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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Урок на тему "Наша планета"
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Урок на тему "Наша планета"


Авторы: Апаласова Н.М.

Казакова Т.С.,

учителя английского языка,

лицей, г. Козьмодемьянск

Конспект Урока по теме "Наша планета", разработанного на базе УМК "Enterprise 2" авторов Virginia EvansJenny Dooley для учащихся 9-го класса.

Форма проведения: защита проекта с использованием компьютерной презентации.


  1. Совершенствовать навыки говорения, аудирования. чтения, письма по теме.

  2. Развивать навыки исследовательской работы.

  3. Развивать навыки логического мышления, умения сравнивать. анализировать, обобщать.

  4. Формировать бережное отношение к природе.

Оснащение: Магнитофон, компьютер, схемы с результатами анкетирования, карта РМЭ.

Ход Урока

  1. Начало урока

        1. Приветствие

        2. Сообщение темы урока – Today we are going to talk about environmental problems, about how we can solve them and how we can protect nature.

        3. Речевая зарядка (на базе стихотворения с. 78 "Enterprise 3"). Much is spoken about the environment nowadays. No doubt, it is badly damaged. The air, the water are polluted. There is too much litter in the streets of our towns. But man is realizing little by littly how important it has become to preserve nature.

          1. декламирование стиха – You are to listen to a poem, to understand it and then be ready to answer some questions on it.

          2. вопросно-ответная беседа по стихотворению – And now answer some questions:

  1. Are the fish in the sea dying out?

  2. Is there little food for the animals?

  3. Are the blue skies being filled with smoke?

  4. Are the rain forests being burnt down?

  5. Is it high time to save the earth?

    1. Повторение

      1. Активизация лексического и грамматического материала по теме – It's not as bad as it seems to be. We can solve some of environmental problems. Some ideas we can find of environmental problems. Some ideas we can find in exercise 11, on page 78.

        1. Составление предложений с помощью опор – Make sentences using the prompts and Conditionals II.

        2. аудирование текста – For further ideas let's listen to a text. It's exercise 13, page 78. you are to listen to it, then match the speakers (1-40) to the pictures (A-D). Finally, talk about the environmental problems and their solutions, mentioned in the text. (Текст прослушивается дважды).

        3. контроль усвоения лексики по теме – Let's have a rest, a little. It is time for doing puzzles.

1.в. составление слов – Put the letters into the correct order to find the names of animals, fish, plants, birds:

ered (deer), kasne (snake), eipn (pine), prac (carp), koa (oak), emil (lime), ranec (crane), oettr (otter - выдра), fnolca (falcon - сокол), krost (stork - аист).

2.в. вставление слов в пропуски (проверяется знание идиом, относящихся к теме) – Fill in the gaps with words from the list:

Fish dogs rat bee bird crocodile cats

  1. I'm a busy ... on Tuesdays. I work in the morning and I have English classes in the afternoon.

  2. The children are unusually quiet today. I smell a ... .

  3. We can't leave now! It's raining ... and ... .

  4. Today was his first day in his new job and he felt like a ... out of water.

  5. Sheila is an early ... . She wakes up at 6 every morning!

  6. He said he was deeply upset about the oil spill his company caused, but. I don't think he really cares – he was just crying ... tears.

г) защита проекта по теме, с использованием компьютерной презентации.

  1. Введение. Информация о республике Марий Эл – The republic of Mari El is situated in the basin of the middle flow of the Volga river. The Volga divides it into two parts: the Left-Bank Highland which occupies the lesser area. The Lowland is covered with sand and it is rich in lakes. The relief of the Right-Bank Highland is hilly.

There are about 476 rivers in our republic. The total length of all the rivers is 7,144 km. The longest river the Volga which runs across the territory of our republic for 155 km. Almost all large rivers are the tributaries of the Volga – the Vetluga, the Sura, the Kokshaga, the Kundysh, the Ilet.

Our republic is called the Lake land. We have about 200 lakes. The biggest and deepest lake is the Yalchik. Its depth is 34 metres.

A few hundred years ago the territory of our republic was covered with wild forests. Now the forests cover only half of it. They are the main treasure of Mari El.

  1. Слайд 1. – Fauna and Flora of Mari El: The fauna of Mari El is represented by many animals. There are:

    • 64 species of mammals: brown bears, foxes, hares, roe deer, elks, squirrels etc.;

    • 235 species of birds: cranes, pigeons, owls, woodpeckers etc.

    • 17 species of reptiles;

    • 46 species of fish: carps, pikes, perches, etc.

The flora of Mari El include many trees and plants. Among them there are 100 species of medical herbs.

  1. Слайд 2. – Red Book

Endangered species of animals and plants are listed in the Red Book.

Among them you can see the crane, the falcon, the roe deer etc.

Six species of plants are in danger of becoming extinct.

  1. Слайд 3. – Zoos and Herbariums.

To protect animals and plants from disappearing we can present them in zoos and herbariums.

Points in favour of keeping animals in zoos:

  • People can see animals which they would probably otherwise never see;

  • many species are encouraged to breed.

The main point against keeping animals in zoos:

  • animals are forced to live in a completely unnatural environment.

The main point in favour of preserving plants in herbariums:

  • people have the chance to see and learn about plants which they will never see otherwise.

The main point against:

  • dried plants are not long-lived.

5. Слайд 4. Our choice

Points in favour of creating a biome:

  • plants and animals are kept in their natural habitats;

  • people can see and learn about them without visiting forests, meadous, lakes what can sometimes lead to harmful results.

Декламирование стихотворения "The invitation" P.B. Shelly

6. Слайд 5. We are for Biome

We carried out a survey to find out if we have made the right choice. It says that:

  • 85% vote for creating a biome;

  • 38% would like to visit it regularly;

  • 38% would like to see exotic animals and plants in it;

  • 99% would like to have free admission;

  • 35% would like to take part in creating a biome.

7. Слайд 6. Biome

Many endangered species of animals and plants will be kept in the biome.

Among them you will see the roe deer, the elk, the hamster, some kinds of bats etc.

Such species of birds as the swan, the crank, the gull, the owl, the fishmonger etc. will be common to the biome. People will be able to admire the lily of valley, the snowdrop, the oak, the pine, the birch there. There will be plenty of carps, perches, pikes in the pond which will undoubtedly be the main attraction of the biome.

Декламирование стихотворения G.G. Byron

    1. Заключение

  1. Подведение итогов. – You have worked well. thanks. As you see life is getting more complicated and more interesting at the same time (звучит песня "Life is getting more and more interesting")

  2. Домашнее задание.

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