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Урок по англисскому языку на тему повторение " Time. "

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

Out - of- class measure on English language.

Theme: “Golden Autumn.”

Aims: to check the knowledge of students on English language; to develop the

abilities to speak English, creative abilities of pupils; to teach the pupils to

be able to discuss, to find expression in any situation etc.

to teach the pupils to read the poems very expressly, to be able to play the

scenes with the emotions and also with a good pronunciation.

to develop: children’s memory, logical thought, creative abilities,


children’s love of English language, love of nature, native

country, love of arts, music and working.

Visual aids: the stands: “Golden autumn ”, “Kazakhstan ” the crowns of months,

wind etc. carnival costumes; houses for the playing, the tape recorder,

the exhibition of hand- made articles, leaves, vegetables, pumpkin, мультимедиалыќ проектор.

Compare: Good afternoon everybody! Today we’re going to spend great celebrate

dedicated to the one season of the year and also to the holidays which are celebrated in this season. Listen to the poem and guess the season:

This is the season

When days are cool

When we eat apples

And we go to school.

What season is it?

Children: It is autumn.

Compare: Of course it is autumn. Today we shall travel to the golden autumn.

Welcome to the golden autumn, please!

There are twelve months throughout the year

From January to December

The finest month of all the twelve

Is the merry month September.

September : Autumn is the season

When apples are sweet

It is the season

When school friends are meet.

October: Golden in the tree tops,

Golden in the sky,

Golden, Golden, Golden,

October’ s passing by.

November: The summer is over,

The trees are bare

There is mist in the garden

And frost in the air.

Wind: “Come little winds ” said the wind one day

Come over the meadows with me and play

Put on your dresses of read and gold

For summer is gone and days are cold.

Pupil: In the other garden, in all up the vale

From the autumn Bonfires, see the smoke trail

Sing a song of seasons, something bright in all

Flowers in the summer, fires in the fall.

Compare: Thank you very much for your wonderful poems.

Now dear guests you can see a dramatization the poem “Cleaning up the


The autumn leaves are falling down

hello_html_m5d7f67fd.gifFalling down, falling down,

The wind he comes and blows them around

And blows them around, blows them around

Let’s find a brush and start to sweep,

Start to sweep, start to sweep.

And make them into a great big heap

Into a great big heap.

Boy: I like the gray, November day

And bare, dead boughs

That coldly sway

Against my pane, I like the rain.

Girl: I like to sit and laugh at it

And tend my cozy fire a bit

I like fall, the mist and all

Compare: Is it autumn a rainy season?

Children : Yes, of course.

Compare: Now listen to the song about the Rain “The rain is raining ”

Boy: What a rainy season!

The sky is dark and grey,

No sunshine and more

No playing out of doors

Girl: But in the rainy season

I have other joys

I read my books and play

At home with all my toys.

Weather ”

When the weather is wet, we must not fret!

When the weather is cold, we must not scold

When the weather is warm, we must not storm

All together: But thankful together

What ever the weather.

Compare: Thanks a lot your dramatization. Our celebrate is go on. Now we want to have a few talk abut holidays which are celebrated in this autumn season. We want to compare the celebrations in Great Britain and of course in our Republic of Kazakhstan. Please to your attention!

English: Fist of all I want to say you about the English Year. In Great Britain summer begins in May. So there four summer months: May, June, July, August.

Kazakh: Oh, it is very interesting. But we have only three month in summer.

English: The autumn comes in September and in October. There are two month in


Kazakh: But we have three month in Autumn.

English: The most interesting is that on the 31 of October in Great Britain there is a nice holiday for children H a l l o w e’ e n. People put pumpkins on the

window sills. They draw eyes, noses and mouths on pumpkin looks like a

face. Children dress up in funny clothes. They go from house to house and say:” Trick or treat ”. People give them sweets, cookies or money. Families decorated the houses with autumn fruits and flowers and eat traditional food: p u m p k in pie. Compare: Now, you can see this funny holiday. “Halloween ”(ќысќаша кµрініс )

Kazakh: Oh, we were glad to see this holiday. But there are some great holidays in our Republic. They are: the 1 September, where the children go to school. The Teacher’s Day, the another great celebrate is “Republic’s Day” when our republic was got itself independence, sovereignty. It’s celebrated on 25 October.

(listen about our riches, nature ) etc.

About our village: We live in a village Ganushkino. Our village is very large. The nature of our village was very wonderful. We had many parks, gardens. There were many beautiful trees. The river Sharonovka was very clear with many kinds of fishes. The air was clean. But nowadays the ecological situation of our village is in a very bad condition. The trees are broken, the river Sharonovka is dirty. So we must to guard our nature etc.

Compare: You have listened to our children abut our village. Now we want to offer you crossword about Kazakhstan. You must guess all the words, in order to get the word K a z a k h s t a n.


1. Our region is………….

2. the part of continent where we live.

3. Domestic animal is giving to us wool, etc.

4. National language of our Republic.

5. The first Kazakh spaceman.

6. etc.

Compare: Thank you a lot for your taking part in the guessing the crossword about our Republic. And the last part of our celebrate is riddles, games, dance and songs. The first game is you must gather the leaves into a basket, on another side of leaves you must read the riddles and guess it quickly. Then to take into a basket. Who wants?

  1. Fat and gay, on a winter day.

He came here with us to stay.

When he grew both sad and thin.

We brought his brother in

People meet the guest with cheer,

For he brings anther year. (a calendar )

  1. A little old woman, with twelve children,

Some short, some long, some hot

What is it? (a year )

  1. What is without hands and without feet,

Without head or body, but can open the door. ( the wind ) etc.

Compare: We were glad by your quickness. Thank you very much. Now dear teachers and children our holiday is going to finish. But you can see at the exhibition of the hand- made articles are made of by our children. Let’s look at there and you must chose the best of them.

Our Golden Autumn is finished. And we want to say you Good- buy!.

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