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Урок по английскому языку для старшеклассников на тему "Доска объявлений №2"

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Урок №3 «Доска объявлений» 2

Topic: Classified Ads 2

Students’ book: Michael Harris, David Mower, Anna Sikorzynska, New Opportunities Intermediate (Russian Edition).


  • to practise the use of appropriate verb forms to talk about the Future Tense;

  • to revise and extend the ways of expressing the Future in English and Russian;

  • to review and practise the following grammar patterns and forms: be going to + inf. (intention, prediction based on observing the present situation), Present Continuous (personal arrangement), Present Simple (official/fixed arrangement that we can’t change), will + inf. (spontaneous decision, prediction based on experience or intuition), May/Might + inf. (uncertain prediction);

  • to revise the formation of Present Simple and Present Continuous (Progressive);

  • to practise individual and pair forms of work (Future/Classified Ads);

  • to develop the children’s speech skills (Future/Classified Ads).

Resources used:

  • multimedia.


  • the use of different verb forms to express future;

  • individual and pair work;

  • training of conversational formulas typical for Spoken English.

Preparation for the lesson:

  • to install multimedia.

Sources of information:

  • Michael Harris, David Mower, Anna Sikorzynska, New Opportunities Intermediate (Russian Edition);

  • grammar books.

Stage1 (Introduction)

Good morning, dear friends! Today we are going to continue speaking about Classified Ads and discuss the ways of expressing the Future in English (presentation of the 1st slide).


Picture1. Slide 1.The extract of the teacher’s presentation «Topic of the lesson»

Stage 2 (The discussion of the ways of expressing the Future)

What ways do you remember? (revising the Future in the form of group discussion)

At the previous lesson we worked with different examples of Classified Ads. Do you remember them? (pupils’ answer) Very good! I want you to remember the first dialogue we listened to last time. What is the idea of it? Let’s read and translate it paying attention to the ways of expressing the Future in the English and Russian languages.

Children read and translate the text in roles.


Picture2. Slide 2. The extract of the teacher’s presentation «The text of the dialogue»

Dear friends, now I want you to work in pairs and be ready with exercises 5 & 6, see page 60.

Exercises 5 & 6, page 60:


Picture3. Ex. 5, 6, p. 60

Read the task, please. Have you got any questions? Is the task clear? I want you not only to match the correct variants but create something like a table of the ways of expressing the Future and show me the way of your thoughts.

I recommend you to discuss the construction to be going to do smth. beforehand and explain that it can’t be used with the verb to go to avoid tautology.

Having finished and discussed the material children check the result with the grammar table prepared by the teacher.


Picture4. Slide 3. The extract of the teacher’s presentation «The Future. Grammar table»

Stage 3 (The use of appropriate verb forms to talk about the Future)

Children work individually with new material based on exercises 9 and 10, page 61, class discussion of people’s reactions to the adverts suggested in exercise 11, page 61.

Exercises 9, 10, 11 page 61:


Picture5. Ex. 9, p. 61


Picture6. Ex. 10, p. 61


Picture7. Ex.11, p. 61

The checking of the task is possible with the help of teacher’s presentation (slides 4 - 8)

Slides for the students’ examination:






Picture 8. Slides 4 – 8. The extract of the teacher’s presentation «People’s reaction to the Ads»

At the end of our lesson I want you to think about your plans, make decisions and predictions and write about the future. Use all the verb forms from the lesson.

If you have no idea about your plans you may consult the information slide.


Picture 9. Slide 9. Informational slide

Dear friends, our lesson is over. At home I recommend you to analyze the material and continue doing exercise 12, p.61.

Exercises 12 page 61:


Picture 10. Ex. 12, p. 61


Новосибирская область. Учитель английского языка Курченкова Ж.В.

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