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Урок на тему повторение 2 класс

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The plan of the lesson

Date 20.02.2015 Grade: 2 “g”

Theme: Revision


  1. To revise all obtained material

  2. To improve students’ skills

  3. To motivate students doing activities

The type of the lesson: game based competition; the class is divided into 2 team

The kind of the lesson: practical

Visual aids: interactive board, board, pictures, toys.

Equipment: English. I.N.Vereshagina, T.A.Pritykina, PC

The outline of the lesson






Organization moment

Greeting; asking who is on duty; asking how the students feel themselves.



Presentation of the competition

The main process of the competition

Interactive board




Summarizing of the lesson

Giving marks

Home task

The end of the lesson

Writing and explaining of home task


The content of the lesson

  1. Organization moment

  • Good afternoon, children! -Good afternoon, teacher!

  • How are you? - We are fine, thank you.

-I’m glad to see you!

  1. The main process of the competition

Today we have a revision lesson, so you’ll compete in order to show how much knowledge you have obtained. There are 10 stages:

  • 1 Presentation

  • 2 Missing letters

  • 3 Nice Numbers

  • 4 Hide and seek

  • 5 Hopping frogs

  • 6 Great washing day

  • 7 We’re the future Grammarians

  • 8 Flies

  • 9 colorful colours

  • 10 I can retell

I will give you candies for every correct answer and at the end we will count your candies to find out the winner. Who has more candies that team will be a winner.

The first task is presentation. It is a short presentation about your group. Enjoy the video.

The second task is to complete the missing letters on the papers. Some of them aren’t given by order. Be careful.



Ok. Well-done. You have learnt everything well. Thanks

The third task is called “Nice Numbers”. There are many toys on the table and they have numbers. I’ll name the toy and you should say the number of the toy. (The task is done orally)

Eg: Teacher: a bear

Pupil: number 5

The fourth task is called “hide and seek”

There are given picture on the interactive board and you should see them, when I say “pictures hide” you should close your eyes, and when I say “pupils seek” you should open your eyes and say which picture had hidden.


(p1: cat, p2: pencils, p3:a family, p4:a table)

The fifth task is called “Hopping Frogs” (There are 26 letters on the linen and the picture of frog will be glued on the pupils’ head during the game)

I need two pupils from each team. I’ll say a word and you should hop on the letters and showing the writing of the word. Another pupil writes the letters on the board, when the first pupil hop on the letter.

Eg: The word “dog”. A pupil hops on the letters D_O_G and another pupils write on by one these letters.

The sixth task is “Great washing day”

You take a cloth and wash it by translating the sentence, then stick on the rope.

Sentences of the Washing clothes:

  1. Ты откуда? Она откуда?

  2. Как ее зовут? Как тебя зовут?

  3. Я умею прыгать. Я умею бегать

  4. У тебя есть сестра? У тебя есть семья?

  5. У моей сестры есть маленькие котята. У моего брата есть большая собака.

  6. У тебя есть обезьянка? У тебя есть слон?

  7. Какого цвета этот карандаш? Какого цвета эта сумка?

  8. Сколько книг у нее есть? Сколько уток у него есть?

  9. Сумка красная. Ручка синяя.

  10. Я люблю играть чехарду. Я люблю играть прятки.

  11. Моя мама доктор.

  12. Мой папа водитель.

  13. Мой брат космонавт.

The seventh task is “We’re the future Grammarians” You are given sentences which are written wrong grammatically. You have to correct them and write right answer.

  1. That are a book.

  1. Is

  1. She is teacher.

  1. A

  1. They are dog.

  1. Dogs

  1. I have got a cat. A cat is white.

  1. The cat is white

  1. This kitten is a black.

  1. Without a

  1. I like play leap and frog.

  1. To play

  1. She likes play tags

  1. To play

The eighth task is “Flies”

You beat to right sound when you hear the word and kill the fly.

[ei]: name, Jane, cake, snake, make, take, they

[ae]: black, cat, bag, map, sad, can, and

[i:]: tea, me, green, he, she, deep, sheep,

[ai]: Mike, white, my, kite, ice, die, why, tie, tide, shy, eye

[o]: dog, socks, frog, got, hop, on, off, not, fox

[au]: rose, Rome, bone, tone, cope, soup, boat

The ninth task is called “Colorful colours”

You have a paper and paint it with the correct colour.

The last task is your home task to retell the text. Pupils retell the text.

Now let’s count your candies. Ok the winner is …

  • Take your home task.

  • Ex:9-10 P:123

  • Your marks are…

The lesson is over. Good bye, boys and girls!

School “Murager” for gifted children illustrated in three languages.


Teacher: Kydyrbayeva N.B.

Kyzylorda, 2015

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