundred

years old. In the early days of England the British (English) kings
lived in the Tower. Then it was a prison. Now it's a museum of
Armour and Royal Regalia. Many tourists from other countries
come to see it.

Р2: Westminster Abbey is a symbol of English tradition at its best.

The coronation of nearly all English kings and queens since William the Conqueror has taken place here. Many of them are buried within the Abbey. There are also the graves of famous poets,writers, and statesmen. Here you can see memorials to Newton,Darwin, Dickens, Chaucer and others.

Р3: St. Paul’s Cathedral is the city's greatest monument. It was built by Sir Christopher Wren in 1675-1710. The Cathedral is second in size only to St. Peter's in Rome. Wren is buried there, also Wellington and Nelson.

P4: Buckingham Palace is an official residence of the Queen and her family. It has 600 rooms, a swimming pool, a cinema, a ballroom, and a garden. The ceremony of the Changing of the Guard atBuckingham Palace is a great tourist attraction. It takes place daily at 11.30 a.m. and lasts half an hour.

P5: The Houses of Parliament. It was once a royal palace. Now it's the

seat of Government. It contains 500 apartments.

P6: Big Ben is the name of the huge clock in one of the tall towers of the Houses of Parliament. The Houses of Parliament is the largest modern building in the richest Gothic style completed in 1857. It stands on the left bank of the River Thames and is 940 ft in length. Those who want to get a fine front view of the building should look at it from a boat on the Thames. Clock Tower, overlooking Westminster Bridge is 316 ft high and 40 ft square. People are allowed to get inside the Tower so that they can see the works of Big Ben. There is no lift and there are three hundred and forty steps up to Big Ben. The faces of the clock are very large. The minute hand is 14 ft long, the hour hand is 9 ft, the figures are 2 ft long.

P7: Trafalgar Square is in the centre of London. In the middle of Trafalgar Square is Nelson's Column. Admiral Nelson defeated the French at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. This Column is fifty meters high. It's a famous square where on New Year's Eve people gather to celebrate.

P8: The National Gallery. It houses one of the finest art collections in

the world. It has a collection of paintings by the famous artists Van Gogh, Rubens, Constable and many others.

P9: The British Museum opened in 1753. It grew out of collections of three rich men. George II gave the royal library to the museum in

1757. The collection is enormous, and covers ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, China and Japan, as well as prehistoric times.

P10: Hyde Park is one of the wonderful parks in London. On the north of Hyde Park there is a very famous place called
"Speaker's Corner", where on Sundays any person can talk on any
Pll: Regent's Park is perhaps London's most elegant park. You can visit the Zoo here. It is one of the biggest zoos in the world. Today there are more than 8,000 animals in the Zoo.


T: Thanks a lot. There are many songs about London. Let's sing one of

them "Streets of London". (Учащиеся поют песню на англ. яз.)


Т: Good. Did you enjoy our excursion? What places of interest in

London do you like best? Let's do a test. Тест: "London"

1. You can see the column with a statue
of Nelson in ...

a) Piccadilly Circus; b) Hyde Park; c) Trafalgar Square.

2. ... is a very democratic park.

a) Hyde Park; b) Regent's Park; c) St. James's Park.

3. London Zoo is in ...

a) Regent's Park; b) St. James's Park; c) Hyde Park.

4. They change the Guard every day at...

a) 9:30 a. m.; b) 11:30 а. т.; с) 12 o'clock.

5. Piccadilly Circus is the meeting-point of...
a) 5 streets; b) 7 streets; c) 6 streets.

6. The London home of the Queen is ...

a) Buckingham Palace; b) Westminster Abbey; c) Covent Garden.

7. The seat of the British government is ...

a) the Houses of Parliament; b) Buckingham Palace; c) Piccadilly Circus.


T: Thank you very much. You have worked well today. Your home-

work for the next lesson is to prepare a short story about London. Good-bye, my friends.

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