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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Статьи / Урок по английскому языка на тему "The world of professions."
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Урок по английскому языка на тему "The world of professions."


The theme: The world of professions.
Aims of the lesson:
educational – to remember some words about professions, to give information about professions;
developing – to develop thinking, understanding, memory, oral speech, reading, writing, listening skills;
bringing up – to bring up love and interest to the subject, respect to each other; to help students to choose their professions for the future.
Methods: technology RWCT
Type of the lesson: the mixed lesson
The visual aids: cards, booklets, interactive board, pictures, slides
Inter – subject connection: Kazakh, Russian.
The procedure of the lesson
I. Organization moment.
a) Greeting
b) Conversation with on duty.
II. Main part.
T: Good morning, dear pupils! I am glad to see you today.
Look at the blackboard. Today we will speak about these people.

Somebody’s mother works as a doctor, somebody’s father works as an engineer. How do you think, what theme of the lesson will be today? The theme of our lesson is “ The world of professions ”.

a) Phonetic drill.
Look at the blackboard. You see the poem “Think of the Future”.
What is the future for me?
Funny it’s going to be.
What’s the future for you?
Your hopes and dreams will come true.
What’s the future for us?
Without pollution – green grass.
Robots, computers, commuting to the Moon…
Think of the future,
Don’t be a fool!
Greeting – acquainted
Every participant must say the names and say characteristics beginning at first letter in your names. For example: My name is Aizhan, I am an amusing teacher.

New words:
T: Look at the blackboard. You can see new words. At first, tell me what professions you know. I’ll read them, then you’ll repeat after me. You must write down these words into your vocabulary note – books.
a lawyer -------- a dancer --------- a housewife
an engineer ------ a singer ---------- a dentist
a secretary -------- a teacher ---------- an operator
a bank manager -------- a doctor ---------- a driver

Our lesson today is unusual – we are going to talk about your professions. It’s time for you to travel in the world of different jobs and to find out which of them will be on top in the nearest future, if the knowledge of English helps you to succeed.

Profession – a job that needs a special education and training.
Job – the regular paid work that you do for an employer.
Occupation – a job or profession.
Work – to do the job that you are paid for.

It follows that each of us should know what kinds of professions we have in this big world. For this purpose our pupils have prepared some interesting information about professions.
P (1): Finishing school is the beginning of an independent life for millions of school – leavers. Many roads are open before us: technical schools, colleges and universities. Centuries ago there were only a few jobs: people were farmers, bakers, butchers or carpenters. Today there are thousands of different kinds of jobs and new ones are constantly appearing.

P (2): Nowadays there is the division into 5 kinds of professions. The subject of the first is “person or man”. That why it is called “Man - man”. These are: doctors, teachers, sellers, tutors, nurses and etc.
P (3): The second kind is “Man - Technology”. The subject of the first is “person or man”. That why it is called “Man - man”. These are: doctors, teachers, sellers, tutors, nurses and etc.
P (4): The third kind of professions is “Man – The Sign system”. It includes professions which are closely connected with texts, numbers, formulas, tables and drawings. These are: translators, librarians, programmers, book – keeper and etc.

P (5): The fourth kind of professions is “Man – The Artistic image”. It consists of professions which are connected with the creation and modeling of different beautiful things. These are: artists(painters), journalists, composers, actors, designers, singers, dancers and etc.
P (6): The fifth kind of professions is “Man - Nature”. It consists of professions which are connected with studying of the alive and the lifeless nature. These are: geologists, agronomists, animal technicians, veterinary surgeons and etc.

Now, friends, you know that choosing a profession is a topical problem., it’s one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. Find the right career and you will be happy and successful. Find the wrong career and you may be unhappy and unsuccessful.
The game “Understand me”. One pupil comes up to the table and takes out one card. There is a profession in the card, you must explain it with gestures and you must say what profession it is.
The next game is “Polyglot”. I’II read the riddles and you must guess them and give Kazakh, Russian and English translation of the answers.

Gymnastics for eyes.
Are you tired? Let’s do gymnastics for eyes.
Your next task is “The best translator”. You must translate these words.
Мысық, house, сүт, egg, дәрігер, money, мұғалім, girl, машина, newspaper, алма, 1945, аға, water.
Now you next task is “Leader”. In this task was given quickness reaction and smart.
You must write an appropriate name of professions in a English language.
Ән, кітап, сөздік, дәрі, шаш, тіс, ұшақ

The Psychological test
1. New Year’s night is the best time:
a) to sleep;
b) to watch TV with your family or friends;
c) to be with your friends.
2. One of 3 gifts which you would like to get:
a) a fishing – rod or a set for your needlework;
b) skates or skies;
c) a tourist pass or a ticket on an interesting performance;
3. To travel is the best with:
a) no any friends or your family (alone);
b) your family or friends;
c) unknown group of people in order to find new friends.
4. If you were in a desert Island or a wild forest you:
a) would fill free;
b) would find the way out of this situation or do smith;
c) would fill melancholic and fearful.
5. In your spare time, you like;
a) reading, visiting a library, a zoo, a forest, dreaming, fishing and etc.
b) drawing, reading, going for sports or music, sewing or knitting, watching TV, talking with friends on telephone and etc;
c) going in for sports, dancing, playing in the ensemble, singing in the chorus, taking part in the performance and etc.
Answers: a – 1 point; b – 2 points; c – 3 points.
5 – 8 points - You should choose a profession which isn’t connected with communicating with people. Because you like only the calmness and dislike noisy unknown groups or people. You are reserved and shy and meetings with unfamiliar people aren’t for you. Your professions are: a programmer, a locksmith, a turner, a book – keeper, a veterinary, surgeon and etc.
8 - 12 points – You are lucky! You can feel yourself very well in any situation. In other words you are not afraid to be alone or communicate with different people. That’s why you may choose any job what you want.
12 - 15 points – There is a little doubt that you should communicate with people. You are a very talented smart person and opened for everything new in our world. You should be: a commercial director, a manager, a seller, a teacher, a doctor, an actor, a singer, a trainer and etc.
Dialogue between Aidana and Asem about their future professions.
Dialogue between Maral, Gauhar and Amanbek.

T: Dear, pupils, our lesson is almost over. What did you do during our lesson?
P: We spoke about professions, kinds of professions.
T: Which part of the lesson did you like best of all?
P: I like …. I enjoyed it.
Giving marks.
between 50 and 40 points – 5 (excellent)
between 40 and 30 points – 4 (good)
between 30 and 15 points – 3 (satisfactory)

Берілген бағалау парақшасы бойынша оқушыларға смайликтер беріп бағалау.
You are very active today. I’m sure that our lesson was interesting and useful for you... That’s all for today. The lesson is over! Thank you for your attention.
See you later!

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