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Урок Plants in Kazakhstan

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Lesson Plan

Date: The 21st of January

Grade: 7 “b”

Theme: “Plants in Kazakhstan”


  • Educational: To teach new words according to the theme.

  • Developing: Focusing, listening, and speaking, to improve group working.

  • Upbringing: To raise students’ interest in knowing more about Great Britain


  • To practice pupils’ communicative skills by learning new vocabulary

  • To acquire a new theme and learn words

  • To practice grammar with interesting exercises.

Aids: books, pictures, cards

The procedure of the lesson




Organizational moment

T: Good afternoon, children! How are you?

S: Good afternoon teacher. We are fine and you?

T: I’m great! Who is on duty today?

S: I’m on duty today.

T: Who is absent?

S: …

T: What day and what date is it today?

S: Today is Saturday, the 21 st of January.

T: Thank you. Take your seat.

1-2 min


Jumbled letters

Students find the words:

PETRCMOU - computer

ORLFO - floor

IRBYLRA - library

DROCRIOR - corridor

MYGNASUMI- gymnasium

RPOTAIRT- portrait

2-3 min

Checking-up the home task

What was your home task? Are you ready?

3-4 min

Introduction of the new material

Today we start new lesson “Plants in Kazakhstan” Please open your book at page 59. Look at the exercise 2.

20 min

Consolidation of the new material

Pupils do exercise 3 on page 60. Teacher glue the mixed words to the blackboard. Pupils must match them in the correct order. Then turn to the next exercise.

There they should answer to the questions according to the text.

10 min


What have we learned today? Students have more information about plants. They have learned a wide range of vocabulary regarding the topic.

2 min


I’m very glad for your work today. All of you have participated very active. I hope you will be active later too. Your marks are…

5 – Excellent, 4 – Good, 3 – Satisfactory, 2 - Unsatisfactory

1-2 min

Giving home task

T: This is your home task for tomorrow. Ex 7 on page 62 and Ex 8 on page 62. The lesson is over. Thank you and see you next lesson! Good bye!!!

1-2 min

Teacher : Kanatkyzy Madina

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