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Урок по английскому на тему"The magic world of English"

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The magic world of English language

The 2-nd form
The theme: Our first steps in English. “The magic world of English language”.
The objectives: to develop pupils’ abilities of reading, writing and thinking;
to show their abilities in grammar;
to bring up their interests through different tasks.
Intersubjective link: Maths, Music, Art, Kazakh.
Visual aids: Interactive board, cards with test and song.

The outline:
I. Organization moment: greeting, short conversation with pupils. T- Cl

II. Acquaintance with the plan. The theme “The world of English language”.

III. The world of numerals and sums.
a) Revision of numerals from 1 till 20. P1-P2- P3-Etc.
b) Poem : One pencil, two pencils
Three pencils, four
Five pencils, six pencils
Seven pencils, more. T- Cl
c) Drag the numbers to the words. / Disk №3 a/
d) Game “Help me to do sums”
e) Song “One, two, three” (Disk)

IV. The world of time.
a) Guess the crossword “Time”
b) The picture of clock. Revision of words-past, to, a quarter, half past. T- Cl
c) Reading of Exercise1 page 61. “Tick – Tock” P1-P2- P3-Etc.
d) Disk 12-A.
e) What’s the time, please? (Slide)

V. The world of structures – There is, There are –
a) There is – used in singular form.
There are – used in plural form.
E.g.There is a ball in the box. There are balls in the box.
b)Fill in the gaps with – is, are – ( Slide)
- There _____a cat under the table.
- There _____boys and girls in the bus.
- There _____cows in the barn.
- There _____a house on the hill.
- There _____a dog next to the man.
c) Disk 11-A.
d) Read, translate and tick. Exercise 1 page 64. (Slide) P1-P2- P3-Etc.

VI. The world of – Have, Has –
a) I – have ,She – has, He – has.
E.g. I have a toy bus. She has an umbrella. He has a toy car. (Slide)
b) Translate the following statements into English:
Менің ақ мысығым бар.
Оның жасыл батпырауығы бар.
Оның алтын балығы бар. P1-P2- P3-Etc.
c) Disk 16-A, 7-A.
d) Song “ I have, I have a rabbit” ( This song is sung due to the melody of Russian children’s song “
В траве сидел кузнечик”). (Slide)
I have, I have a rabbit
I have, I have a rabbit
I have, I have a rabbit
A rabbit and a frog.
Have you a rabbit , have you a rabbit?
Yes, I have a rabbit.
Have you a frog, have you a frog?
Yes, of course, I have.(Refrain)
e) Reading of the text “ Grandma”. (Slide) P1-P2- P3-Etc.

VII. The world of knowledge.
a) Test- 5 questions. ( Slide)
1) There _____ a green apple on the table.
a) is b) are c) am
2) There _____ goats under the tree.
a) is b) are c) am
3) I _____ a red ball.
a) have b) has c) am
4) She _____ a brown doll.
a) have b) am c) has
5) It’s half past six.
a) 6.00 b) 6.30 c) 6.15
b) Answers and marks. 1-A, 2-B, 3-A,4-C, 5-B. (Slide)
c) Consolidation of the lesson. Home task: Good reading of Exercise 1 page 70.
VIII. The end of the lesson.

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