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Урок- панорама идей «Школа моей мечты»

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Приложение 1

Лексика к уроку.

As a rule

In general

But what about

The exception is

To bully




Public school

State school


Boarding school

All-boys school






The rich

To do lines



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Приложение 2

Going to school.


to become smarter/ to have good teachers/ to study interesting subjects/ to learn new things/ to leave a lot of friends/ to have interesting school traditions/ to take part in school activities/ to enjoy school life.


to get up early/ to do a lot of home work/ to be tired/ to have no time for watching TV (playing computer games)/ to have many test/ receive (get) bad marks.


for Teachers:

  • should give students only good marks ;

  • shouldn’t give their students much homework;

  • should listen to student;

  • should be democratic;

  • should be strict;

  • should have a good sense of humour;

  • should treat students with respect;

  • shouldn’t give bad marks to students;

  • should teach their students very well;

  • shouldn’t give test to students;

  • should make students happy.

for Students:

  • should choose the subjects to study;

  • keep discipline;

  • listen to their teachers;

  • discuss problems with their teachers;

  • have/wear (no) special uniform;

  • shouldn’t wear a uniform;

  • should do whatever they like;

  • shouldn’t be noisy at the lesson;

  • should be creative, have a good sense of humour;

  • should cooperate with other students;

  • do homework;

  • shouldn’t do speak at the lesson;

  • should make their teachers happy;

  • should respect other students;

  • get good marks;

  • shouldn’t play with mobile phone at the lesson (shouldn’t bring mobile phone );

  • may run, jump in the corridor during the break.

School uniform.


  • is compulsory;

  • it unites students;

  • it should be in fashion;

  • it shouldn’t be very expensive;

  • every school should have its own uniform.

For example:

Girls should wear…

Boys should wear…


  • students shouldn’t wear a uniform, because students look alike;

  • we shouldn’t wear clothes we don’t like.

  • school uniform is expensive;

  • it is not becoming for everybody.

School. (здание)

  • to be compulsory for everybody;

  • to be a modern building;

  • to have large and airy classrooms;

  • to have some computer- classes;

  • to have a gymnasium/ a library/ a good dining-room/ a swimming-pool/ a school TV-center/ a greenhouse- to grow flowers/ to have good workshops- to study T.D./ a school café/ to have many computers;

  • to have a sports ground for P.E. lessons;

  • to have a school bus for excursion;

  • to have the radio at school;

  • to have a school park;

  • there are clubs for students;

  • bedrooms for juniour students (small children);

  • there should be a shower in the gymnasium.


Students should go to school 5 days a week. On Sat. & Sunday students don’t go to school. Students choose subjects to study Russian, Liter., Maths, English, I , T, D, T are compulsory subjects. Students choose to study History or Geography, Physics or Chemistry, Music or Art, D. & Techn. Lessons should start at …

Students should have 5-… lessons.

Lessons last 40 minutes.

There are breaks of 15 min after every lesson. There is a long break for lunch after the 3d lesson

для 7 класса.


















Music/ Art








Lunch Break 30 minutes







D. T

D. T







Music/ Art/ Sport/ dancing/ body-building

School year should start in September and be over in April (4 months holidays).

Students should go on excursions on weekends.


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Приложение 3

Our school.

Our school is the best

And teachers are good there.

We go to school not to rest

But to learn clever thoughts and ideas.

Many subjects are taught in our school.

They are Literature, English,

Biology, Physical Education in the gym

History and Information technology.

Some pupils don’t like school

But they are really few

They have to know a good rule:

Learning is not easy thing to do.

Floors in school are clean

Air in classes is cool

How here is good

Therefore I love my school.

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Приложение 4


Marina (Russia):

I think a perfect school is a brightly decorated building. You can study any subject you like. Teachers talk to their students as if they are grown-ups, individuals.

Students are allowed to talk freely about their problems in school or at home. Students are allowed to come to school whenever they want. The rules in the school should be democratic: neither strict nor too free.

