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Урок на тему "Здоровый образ жизни"(7 класс)

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Тема: Здоровый образ жизни


Тип урока: Нестандартный. Урок – соревнования.

Блок: проверки и коррекции

Форма: групповая

Цель: осознание знания здорового образа жизни на уроках английского языка


  1. Обобщить лексико-грамматический материал циклов 1-4. проконтролировать усвоение ранее пройденных речевых структур;

  2. Воспитание культуры общения на уроке средствами английского языка;

  3. Развивать навыки монологической и диалогической речи и познавательные особенности. Расширение знаний учащихся о стране изучаемого языка.

Оснащение: силуэт человека, витамины в качестве баллов, карта игры с кубиком, иллюстрации с оздоровительными программами, карточки с буквами, карточки о Лэри, кубик, витамины «Дуавит».

Класс делится на две команды капитаны команды (учащиеся ПУС)

Ход урока:

I. Организационный момент.

- Good morning, students. I’m very glad to see you in a good temper. I wish you stay these way for ever. So you see that I divided your grow into 2 teams. As we’ll have an unusual lesson which is call “Wellness life style”. We’ll do some tasks and exercises, play…

II. Введение в сюжет урока

- But all these tasks are prepared by a guest. And now you will guess who it is and get your first score. A person who treats people in the hospital is… (a doctor). (Команда угадавшая загадку получает свой первый балл). Today decided to watch what you usually do for being healthy. So the Doctor Never Ill wants you to get acquainted with his friends Vitamins by doing some exercises and, of course, to see the importance of them to a man. (На доске силуэт человека по мере выполнения заданий к нему прикрепляются желтые листы витамины, на обратной стороне которого учащимся предлагается определенное задание).

III. Основная часть урока:

1. – We’ll begin with vitamin B6 which makes your brains be active.

So, there is a task. Guess the words by its definitions. You will get vitamin B6 for every word.

Цель: Аудирование диалогической речи по теме Health. Развитие памяти, внимания и быстроты мышления. Повышение мотивации к уроку.

1. The illness and students when have it don’t go to school (the flu)

2. Something you drink when you are ill to feel better (medicine).

3. Early to bed, early to rise. Makes the man…, wealthy and wise (healthy)

4. Synonym of the word ill (sick).

5. Something which shows how hot or cold a person is (thermometer).

6. To look carefully at someone’s body to see if a person is healthy (examine).

7. A doctor usually writes it out (prescription).

8. When you are sick, you usually go to the doctor to get… (treatment).

9. Someone who is ill in the hospital and is going to be examined by a doctor (patient).

2. – The next vitamin is A, it’s useful for your eyes. Let’s see the task. Play a game with a dice. We need one student from each team. Go to the blackboard (на доске таблица). You see a map there. Now you will throw a dice (the more the better) one by one. You will read the task and translate it. Who gets to number 20 is the winner. Let’s begin.

Цель: контроль усвоения речевых структур по теме “Health” через игру с переводными упражнениями. (Приложение №1).

5 баллов получает команда выигравшая

3 балла команда проигравшая

        1. You have a headache. Lie down. Miss a turn.

        2. You have cut your thumb. Look for a band-aid. Miss a turn.

        3. You feel dizzy. Go back to 2.

        4. You ate 6 pancakes and now feel sick. Miss a turn.

        5. You go swimming. You feel well. Roll again.

        6. You break your arm and go to the hospital. Miss two turns.

        7. You exercise for half an hour. Go to 14.

        8. You go for a run. Go on to 16.

        9. You missed a meal. Go bask to 14.

        10. You fall off you bike. Go bask to 11.

        11. You refuse candy! Jump ahead to 19.

        12. Winner.

3. You worked well, but we have the next vitamin which is vitamin B12. Task is to work computer upon the dialogue. Now sit down to computers, open a program “Health”, read, listen and try to remember the words of dialogue.

Цель: Формирование умения самостоятельной работы с учебными программами английского языка с использованием компьютерных технологий.

4. – So let’s see how you understood and remember the dialogue by playing this situation. We need a student from each team. Please, begin.

Цель: Восстановление диалога (с элементом юмора) через ролевую игру. Привить учащимся навыки культурного обучения через работу над развитием диалогической речи.

5 баллов – лучшему учащемуся, восстановившему диалог

3 балла – команде соперника

(St1: a doctor; St2: a patient)

Неожиданный диагноз. (Приложение №2)

5. – It was funny. But let’s continue. Next vitamin is vitamin E. it’s useful for skin. Let’s see the task. Listen and answer the questions of your classmate.

Активизация работы консультанта на уроке (учащиеся ПУС) через страноведческую справку и проведение игры.

Цель: Аудирование справки консультанта оздоровительных программах в Великобритании.

Справка: - Nearly every day the problems of health and fitness is discussed on TV in Britain. That’s why there are a lot of fitness programs. Look at the pictures and try to remember

A” A health food shop

B” There now spas in most big cities in Britain

C” All British towns have a gym

D” Women and men can come to clubs to lose weight

E” Mane people in Britain go jogging before and after work.

F” Many films stars have their own fitness videos.

G” A vegetarian restaurant in London

- Now I’ll read some facts about the Philips family and you’ll try to connect it with one of these picture on the blackboard. Then you will raze a letter of this picture. If it is right you’ll get a vitamin E.

  1. Olga went there and lost 5 kilograms in weight

  2. Mary thinks it is too hot

  3. Mark goes there to do exercises

  4. Paul buys a keep – fit video every time

  5. Mary buys vitamin tablets from there

  6. Mark’s girlfriend like to eat there because she doesn’t eat meat

  7. Paul jogs 3 miles every morning

(баллы за каждый правильный ответ)

6. – You were bright. But there is a Vit. C it’s useful for a nose and a task. Make and tell a story about Larry, who never thinks about his health, he just wants to enjoy life. Then we’ll listen it and give points to team who is the first.

Цель: Развитие монологического высказывания.

Текст: Larry is a student. He stays in bed until 10 o’clock in the morning. He eats 4 eggs, toast and jam for breakfast. At 12 o’clock he usually watches news on TV. In summer he likes to sleep in garden and get sun burn. In the afternoon he goes to the cinema with his girlfriend. On weekends he goes to cafes and discos with friends.

7. – OK. It was interesting to listen a story about Lazy Larry. But we still have some Vitamins, it’s Vit.D is for you bone. The task is for the ladders of your team. Go to the blackboard. You will have to argue with each other. You Nikita will try to prove that “Fitness and good health are the most important things in life”. And Kirill will prove that “Fun and enjoyment are the most important things”. For every statement you will get a point, but you have just 5 minutes. Begin, please. (St1 – St2, St1 – St2).

Цель: Осознание значения ЗОЖ через дебаты. Формирование индивидуального мнения. Развитие диалогической речи.

8. – Well student, you did you best. Now your h/t. it was to make a poster on theme “Wellness lifestyle”. And now you will show why you chose this or that emblem for your poster (с каждой команды 1 учащийся)

Цель: Развитие монологического высказывания и творческих способностей через элемент проектной работы составления открытки.

IV. Итог урока:

- We have done all the tasks of Doctor “Never Ill”. And now he wants you count the points which your team got .

Выявление победителей и поощрения.

Our doctor wants your drink these vitamins every day.


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