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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Урок на тему "Здоровье"
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  • Иностранные языки

Урок на тему "Здоровье"


Донецкая общеобразовательная школа I-III ступеней №21



Подготовила и провела

Мартынова Н.М.

учитель английского языка


Тема урока Здоровье

Задачи урока Активизировать употребление лексики по

данной теме, формировать умение в

использовании речевых стратегий в

монологических и диалогических


Развивать у учащихся навыки восприятия

иностранной речи на слух, познавательный

интерес, внимание, умение учебного

сотрудничества при выполнении работы в


Формировать здоровый образ жизни.

Оборудование Текст для аудирования “A Happy man”,

crossword, prompts for pair work.



T. How are you today?

P1. I am OK because the weather is good today. As for me, I can't stand bad

weather. It influences my mood. I become sad, not active.

P2. Oh, I'm fantastic because I'm having an Eng­lish lesson now. To tell the truth,

English is my favourite subject. I am crazy about it. I like to speak English, sing

English songs and I wait for English lessons with great impatience.

P3.I feel great because I have my birthday today. It's the best day of the year. I like

it because of many unex­pected presents. Moreover, my parents try to do every­

thing possible to make it unusual. It's so interesting and thrilling...

P4. I'm doing well because it's spring now. First flow­ers, tiny leaves, the blue sky

and fresh green grass… . Isn't it beautiful? It's so cute that I can't but like it.

Before listening activity.

Discussing the question.

What do you think you need to have to be happy?

2. While listening

Listen to a story and say if you agree with its message.


Once upon a time there lived a king, who was very ill. Many doctors visited him,

but the king got worse instead of better. At last they called a famous doctor from

another country.

The doctor looked at the king and said: "Your Majesty! There is only one thing that

can help you".

"What is that?" asked the king.

"You must sleep for one night in the shirt of a happy man," said the doctor.

So, the king ordered to find a happy man. Firstly, they went to the richest man in

the city and asked him if he was a happy man.

"Happy!" He said. "Oh, no. I have a lot of problems. How can I be happy?"

Then they went to the king's minister and asked the same question.

"Don't be silly," he said. "Our enemies are trying to make war on us. The workers

demand more money.

The rich have money, but don't want to pay. Can I be a happy man?"

So, they looked for a happy man everywhere, but in vain.

On their way home they saw a poor man. He had no home, no food, but he smiled

and sang songs. They asked him if he was happy. He was really happy and they

couldn't believe their ears. "We want your shirt," they said. The man said, "I'm

sorry, gentlemen, but I haven't got my own shirt."

3. Post- listening activity

Multiple choice questions.

1. What was the king's condition?

  1. He was OK.

  2. He was happy.

  3. He was ill.

2. Whom was he visited by?

  1. By the queen.

  2. By the ministers.

  3. By the doctor.

3. What did a doctor from another country advice him to do?

  1. To travel.

  2. To laugh and sing.

  3. To sleep in a shirt of a happy man.

4. Whom did his men visit first?

  1. The richest man in the city.

  2. A famous doctor.

  3. The poorest man.

5. Why wasn't their visit a success?

  1. Because the man was ill.

  2. Because the man was unhappy.

  3. Because the man was busy.

6. What did they ask the minister about?

  1. His work.

  2. His health.

  3. His happiness.

7. What was the poor man doing?

  1. He was working. .

  2. He was singing songs.

  3. He was counting money.

8. Why couldn't the man give them a shirt?

  1. He didn't have it.

  2. He didn't want to give.

  3. He didn't like wearing shirts.

4. Discussion.

T.They say "Happiness makes the world go round". Do you agree with this?

By the way, what is happiness to you?

Sample answers.

Happiness is

...having a lot of faithful friends;

...having everything we wish;

...having a good and friendly family;

...having a brother or a sister; .

...getting good marks;

...having hobbies;

...having a pet;

...having exciting trips to other places and countries;

...having good health.


T: Well, as Ann has just told us “Happiness is having good health.” To be happy means to be healthy. It is the most important thing in the world, but unfortunately, "Health is not valued till illness comes," an English proverb says. And nowadays we have a lot of problems concerning our health. Can you name them?

(Students speak about health problems.)

P1. You are quite right. There arc a lot of problems facing humanity nowadays.

But on the top of them is the problem of health. Scientists in many countries are

worried about what is happening. We can't breathe fresh air, drink clean water, eat

fruits and vegetables without nitrates, and simply lie on the grass. Everything is

polluted. How can we be healthy?

P2. I am all for it. We pollute the air we breathe. Everybody can see the smoke

coming out of factories and plant chimneys. Everyone smells the gas from cars

and buses. They add tons of poison to the atmosphere every day.

P3. I stick to your opinion! And I'd like to mention one more problem — it's our

sewage system. It pol­lutes rivers and lakes, seas and oceans. Fish can't live in

them and people can't swim there. Even oceans are being polluted.

P4. It stands to reason that everything is being pol­luted — water, soil, air...

Naturally, people are falling ill. That's why the problem of health is so burning.

But we want to live, play, sing, laugh, dance, love.

P5. Yes, we want to live and not to die;

We want to laugh and not to cry;

We want to feel the summer sun;

We want to sing when life is fun.

P6. We want to fly into the blue;

We want to swim as fishes do;

We want to stretch our friendly hands

To all the young of other lands.

P7. We want to fight for what is right;

We want to laugh and not to cry;

We want to live and not to die;

We want to be happy, gay and light.

P8. Really, health is the most important thing in our life. We can't buy it for

money, that's why wc should take care of it and keep it. When we are healthy, we

are strong, active and full of energy. We are always in a good mood.

P9. I fully agree with you. No one in his good health can seriously believe that

health is the only thing that really matters. Yet, with age health becomes the most

frequent topic. .


T. Unfortunately, children spend much time in front of computers that affect their

health. Let's speak about this. Discuss the following questions in pairs using the

prompts below.

  1. Is our life possible without computers?

  2. Are computers popular with people?

  3. Do you have a computer?

  4. Do you play computer games every day?

  5. Why do you need a computer?

...to play computer games;

...to listen to music;

...to prepare reports;

...to make new friends with the help of the Internet;

...to write compositions;

...to translate texts;

...to find information you need;

...to use it as an electronic vocabulary.

7. Give a piece of advice to your peer on computer safety.


Never sit too close to a computer screen. It's very bad for your eyes. Remember to

look away from the screen from time to time. This gives your eyes a rest. As for

the window, it should be on your left or your right, not directly behind the screen.

T. Well, health is a great thing. But to our great regret, sometimes we fall ill. Who

can help us? What is a doctor?

Sample answers.

A doctor is a person who

...treats people when they are ill.

...helps people to get well. Etc.


  1. A person who is ill.

  2. Where do we go if we are ill?

  3. A person who treats our eyes.

  4. A person who performs operations.

  5. A person who helps a doctor to treat us.

  6. A place where we buy medicine.

  7. What kind of doctor do we go to if we have a tooth­ache?

9. Summing up.

10. Homework. Write the information on the proverb “Health is above wealth”


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