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Урок на тему "Республика Башкортостан"

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

Министерство образования Республики Башкортостан

Салаватский районный отдел образования МОБУ СОШ с. Лагерево

Разработка открытого урока по английскому языку

по учебнику Хасанова М. А. на тему



(для башкирских школ)

Разработала и провела учитель высшей

категории МОБУ СОШ с. Лагерево

Салаватского района РБ

Губайдуллина Резеда Рифкатовна



  • изучение страноведческого материала;

  • отработка навыков монологической речи;

  • активизация новой лексики в устной и письменной речи;

  • закрепление навыков диалогической речи;

  • тренировать учащихся в навыках аудирования и понимания иноязычной речи;

  • привитие чувства люби и гордости к родному краю.

Оборудование: схема, раздаточный материал, аудиозапись, высказывание М. Карима, карта Р. Б.

I.Вступительная беседа учителя:

  • The theme of our lesson is “My native Republic - Bashkortostan”. At the lesson we’ll learn much about history, geography, famous people, national symbols of Bashkortostan. Now look at the blackboard and read the poem of the great Bashkort writer M. Karim: (слайд)

  • Look at the globe:

Here is the earth.

And on it, Bashkiria,

No bigger than a leaf,

One leaf in a tree.

And the birch, the Great Russia,

Stands so green and tall.

II.Проверка домашнего задания:

T: Last lesson we read the text about Bashkortostan. (слайды)

You were to make a report about some point of our plan.

III.Закрепление материала:

T: Your reports are nice. We’ve learned a lot about our republic. Let’s check our knowledge, read the sentences and say “True” or “False”. (слайд)

  • We have a lot of talented writer, poets, actors and actresses.

  • The first president of our Republic is Boris Yeltsin.

  • Each town has its president.

  • The capital of Bashkortostan is Sterlitamak.

  • The Republic is rich in oils, chemical industry and agriculture.

  • Bashkortostan‘s is the national flag, isn’t it?

  • The flag has thirteen stripes on it.

  • The stripes are blue, white and green.

  • Now answer the questions: (слайд)

  1. When was the BASSR formed?

  2. When did it receive its sovereignty?

  3. How is it called now?

  4. What is the total area of the Republic?

  5. What regions and republics does it border on?

  6. Where are the Urals?

  7. What is the highest point of the Urals?

  8. Which is the longest river in the Republic?

  9. Which is the deepest lake in our Republic?

  10. What can you say about the Shulgan Tash Cave?

  • Translate into English(слайд)

  1. В Башкортостане более тысячи рек.

  2. Башкортостан расположен у подножия Южного Урала.

  3. Аслыкуль – самое большое озеро в республике.

  4. Пещера Шульган – таш является гордостью Башкортостана.

  5. Пещера расположена в Бурзянском районе.

  6. Климат в Башкортостане умеренно континентальный.

  7. Башкортостан богат полезными ископаемыми.

  8. Население Башкортостана составляет 4 миллиона человек.

  9. Национальными символами Башкортостана является флаг, герб и гимн.

  10. Столица республики – Уфа.

  • Open your workbooks on p. 21 ex.7(слайд)

  1. The Republic of Bashkortostan 1. Общая площадь Башкортостана

received its sovereignty on the составляет 143 тыс.км.кв.

11 th of October, 1990.

  1. The total area of Bashkortostan is 2. Ямантау является самой высокой

143 thousand square kilometers. горой из Уральских гор.

  1. The highest part of the Urals is Yamantau. 3. В Башкортостане есть

более тысячи рек.

  1. The Ural mountains are in the 4. В Башкортостане много

Central part of the Republic. пещер. Самая красивая

из них – это пещера

Шульган Таш.

  1. There are more than a thousand 5. Башкортостан является

Rivers in Bashkortostan. Суверенной с 1990 года

11 октября.

  1. There are many caves in Bashkortostan. 6. Уральские горы

The Shulgan Tash Cave is one of the most расположены в

Famous caves in the world. центральной части


  • Make up sentences: (слайд)

  1. The flag, three, of, has, Bashkortostan, Stripes.

  2. Many, live, republic, the, nationalities, and, work, in.

  3. Bashkortostan, the, situated, the, part, are, central, in, of.

  4. Many, are, Bashkortostan, rivers, in, there.

  5. Republic, the, Ufa, our, is, capital, of.

  • Look at the compass and give the name to all numbers: (слайд)






  • Compare the position of these towns, look at the map of Bashkortostan: (слайд)