It would be also nice to have a school news-paper and school radio. The radio can be used not only for reporting news but also for the concerts prepared by the most talented students.


Alfred (Norway):

The perfect school should start at 11 o’clock. Teachers should understand our problems and listen to the ideas we have. No school uniform and special haircuts!

The breaks should be longer then now. No boring subjects like Science or History. Students should only study the subjects they really enjoy. They shouldn’t worry about tests and marks: if they don’t know much – it’s their personal business.


George (New Zealand):

My perfect school is much like the school I study in. However some things could be changed. I’d like our teachers and students treat each other with more respect.

Discipline should be quite strict but punishments shouldn’t be very severe.

I think some subjects such as Geography, History, Art and Drama should be only studied by students who are interested in them. These subjects have nothing to do with real life. I think they are useless and boring.

I prefer the subjects that prepare us for the life outside school.

I’m sure school should still be compulsory.

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Приложение 5


1. Some students’ ideas about a perfect school are listed below. Read the list and tick the ideas you agree with:

  • Be a brightly decorated building.

  • Be a modern building.

  • Offer any subjects students are interested in.

  • Have no boring and useless subjects.

  • Prepare for real life.

  • Talk freely to teachers.

  • Discuss any problems openly.

  • Listen to students’ opinion.

  • Understand students’ problems.

  • Treat each other with respect.

  • Have no tests.

  • Have no special uniform.

  • Allow students have their own newspaper and radio.

  • Be compulsory.

  • Be strict and discipline.

2. Think of a perfect school. Write your own proposals. Share your ideas with other students. Don’t forget about:

  • building;

  • timetable;

  • teacher- student relations.


Название документа #U041f#U0440#U0438#U043b#U043e#U0436#U0435#U043d#U0438#U0435 6.doc

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Приложение 6



  1. If all children must go to school to get secondary education, it means that secondary education is… . In Russia, Britain, Australia and in most developed countries secondary education is… .

  2. A person getting education either at school or University.

  3. Process of getting knowledge; can be secondary or higher, paid or free.

  4. The synonym of the verb “visit” in the phrase “to visit classes”.

  5. A task to write some sentence many times (used as a kind of punishment).

  6. A school subject.


  1. A school subject. Most students think that it is difficult but interesting.

<Рисунок 1>


  1. compulsory

  2. student

  3. education

  4. attend

  5. lines

  6. history

  7. mathematics

Название документа #U0421#U0442#U0430#U0442#U044c#U044f.DOC.doc

Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

Тема урока: «We’d like to study in a Perfect School».

Задачи урока:

  1. Обеспечить использование и закрепление лексико-грамматического материала по теме «School Life» в серии речевых упражнений.

  2. Развивать умение кратко высказываться в связи с ситуацией общения, используя аргументацию и выражая свое отношение к предмету речи:

  • рассказать о своем представлении об идеальной школе;

  • выразить свое согласие (несогласие) с предметом обсуждения;

  • участвовать в дискуссии по предложенной проблеме.

  1. Обучать учащихся кратко передавать основную информацию прочитанного текста с использованием лингвистических средств, содержащихся в нем.

  2. Развивать творческие способности учащихся; составить школьное расписание; предложить модель школьной формы и т.п.

  3. Развивать умение выполнять индивидуальные и коллективные задания на английском языке и излагать результаты работы на английском языке.


книга (учебник К.И.Кауфман, М.Ю.Кауфман «Happy English.ru» - 7 класс),

компьютеры, карточки со словами, фишки, стаканчики, картинки по теме школа, раздаточный материал.

Ход урока:

  1. Организация класса.

Сообщение целей, задач и плана работы на уроке.

а) беседа TCl

Т: Good morning, boys and girls! How are you?

P1: I’m fine.

P2: I’m Ok.

P3: I’m so-so.

T: What day is it today?

P1: It is Friday.

T: What date is it today?

P2: It is the 17th of March.

T: Are you ready to work?

Cl: Yes, we are.

