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Урок по английскому языку для 3 класса "School lessons"

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School lessons ( 3-A)

Objectives: to revise lexis on the topic, to improve grammar skills and listening comprehension skills, to develop dialogical and monological speech, to develop pupils’ memory, logical thinking, quick reaction,

Equipment: textbooks, cards


  1. Starting point. Greeting.

  2. Phonetic drill ( the poem “Seasons”)

  3. Warming-up

Let’s play our game “ Questions- answers”. Listen to my questions attentively:

- What’s the weather like today?

- What day is it today?

- What other school-days do you know?

- What is your favourite school-day? Why?

- What do you usually do on your school-days?

- What subjects do you like?

- What is your favourite subject?

4. Checking up home-assignment ( ex.5. p. 5)

5. The main part

- Our today’s topic is closely connected with school. We’ll have a

great number of activities and make a wonderful school trip. Our lesson will be conducted in a form of a competition. At our first station we are going to revise school subjects. At first let’s repeat the words all together and then we’ll have some competitions.

Lexical practice


a book

Physical Training



a rubber

a pen



a pencil case

Natural History

a pencil





a pencil case


a school bag

a ruler

a book

  • Divide the given words into two groups “ School things”, “School lessons”. Be attentive! The words are mixed. Make up sentences.

- We are going to be at different lessons today. The first lesson will be Art.

Listen to the song and name the colours which the pupils like to use for painting a



  • The second lesson is Mathematics. Sing the numbers and do the following sums:



  • The next lesson is English. Write the following words correctly. Make up your own sentences.



T: Tell me about yourself and your favourite subject.

P1: My name is Natasha. I’m 9. I like Art and English but my favourite

subject is PE. I like to play games, run and jump.

P2: My name is Lena. I’m 10. I like PE and Maths but my favourite subject is Art. I like to paint animals very much (etc).


The fourth lesson is PE. Children are playing football at the present moment. Listen to the numbers of the players who are going to kick the goal. Write the numbers: ten, fourteen, twenty, eleven, nineteen, thirteen, fifteen, twelve, sixteen.

The fifth lesson is Natural History. The first group describes an animal, the second group guesses it. Be attentive!

  • It looks like a big cat. It has got stripes and a long tail. It lives in India and it can run very fast.

  • It has a long neck and long legs and eats leaves from the trees.

  • It can walk, run, jump, climb. It cannot fly. It lives in Africa. It likes bananas What animal is it?

  • It is brown. It has got four legs. It sleeps in winter. What animal is it?

Reading “The toy soldier ” p. 18-19

Our last lesson is Reading. Read the text and answer the questions. Ex. 1, p. 20.

6. Summing-up

T: What account do we have now? My congratulations. But I think that friendship has won. Do you agree with me?

7. Home-assignment is to repeat and write the words- ex.1, p.22

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