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Урок на тему "Свободное время"(6 класс)

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Тема: Занятия в свободное время

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Ход урокa

1 Организационный момент

Good morning boys and girls!

I am glad to see you.

How are you?

So today we’re going to speak about what you like to do when you have free time.

2 Фонетическая зарядка

Are you good at acting?

Are you good at playing?

Don’t be lazy,

Don’t be crazy!

What’s your plan?

Do as much as you can!

3 Now answer my questions:

What do you like to do when you have free time and why?

What are you good at?

Can you play board games?

Do you like different activities?

Do you prefer activity holiday?

Do you play any musical instrument?

4 Активизация лексических навыков

Look at the blackboard and say what word is correct:

-board Judy is fond of reading…

-drama How often do you…friends?

-boring Mary Ann is interested in

-meet Paul is joined the club.

-novels They don’t like doing puzzles.

-literature I don’t like swimming. Its

-jigsaw Does he love games?

4 Активизация грамматических навыков.

Настоящее простое и Настоящее длительное время.

Well let’s do the test where you should underline the correct item.

Take the cards .

But now let’s name the verbs that can’t be used in Present Continuous: to love, to see, to know, to like, to think, to want, to recognize, to have.

1 Rupert is cooking/ cooks dinner now.

2 I am visiting/visit friends every weekend

3 She is learning/learns to windsurf today

4 Rachel and Tim are playing/ play Scrabble on Sunday.

5 Are you visiting/ Do you visit them this weekend?

6 Now I know/am knowing her favourite game.

7 My sister meets/is meeting her classmates every day.

8 Emily is having a bath/ has a bath this evening.

9 Now he has/is having a brother.

10 Do you recognize/Are you recognizing them?

5 And now let’s do the ex.6,p.51 Open the brackets:

Jimmy (go) jogging very often.

He (play) football on Mondays.

Sometimes he (read) books

He never (play) Monopoly.

He (think) it’s boring.

Jimmy (meet) Alice on Monday and they (surf) the Net.

His brother (have) a shower now.

His sister Kim (have) a good time now.

6 Активизация навыков аудирования с использованием активной лексики.

Listen to the CD and then answer the questions to the text in written form.

My friend Karen

My friend Karen is a very busy person. When she’s not doing her homework or studying, she’s out having fun. On Tuesdays, she goes swimming after school. She practices a lot, because she’s in the school team. Then, on Wednesdays, she goes to music club. On Thursdays, she meets her friends for a coffee in town. Then, on Fridays, she goes to the cinema or plays scrabble with her sister. At the weekend, Karen always spends time with her family. She usually helps her mother around the house and sometimes her dad takes her windsurfing.

1. When does Karen meet her friend?

2. What does she do on Wednesdays?

3. What school team does Karen belong to?

4. Which board game does Karen like to play?

5. What activity does Karen do with her dad?

6.When does she meet her friends?

7. When does she go to the cinema?

7 Заключительный этап урока.

Now our lesson is over.

Thank you very much for your work.

Write down your homework : ex.6,p 49.

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