T: Today on the 17th of March…What are we speaking about?

P1: We’d like to study in a Perfect School.

b) T: Are you happy to be at school to day? Why? +


T: I see you like your school.

Мы знаем много об английской школе, русской школе.

Everybody dreams of studying at perfect school.

  1. Обучение лексической стороне речи.

T: To speak about perfect school we need some words. (Warming up)

[1]→ стр. 113,121→лексика (приложение 1)


  1. Обучение основным коммуникативным умениям.

Работа в режиме TP1,P2,P3

Т: What do you know about English school?

What types of school are there in the UK?

What are public (private) schools?

Who studies at public school?

What are the most famous public schools?

Are public schools expensive? Prove it (Eton).

Do they wear a uniform?

What subjects do they study?

  1. Обучение говорению.

Панорама идей: «We’d like to study at a Perfect School».

T: Whether you study in the UK or in Russia, everybody dreams of a perfect (ideal) school.

T: What do you think of ∫ when we speak of school?

Brainstorm (запись плана на доске): P1P2P3


  1. Building

  2. Teachers ∫ students

  3. Time- table

  4. Uniform

  5. Activities

T: Listen to ideas about perfect school and say if you would like to study at this school, give evaluation to your classmates.

(используются стаканчики с именами и фишки для оценки учащихся; оценка от 1 до 3)

  1. Выступление учащихся по плану.

(приложение 2)

T: Would you like to study at this school? Why?

P1стихотворение «School» (приложение 3)


T: American students have a good sense of humour and make up their rule. Here is one: Do not teach a teacher when a teacher teaches you.

(прочитать→перевести→отработка произношения P1P2)

T: Try to follow this rule. Let’s remember English saying (proverb)

P1: Don’t trouble troubles until trouble troubles you.

  1. Обучение чтению.

T: Let’s see what other students think of a perfect school. (работа с компьютерами) Find some letters received b y e-mail. (приложение 4)

  1. чтение текстов на компьютере (использован материал [2])

  2. послетекстовые задания (задания, дифференцированные по группам)

Outlining (записать основные мысли, идеи)

VIII. Homework:

1)написать о какой школе вы мечтаете, используя материал урока

2) текст

(приложение 5)

IX Подведение итогов урока, подсчет баллов.

T: Let’s score. Who is the winner?

X. Conclusion:

а) T: Lets do puzzle (quiz), using computer

(материал взят из [2])

(приложение 6, рисунок 1)

b)T: There is the bell. Stop here. I think we have nice lesson. Your work was very hard. I’ll give you only good and excellent marks.

Список литературы:

1. учебник К.И.Кауфман, М.Ю.Кауфман «Happy English. ru» - 7 класс

2. учебник М.З.Биболетова, Н.Н.Трубанева «Enjoy English 4»


Название документа #U0422#U0435#U0437#U0438#U0441#U044b.DOC.doc

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Заключительный урок- панорама идей «Школа моей мечты». Для меня большое значение в педагогической деятельности является создание положительного настроя к изучению иностранного языка, когда дети учатся с увлечением и раскрываются потенциальные возможности каждого ребенка. В процессе работы над темой учащимся предлагалось создать собственные презентации на английском языке средствами компьютерных технологий. Занятие проходит в форме защиты проектов учащихся. Это способствует развитию творческих способностей и ведет к повышению эффективности процесса обучения иностранному языку.

Выберите курс повышения квалификации со скидкой 50%:

Краткое описание документа:

Заключительный урок- панорама идей «Школа моей мечты». Для меня большое значение в педагогической деятельности является создание положительного настроя к изучению иностранного языка, когда дети учатся с увлечением и раскрываются потенциальные возможности каждого ребенка. В процессе работы над темой учащимся предлагалось создать собственные презентации на английском языке средствами компьютерных технологий. Занятие проходит в форме защиты проектов учащихся. Это способствует развитию творческих способностей и ведет к повышению эффективности процесса обучения иностранному языку.

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