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Инфоурок Иностранные языки КонспектыУрок на тему: Say “No” to Drugs and Alcohol

Урок на тему: Say “No” to Drugs and Alcohol

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Say “No” to Drugs and Alcohol

Цель :

- ознакомить с новыми ЛЕ к теме

- развивать навыки аудировання

-учить высказывать свое собственное мнение по теме

- тренировать в чтении текста

- развивать рече вую компетенцію

-учить осмысливать и критически оценивать полученную информацию

-использовать возможности языка для пропаганды здорового образа жизни

Оснащение :

- “Crisis Fact-File

-плакаты, постеры на тему борьбы с куренем

- учебник

-аудиозапись “Old Age


I. Beginning

Goоd morning, everybody! Nice to see you! Today I hope we’ll do our best to make sure that drugs and alcohol are very harmful and it’s our duty to convince everybody of this. I hope you’ll make some antismoking posters .

II. Main part

1. Phonetic drills

Health is better that wealth


Say why tobacco is bad for health.

3. Checking home task

At home you read Ann’s letter and wrote letters back. You gave her advice . Read the letters aloud .

4. At the previous lesson we discussed the problem of smoking in our country but there is a more serious problem nowadays- alcohol. More than 3 mln liters of alcohol is drunk in our country and it has become a bad habit of millions of people .

5. Listening

Now I want you to listen to a dialogue and then express your opinion.

  • More and more people nowadays drink beer , wine and others drinks , containing alcohol. Drinking beer is considered fashionable and cool. You can see even teenagers with cans of beer any time a day. And now you are suggesting that it’s anti-social.Why?

  • Well, people say” Eat at pleasure, drink with measure and enjoy life as it is”. We should avoid anything that intoxicates to be healthy. The evils of intemperance, especially of alcohol, are too well-known.

  • What do you mean?

  • Intemperance excites bad passions and leads to quarrels and crimes. The mind is stuperfied by drink and the person who drinks will, in course of time, become unfit for his duties. Both health and character are often ruined. As a nation we spend more on alcohol that we do on educating our children or on doctors, medicine and hospitals. Drunkards, of course, are more likely to come down with diseases like cancer or chronic bronchitis, and have to be treated at the nation’s expense. But they ruin not only their own health but that of others is well. Their children and wives suffer of their uncontrolled behavior, many families are ruined and most crimes are convicted by drunk people.

  • Well, what do you suggest ought to be done?

  • Firstly, double the tax on all forms of alcohol. Secondly, ban all forms of alcohol advertising. Thirdly, protect young people more that we do now.

  • What kind of protection do you have in mind?

  • Among other things we could double or triple the fines on anyone who sells alcohol and beer to teenagers under the age of 18.And we could and must intensify our efforts to educate young people, to show them the dreadful effects of this terrible habit.

  • It seems an exaggeration, to say the least. I don’t deny that drinking can be harmful. But so can be lots of other habits. Eating sweets, for example.

  • Oh, I just can’t accept that there is any comparison between the two habits .

  • It’s simple .Lots of people die because they eat far too much sugar. Not only it does cause things like tooth – decay, it makes people overweight, as well, and as a result, they often die of heart attacks . But there’s no tax on sweets and no campaign to ban them either.

6. Discussing the text

So, you we’ve heard two different opinions on the problem. English people say” Many men, many mind”, which means that everybody can have his own point of view. Now I am eager to hear what you think about this. (Ученики высказываются по проблеме алкоголизма )

So I see that you understand that people’s drinking must be reduced. Moderation in eating and drinking will lay the foundations for good health and long life. But there is a far more serious problem facing humanity today –drugs. Maybe it’s the most serious problem now because more and more people all over the world get addicted to drugs .

7. Learning new worlds.

Let’s read them. Try to guess their meaning

Addicts- people who take drugs regularly

Crack, ecstasy – 2 drugs that become popular with teenagers some 20 years ago. They are cheaper than heroin, cocaine .

Crops – harvest

Arms – weapons (bombs, guns, pistols)

Advertising campaign – a series of different advertisements in mass media

AIDS- disease (Acquired Immune Deficiency Symptom)

Slogan – a short sentence used to promote something.

Dealers – people who sell something (in this case, drugs)

To glamorize – to make something look exciting and attractive.

8. Reading

T: The world is facing a drugs crisis. There are more young addicts today than ever before. Look at the Crisis Fact-File to see how serious the problem is. Please, read it.

