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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Урок по английскому языку для учащихся 6 класса по теме "Море"

Урок по английскому языку для учащихся 6 класса по теме "Море"

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Открытый урок в 6 классе по теме «The Sea»

Учитель Орловская И.В.

Main aim: to practise expressing opinion in different contexts, to revise and consolidate vocabulary on the topic, to present and provide controlled oral/written practice of the article «the» with geographical names.

Course books: Opportunities Pre- Intermidiate( Michael Harris, David Mower), English VI ( L.V. Khrustalyova, V. N. Bogoroditskaya).

The teacher enters the classroom and say “Good morning» the learners greet the teacher 1.Students listen to a piece of music trying to guess the film it is from

Warm up/lead in, to get students talking and introduce the topic

Cassette recorder

T- whole class

3-5 minutes

2.Students fill in the diagramm about the sea

To elicit vocabulary learnt

Diagramm (photocopies)

Group work


3 minutes

3. The students read their lists, the teacher ask Wh-questions

ex.Which activities do you do? Where?

To give practice in oral fluency

T- whole class

To assess accurate pronunciation

5 minutes

4.Students question each other using cards. The teacher then ask some students to tell what they’ve found out about their partners.

Task2 T. asks st. To number 8 objects for how important they are to take with them

To give controlled oral practice, using specific vocabulary

To give less controlled practice

Cards with questions

Pair work



5.p.81 Opportunities

students read through the text and guess the missing words. Then they listen to the song and comlete the text. The st. express their opinions on t. questions: Where do you think the person is going? Who is he going to see? How does he feel? What does he want most of all?

To check predictions, intensive reading, listening for specific information. To introduce

functional exponents:I think, in my opinion etc.

Cassette recorder


Individual students

T- the class


Focus on functions and appropriacy

3 minutes

6.Quiz about the sea (multiple- coice)

To use the knowledge of the world(coherence)


Pair work-group work

Peer assessment

7.St. view an episode from «Titanic»

T. asks Wh-questions.

What is the name of the ship? Where did it begin its voyage from? Where did it go? What happened to the ship? Where did it sink?

To create context for presentation of grammar material


T- class

T:« We say the Atlantic but England.

St. do the task1) decide

To focus on the form.


Group work


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