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Урок по англисскому языку на тему " Can- модаль етістігі "

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пәні: Ағылшын тілі

мұғалім: Жуминова Феризат Нұрлыбаевна

Тақырыбы: Unit 7. I can fly

Lesson Plan


Class: 1

Duration: 45 min.

The theme of the lesson: Unit 7. I can fly.


  1. To teach pupils to talking about ability.

  2. To develop pupils listening, thinking, reading and writing skills.

  3. To bring -up to be friendly.

Type of the lesson: mixed

Method of the lesson: question-answer, dialogue.

Visual aids: Alphabet, Flashcards: bird, ice- cream; CD

Procedure of the lesson:




Material need

I. Organization moment.

- All of you stand up!

- Good morning pupils!

- Good morning, good morning!

Good morning to you

How are you teacher?

We are glad to see you!

- Thank you, I'm glad to see you, too.

- You may sit down!

2 min.

II. Checking-up home work.

- Let's check-up your home work.

- Open your activity book I'll check your home work.

- OK. Who wants to read?

- You please!

- Thank you sit down.

5 min.



- Boys and girls look at the alphabet.

- There are 26 letters in English lesson.

- Repeat after me the letters.

- Well done!

10 min.



New words.

Bird - құс

Ice-cream - балмұздақ

Sky - ауа

Word - сөз

Magic - ғажайып

Fly - ұшу

Say - айту

See - көру

5 min.


New lesson.

- Good morning!/ Hello!

- Come in and sit down.

- Be quiet, please.

- Let's revise from unit 6.

- Let's read the text about Lizzie in Activity 12 on page 45 of the pupil's book.

- Listen to me.

- Look at the pictures and repeat after me.

- bird, Ice-cream.

- What is it?

- It's a bird.

- Write down the words to the copybook.

- Look at the board. Alice, Bertie, Brill, Denzil and Nora.

- Four of them wants to be birds and one wants an ice-cream.

- Guess who wants the ice-cream?

Exercise: 1. Listen and read.

- Open your books at page 48.

- This unit is called I can fly!

- What can fly?

- Birds, parrots.

- Can you fly?

- No!

- Look at the pictures, please.

- I'll give you the outline of the story.

- It is Bertie who wants the ice-cream.

Story outline

After a long run, the gang are at the foot of Magic Mountain. Nora is afraid that Rob and Bob might be following them but there is no sign of them. So the gang all climb to the top of Magic Mountain where Brill has a great surprise for them! If you wish really hard , you can fly.

They close their ice, think about birds and say the magic words 'Magic Mountain, Magic Mountain, I can fly in the sky!' Suddenly they are all up the air, flying. All of them, that is, except Bertie! Bertie is not able to concentrate on flying and is thinking about an ice-cream instead! What a surprise he gets when a huge ice-cream appears in his hand! Meanwhile, Rob and Bob have followed the gang and are watching Bertie from behind a bush. And Bertie has got the key.

- Just now you are going to listen to the story on the CD.

Tape script

Brill: This is Magic Mountain.

Nora: Where are the pirates? I can't see the pirates!

Alice: Come on, Nora. Look at Magic Mountain. The pirates aren't here.

Brill: You can fly on Magic Mountain!

Bertie: Fly? I can't fly. Birds can fly.

Fred: Yes, birds can fly.

Nora: And I can fly.

Denzil: Can you fly?

Nora: Yes, I can.

Brill: Look! Magic Mountain, Magic Mountain. I can fly in the sky! You can do it! You can fly! Say the magic words!

Children, Eddie and Nora: Magic Mountain, Magic mountain! We can fly, in the sky.

Eddie: It's Brilliant.

Alice and Denzil: We can fly! We can Fly!

Bertie: I can't fly An ice-cream?

Rob: I can see the boy.

Bob: And I can see the key.

- I'll read the text, listen to me attentively.

- I'll play the CD, again, listen please.

- Please repeat after me.

10 min



VI. Practice.

- Boys and girls let's do the exercises.

Exercise: Write Yes/ No

- This Activity will test how well you understand.

- Look at the picture of Nora in question 1.

- I can fly.

- You should say Yes if it is true that Nora can fly.

- No, if it isn't true.

- Read question 2.

- Who knows the answer to put your hands up.

- I'll write the answers on the board for you to check your own work.


1. Yes.

2. No.

3. Yes.

4. Yes.

5. No.

10 min.


Home work.

- Boys and girls your home task will be Ex:1. P: 40

Exercise: 1. Match and write. Then copy.


1b 2a 3d 4c

a. I can see the pirates.

b. Birds can fly.

c. I can see the boy.

d. We can fly in the sky!

2 min.



- Your mark...

- Lesson is over!

- Good bye pupils.

1 min.

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