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Урок-обобщение "Добро пожаловать в Россию"

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МБОУ Малокирсановская сош им. дважды Героя Советского Союза П.С.Кутахова


«Добро пожаловать в Россию» .

Welcome to Russia.

Welcome to the village of  Malokirsanovka.


Урок английского языка в 7 классе.

                                        Тип урока:

        обобщающий с элементами введения нового материала



      актуализация навыков монологической  и диалогической речи;

      активизация  лексических  и произносительных навыков;

      совершенствование навыков чтения, аудирования.


      развивать творческие способности и познавательный интерес у учащихся к русской культуре;

     развитие способности работы с различными источниками информации (учебники, книги, энциклопедии и т.д.).


       воспитывать у учащихся чувство прекрасного и уважения к культуре своего народа;

       помочь каждому учащемуся идентифицировать себя как представителя великого этноса.

     пополнять свои знания в русской истории и географии.

Оснащение урока:

       Mультимедийный проектор, компьютер, учебник, картинки.

                                                  Ход урока


I. Начало урока.  Приветствие. Постановка цели.

 T. Good morning, dear children & dear guests.  We are glad to see you at our lesson . Welcome to Russia.Welcome to the village of  Malokirsanovka . Every year a lot of people visit Russia .Our country is fantastic. Many tourists from different countries have a great wish to see Russia. Try to persuade  them to visit our native land while they are sightseeing in Russia .

II. Речевая подготовка проводится в режиме T-P1, P-2, P-3.

There  are so  many different reasons for travelling to Russia Try to name some of them ( Word Web)


 to meet people                                         to practice speaking Russian                           to see the beautiful

                                                                                                                                               Russian country-side


 to see the sights of  Russian                     Why travel to Russia                              to take part in a                                                                                                                                                                                                               celebration                                                                                                                           


to buy souvenirs                                  to learn about the history of Russia          to visit new places

You see expressions  which can help you to describe our country to foreign visitors or your pen pals. Pay attention to them. And now make the sentences using this words.

For example: We took part in Victory Day celebrations


                                            III .   The First Project.

                                                Holidays in Russia.

P1. There are some special dates and events in life of our country. The most important of them are Victory Day,  Constitution Day, Independence  Day, New Year s Day, Christmas, Easter.

P2. They are national holidays. The main holiday for our country is Victory Day. It is celebrated on the 9 of May.  We mark the anniversary of the Victory over the fascism in the Great Patriotic War.

P3.  Some holidays are of religious origin. They are Christmas and Easter.

 In Russia Christmas is celebrated on the 7 th  January. At Christmas people meet the birth of Jesus Christ.  Easter symbolizes the rebirth of  Jesus Christ.  It is the holiday of the life & spring

                                          IV .    The Second  Project.


 P1.Moscow is the capital of  the Russian Federation. It is one of the biggest & most beautiful cities in the world. With a population of more than 13 million people, it is the biggest city of Russia. With its magnificent buildings and romantic atmosphere it’s really a living museum.

P2. It was founded in 1147 by Yuriy Dolgorukiy (slaid). Moscow is an industrial & cultural & political centre .There a lot of theatres, museums, institutes, libraries, cinemas in Moscow.  Moscow is the heart of our country. It is loved by Moskovites & Russians & foreigners. By the way, what sights of our capital would you like to recommend to the  foreigners.

Look at the pictures , please.

P3. The Kremlin, Red Square, state Moscow University, the  Moscow Metro,  the Central Stadium in Luzhniki, Gorkiy Cetntral Park, the Bolshoy Theatre,  the Tretyakov Gallery, The Pushkin Fine Art Museum.

T . Now you know some new  facts about Moscow. Please say why do people visit our country

P1, P2,P3,P4.

Moscow is the heart of our country,  but we are the patriots of  Malokirsanovka, aren`t we ?


 V. The Third  Project. The village of  Malokirsanovka.

 P1. The village of Malokirsanovka has got deep historical roots.  But it is constantly changing to the best. Our guests say that our village has picturesque landscapes.

P2. The cultural level of the population has risen considerably. Children study in our Malokirsanovskaya .school  by name of  the twice Hero of  Soviet Union Pavel Stepanovich  Kutakhov.  We thanked  Kutakhov for his attention. to our school,  for his help to our village. A Palace of  Culture was  built by his help.

P3.  In 80 –s there was  built  a memorial devoted  to  P.S. Kutakhov –the Marshall of Aviation of the Soviet Union Aviation Forces.

P4. There is a beautiful historic-cultural complex in our village.  It includes A Motherland  Monument,  tombs of  the soldiers’    dead in  the Great Patriotic War,  Kutakhov s  memorial  &    amazing  alley with magnificent downstairs  & bright lamps &  quiet   park.

P5. We   are greatly proud of  our  historic-cultural complex  in our village.

VI .  Аудирование.        The Fourth  Project.

T. Malokirsanovka is   a реaceful place. It has many sights & its history is very rich . Let`s watch some pfotos  about Malokirsanovska.  Which views of  Malokirsanovska does this film suggest  seeing.

 As the road takes you to Malokirsanovka, a picturesque panorama of the river Mokryi Elanchik is opened to you. You can see vast water meadows, pine-trees woods & village on the both left & right sides of the river. The river Mokryi Elanchik is now very shallow. But a long ago some Peter the First ships boated there.

 Describe  our village. Use the following  words.                                                                                  

beautiful-красивый                                              small –маленький

quiet  -      тихий                                                   large  -  огромный

реaceful  -  мирный                                              vast  -бескрайний

noisy  -    шумный                                                famous  -  известный

ancient  -  древний                                                big  -  большой

historical  -  исторический                                   bright  -  яркий

wild  -  дикий                                                        various  - многообразный

amazing  -  изумительный,                                  magnificent  - великолепный

impressive  -  впечaтляющий                              romantic  -  романтичный

VII .  Now you  know a lot of interesting  &  various facts about Russia, Moscow, our village. Complete the table below, using your knowledge, received on the lesson.


   In Moscow

In Malokirsanovka

1.The Kremlin


1.The Kutahkov Memorial















  Thank you  for  attention. You had a small rest.   Did you enjoy our lesson?




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