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Урок "Our planet is - Earth

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A plan of the lesson

Grade: 8 “a”

Length of the lesson : 45 minutes.

Theme: “Our planet – the Earth”

Teaching aids: text, cards, picture, tape-recorder, black board.

Aims : To give students information the types of preposition of the place and their usage of the English grammar, and to enhance students’ viewpoint by providing information about planet and the earth. Developing students’ cognitive mechanisms ( perception, memory, thinking and its operations) as well as speaking, listening, writing, reading skills.


  • To make students to be able to use prepositions of the place.

  • To enhance pupils’ knowledge in sphere of geography.


  • Forming skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking.


To develop pupils’ ability in critical thinking and memory.


  • To encourage students’ confident to share their experiences about the planet and the earth.

  • To develop speaking skills through doing exercises for answering to the questions.

  • To develop students’ listening skills through doing exercise in order to practice prepositions.

  • To develop students’ listening skills bye hearing the video.

  • To develop students’ skills with the help of working in a group by using activities of competition.

  • To revise vocabulary.

Procedure of the lesson.


Teacher’s activity

Student’s activity


  • Introduction

2. Main part.

3. Conclusion.

1.Organizational moment.


2.Checking the home task.


4. Presentation of new theme “Our planet – the Earth”

5. Grammar exercises.

6. Speaking.

7. Consolidation of new the material.

8. Evaluation; Home assignment.

9. Home task.

10. The end of the lesson.

Greeting pupils. Introducing of the teacher.

-Good afternoon, pupils!

-How are you, today?

-Who is on duty today?

-What is the date today?

-What is the weather like today?

-Who is absent?

-Please sit down.

-Pupils, let’s to check your home task.

-What was your home task for today?

-Your home task was exercise 3 on page 148.

Now I will give you some interesting questions. Teacher gives riddle students and they must find the answer.

Touch your face,
I'm in your words,
I'm lack of space,
and beloved by birds.

( Air)

And also this poem you have studied and I want that you to remember it now. Let’s start:

The Cat with a smile

The cat with a smile
Will wait for a while,
Cleaning its paws
And sharpening its claws,
Though for what I don’t know –
Perhaps it’s just show?

If there’s a mouse nearby
Perhaps it should go 

-New vocabulary.

Next to – қасында; In front of- тура алдында; Under- астында; Walk back- оралу; Opposite – қарама қарсы; On the corner of – бұрышта

Let’s discuss this video. What did you understand in this video?

What kind of objects are there related to our planet in this video?

Are they very interesting? How do you think?

Now we are going to learn how to use prepositions related to the place. What are differences in their usage in English language?

A preposition is a word which precedes a noun (or a pronoun) to show the noun's (or the pronoun's) relationship to another word in the sentence. (The word preposition comes from the idea of being positioned before. It is not true to say that a preposition always precedes a noun or a pronoun, but it does most of the time.)

The following are all prepositions: above, about, across, against, along, among, around, at, before, behind, below…

Now you will do some practice relating to prepositions.

-Now, I will give you some questions you should answer them. We will speak on planet and the earth. You must speak about various objects and their location, inhabitation, condition, in the earth.

-Now I will show you picture you should make a short story from it. The picture of course about the earth – our country. You see, there are various geographical areas . You should describe them and write additional information about them.

- Do you understand new theme?

- Do you have any questions?

Putting a mark for every pupil.

5- Excellent.

4- Good.

3- Satisfactory.

2- Unsatisfactory.

At home you should learn new words and compile 10 sentences.

-Thank you for your today participation. Lesson is over. Now you are free! Goodbye till next lesson!

2 min

8 min

4 min

2 min

5 min

5 min

5 min

2 min

2 min

Teacher : Nauryzbayev Aidyn

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