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Урок по английскому языку для 5 класса "Women's clothes and shopping”

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Women’s clothes and shopping” (5-B)


- to revise lexis on the topic,

- to improve grammar skills (Present Simple, Present Continuous, Past Simple) and listening comprehension skills,

- to develop dialogical and monological speech,

- to develop pupils’ memory, logical thinking, quick reaction,

- to develop the culture of behaviour

Equipment: textbooks, cards, a tape-recorder


  1. Starting point. Greeting.

  2. Phonetic drill \Warming-up

T: To prepare us for speaking let’s revise the English poems “ Shoes and boots” and “Mary wore a red dress ”:

P1: I wore a white shirt, black trousers, brown shoes and a black tie yesterday.

P2: I wore a black skirt, a blue blouse, white socks, blue shoes yesterday (etc).

  1. Checking up home-assignment

T: You had to repeat the words according to our topic Сlothes”. Look at the slides and match the words with the pictures. There are three choices you do not need to use.


4. Speaking

T: What do you usually wear in spring\ summer \autumn \winter?

P1: I usually wear a T-shirt, shorts, sandals and a cap in summer.

P2: I usually wear a raincoat and boots in autumn.

P3: I usually wear a warm coat, boots, a scarf, mittens in winter.

P4: I usually wear my favourite yellow jacket in spring (etc).

T: What are you wearing now?

P1: I am wearing an orange sweater, black trousers, black shoes now.

P2: I am wearing a black suit, white shirt, black shoes now (etc).

T: Let’s play in teams. One team describes the weather, the other suggests clothes to put on. Listen to the sounds and guess the weather.

Team 1

P1: It is rainy today.

Team 2

P1: Put on your raincoat.

T: You painted pictures of different models at home. Describe them.

P1: My model’s name is Anita. She has got black wavy hair and brown eyes.

Anita is tall. She is wearing a blue and red blouse, a yellow skirt, brown and red shoes. Anita is 11 years old. She likes listening to music.

P2: Her name is Helen. She has got long blond straight hair and blue eyes. She is

wearing a silk red and yellow dress, brown shoes. Helen is 12 years old. She likes

dancing and reading books.

  1. Listening

T: Divide into two groups. One of the groups will describe the personage and the other group should guess.

Group1: She is wearing a blue blouse, a polka-dotted pink and blue skirt, pink shoes. Who is it?

Group1: It is Ann (etc).

Reading \Listening ex.8, p.89.

  1. Writing ex.6, p. 89


T: Put the verbs into the Present Simple or the Present Continuous:

1. …(it\ rain) often in winter?

2. Where … (you\live)?

3. What …(you\do)?

4. She (go) to school on foot today.

5. He …( not\swim) well.

  1. Speaking.

Making up dialogues

T: Imagine that you are in the shop and want to buy clothes. We are going to buy clothes at the women’s department today. Choose the role of a shop-assistant or a customer and make up your own dialogues.

7. Summing-up

8. Home-assignment

T: Your home task is to do the crossword “Сlothes” and make up your own

dialogues about shopping.

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