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Урок на тему :"How old are you?"

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5/ 5 Date:________ The 5th grade

The theme of the lesson: How old are you?

The aims of the lesson:1) Educational: Presentation of the lesson about How old are you?

to train new words and discussion an English language

2) Developing: To develop the pupils habits of the oral speech , to develop pupils creative and logical abilities, understanding, reading and writing the countries name’s, grammar and lexical skills to learn letters and phonetical material .

3) Bringing-up: to bring up love and interest to the subject, to respect each other, to create an English atmosphere in the classroom.

Inter-subject connection: Kazakh, English

The type of the lesson: presentation, integrative

Methods of teaching: training, explanation, demonstration, interaction

The equipment of the lesson: diagrams on the tasks, pictures, posters, computers,

interactive board.

The procedure of the lesson

I)Organization moment

  1. Greetings

-Good morning children?

-How are you?

  1. A talk about on duty

-Who is on duty today?

-Who is absent today?

c) A talk about the weather?

-What day is it today? -What season is it now?

-What date is it today? - What month is it now?

  1. Phonetic drills

-Sing a song “What’s your name?”

- To work with dialog At Colin’s party

Colin: Hello, Omar. How are you?

Omar: Oh, I'm OK, thanks. And you?

Colin: I'm well, thank you.

Omar: How old are you today?

Colin: I'm 14. And you?

Omar: I'm 11.

  1. Check up the home task

  1. The Presentation of the new theme

  • Listen and repeat

How old are you?

I’m 10.

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