  1. Sterlitamak is to the south of Ufa.

  2. Salavat is to the north of Kumertau.

  3. Sibay is to the east of Kumertau.

  4. Octyabrsky is to the west of Ufa.

  5. Sibay is to the south – east of Sterlitamak.

  • Correct the mistakes: (слайд)

  1. The capital of Bashkortostan is Sterlitamak.

  2. Bashkortostan is larger than the USA.

  3. The total area of Bashkortostan is about 1 million square km.

  4. Bashkortostan is washed by the Baltic Sea.

  5. The climate in Bashkortostan is tropical.

  6. There are 10 rivers in Bashkortostan.

  7. Our republic is nit rich in mineral recourses.

  8. The population of Bashkortostan is 500 million people.

  • Listen to the text and guess who this man is I’m telling about: (слайд)

He lived many years ago. He was very brave and strong. He was young but he wasn’t afraid of the struggle for freedom for his people. He was a poet and a composer, he could play kurai. We know his poems and songs. He was arrested and killed far away. We celebrate his birthday every year in our republic and in our district. He would be 252 years old this year. In Ufa there is a monument devoted to him. It is on the bank of the Agithel. Our district is called after his name. He is our national hero. Who is he?

  • Imagine that you meet a British boy and he wants to know as more about Bashkortostan as possible. Answer his questions and up the dialogue:

  • Hello.

  • …………………….

  • I’m from Great Britain. This is the first time I’m in your republic. And where are you from?

  • …………………….

  • What is the capital of our country is London. It is very old and large city. Its population is 8 million people. And what is the population of your capital?

  • …………………………………….

  • The head of our country is Queen Elisabeth II. Who is the head of your republic?

  • ……………………………………

  • We haven’t much mineral resources in Britain. I’ve heard your republic is very rich in them, isn’t it?

  • …………………………………….

  • We have mild and raw climate. Summer is not very hot and winter is not cold. What about you?

  • ……………………………………

  • I have learned a lot of about your republic. Thank you. Welcome to Great Britain.

  • …………………………………..

  • Good – bye.

  • …………………………………..

  • There are a lot of places of interest in Ufa. Can you guess their names? Match the pictures and their names.

  • Complete the sentences by the correct word: (слайд)

Ufa is a ……. of Bashkortostan. 1) fortress

Ufa is situated on the ……….. of the 2) education


It is a political, economical and cultural 3) city

……….. of the republic.

Ufa was founded as a ……. 4) bank

The population of the ………. Is over 5) capital

1.100000 people.

Ufa is the center of science and … too. 6) monument

On the bank of the Agithel there is a ….. 7) centre

to S. Yulaeyev.

  • You have learned a lot about our republic. There are tests in front of you. Choose the right answers and mark them. (слайд)


  1. What is the official name of our republic?

  1. The Bashkort Autonomous Republic.

  2. The Republic of Bashkortostan.

  3. The Bashkort Republic.

  1. What is the capital of the republic?

  1. Ufa

  2. Sibay

  3. Salavat

  1. What is the political system of the republic?

  1. a limited monarchy

  2. a parliamentary monarchy

  3. a parliamentary republic

  1. How many districts are there in the republic?

  1. 50

  2. 52

  3. 54

  1. How many stripes are there on the flag of Bashkortostan?

  1. 2

  2. 3

  3. 4

  1. What is the name of the legislative power?

  1. The Senate

  2. The Kurultai

  3. The Cabinet of Ministers.

  1. Who is the first president of Bashkortostan?

  1. Rakhimov

  2. Putin

  3. Yeltsin

  1. What is the highest point of the Urals?

  1. Iremel

  2. Yangantau

  3. Yamantau

  1. What is the main river of Bashkortostan?

  1. The Agithel

  2. The Yuruzan

  3. The Karaithel

  1. What is the largest lake in Bashkortostan?

  1. The Aslykul

  2. The Kandrakul

  3. The Talkath

  1. What is the climate of Bashkortostan?

  1. Tropical

  2. Temperately continental

  3. Subtropical

  1. What is the population of Bashkortostan?

  1. 17 mln

  2. 40 mln

  3. 8 mln

  1. What flower is the symbol of the republic?

  1. Rose

  2. Kurai

  3. Tulip

  1. How many nationalities live in Bashkortostan?

  1. 10

  2. 40

  3. 80

  1. What composer wrote the hymn of Bashkortostan?

  1. Idrisov

  2. Mozart

  3. Khasanov

  • Подведение итогов:

T: You have done well. We’ve learned about Bashkortostan very much. Your marks are “goods” and “excellents”.

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