Crisis Fact-File

There are three main kinds of drugs – hard, soft and legal. They can all cause addiction, serious illness and death.

Hard Drugs

Include heroin, cocaine, LSD and crack.

Soft Drugs

Include marijuana, amphetamines, solvents and ecstasy.

Legal Drugs

Include tobacco, alcohol and tranquillizers.

Customs officers only find between 15 to 20 % of drugs entering the USA and Western Europe.

The two most important drug - growing areas are Latin America and South-East Asia .People there depend on money from their drug crops.

Thousands of drug-addicts die every year. Some die from drugs themselves, others die from AIDS. This is because they use dirty needles or share needles .Drugs are the second biggest business in the world. Only the arms industry is bigger. Is there a solution to the problem? We’ll consider two possible solutions.

  1. Advertising campaigns. They play an important part in the war against drugs. In America there have been several campaigns in recent years. Each one had a message - for example,” Just Say No! “, “Stop the Madness” or “Don’t Do Drugs”. A lot of movie and pop stars took part in these campaigns.

In Britain some anti - drugs campaigns have tried to shock young people. They showed how heroin, for example, can completely destroy addicts’ lives or how dirty needles spread AIDS.

Others have been less dramatic. The slogan for one in Scotland was “Choose life, not drugs. Be all you can be”. This focused on pictures of healthy independent young people – not the problems of addicts.

  1. Education.

As well as advertising, education is also vital in the fight against drugs .Many schools have a drug – education programs for children as young as 8 or 9. Programs like these include books, videos and cassettes. Some schools even arrange visits of ex-addicts. One of these is Ted Cooper. He travels around Britain giving teenagers two-hour drug –education lessons. He tells them exactly how addicts live. How they

  • steal money

  • lose their friends

  • hurt their families

  • are cheated by dealers

  • destroy their heath.

That’s the truth”, says Ted, “and don’t glamorize it’.

9. Discussion

So, you see the actuality of the problems drugs can cause .

What are the main kinds of drugs?

Where do drugs come from?

Can they all be found by customs officers? Why do people grow drugs in Latin America and South Eastern Asia?

Why do thousands of drugs addicts die every year?

Who profits from drugs?

What are main solutions of the problem of drugs?

What do you think is more effective?

10. Listening

Old Age

Can you guess the last line of this story?

Andrew Wilson was visiting a home for old people. He went up to an old man, who had a very long white beard and said:

Can I ask how old you are, sir?”

Ninety – six “- replied the old man.

Why do you think you have lived so long?” asked Andrew.

I don’t smoke. I don’t drink beer or wine “

At the other side of the room Andrew saw a man who looked older. He went up to the man and asked politely:

Can I ask how old you are, sir?”

Ninety – nine “,-replied the old man.

Why do you think you have lived so long? - asked Andrew .

I don’t smoke or drink. And I am not married”-he said.

A nurse came into the room. She was pushing a very, very old man in a wheelchair. Andrew said to the man:

Can I ask how old you are, sir?”

One hundred and ten years old.”- replied the old man.

Why do you think you have lived so long?”- asked Andrew.

I don’t smoke or drink. I am not married and I never eat meat.”

In the corner of the room Andrew saw a very, very, very old man. He had no hair, no teeth and he could not see or hear very well.

Why do you think you have lived so long, sir?” -Andrew asked.

I smoke forty cigarettes every day, I drink five bottles of wine. I have twenty children .I only eat meat and chocolate. I never eat fruit”.

Andrew was very surprised and said: ’’ And how old are you , sir?”

The man said slowly, “I am 35”

As you see drinking and smoking ruins people’s health, reduces people’s lives.

11. Now, look at the blackboard .These famous people have used drugs.

Bob George – heroin.

Liz Taylor – alcohol.

Lisa Minnelli - tranquilizers.

Don Johnson – alcohol and cocaine.

Eric Clapton – heroin.

And I’d like to finish with a quotation-” I don’t take drugs because I want to be in control of my life “(Madonna)

III. Summing up.

Today we discussed the two vital problems of humanity: alcohol and drugs. You know the danger of becoming addicts and must do everything to avoid it. There are lots of other things nowadays to enjoy. Our health is a magnificent temple and we are to decide either to be healthy or to ruin our life. It’s our world. Be careful to your health when you are young. Healthy life is the most precious thing .Value it.

At home you are to make a poster for anti – drugs campaign and prepare a story about bad habits of people.

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