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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Урок по английскому языку "Healthy food" 7 класс
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Урок по английскому языку "Healthy food" 7 класс


Тема: Food. (Їжа.)

Healthy food. (

Greeting. ( Слайд 1)

Т: - Glad to see you.

Т: - How are you?

Т: - Everybody is OK ?

Т: - So now help me please!

Warming up ( Слайд 2)

(Game date)


T: What you do every day in the morning?

P1: I get up, brush my teeth and have my breakfast.

T: Ok, everybody of you have breakfast in the morning. What do you usually have for breakfast? If it’s not a secret. (Слайд 3)

P 1: I have a cup of tea and a sandwich for my breakfast.

T: And you?

P 2: And I have a sausage and an omelet.

T: And you?

P 3: Chips and Coca-cola.

T: Oh, I see you have so different food for breakfast, so many dishes so many tastes. And I’ve got a question. Whose breakfast was healthy? Because, we are going to talk about healthy food today. . ( Слайд 4)

P: I think, chips and Coca-cola are bad for our health.

Main part

T: Now I want you to look at the screen. You can see different kinds of food, so your task is: Classify these things as healthy (H) and unhealthy (U).
Bread, chocolate, cigarettes, fried eggs, fresh fruit, fresh, vegetables, meat, milk, pasta, tomatoes, sweets. I’ll give you 5 minutes. (Слайд 5)

T: What kinds of this food are healthy?

T: Well done, and what about junk food?

Working in groups. (reading). . ( Слайд 6)

T: Excellent! I see you are very clever students. And now it’s time to read: What doctors and scientists think about this problem. But first I unite you into three groups. Each group gets a special task. To form three groups you should take one of these pictures. Are you ready?

P: Yes we are.

T: Well, now oranges go to oranges, bananas go to bananas and apples go to apples. Well now we see three groups are ready for the job. Listen to me attentively! The first group should find out some information about: Why do we eat? The second group there is another question for you: What is healthy food? And finally you’ve got the next one: What is junk food? So open your books at page 64, ex. 3. You’ve got three minutes. (music)

T: Time is out. Give your opinions. (answers)

T: So I see you’ve learnt a lot of information from the text, which is very important for every person, because it’s our life.

T: Answer my questions: Do you like apples? Do you like oranges?

T: Let’s have a rest and sing all together the song!

Видео (Do you like… ?)


T: Now you’re suggested to see a video. And try to understand what products this film says? ( video much, many, a lot of. )

T: What is this film about?

P: This film is about Donkey and Zebra. They’re talking about drinks.

T: What words do they use in their dialogue? (Presentation of pronounce)

Writing. Grammar Practice

P: Much, many and a lot of.

T: When do we use these words?

P: Much, little and a little we use with uncountable nouns, and many, few, a few with uncountable words. A lot of we use with uncountable and uncountable nouns.

T: What do countable nouns do?

T: And what do you now about uncountable nouns? Have they got plurals? (слайд 7)

Now your task will be to fill the gaps with much, many and a lot of. You’ve got a few minutes. (music)

T: Who wants to answer? (answers)

T: Well done.


T: Have you ever been to the restaurant? So you’ve got some uncountable words. Let’s make dialogues with these words. And then act out. I’ll give you a few minutes.


T: Look at the screen. There’re two statements, make up the definitions. The first group’ll give us arguments in favor of junk food and the second group’ll give us arguments in favor of healthy food. And third group will be judges. You’ll listen to the both sides and then some the results up of the discussion. Who will be the winner? Will see, let’s start. You’ve got two minutes. (слайд 8)(music)

T: Ok, the first group, are you ready?

Pupil’s answers:

  1. We think Fast food is very good because it is very cheap and tasty.

  2. It can be eaten without forks and knives.

  3. Fast food is always pick up food and people can take it home.

  4. Fruit and vegetables are very expensive.

  5. You mustn’t cook Fast food.

T: And what about healthy food? (Second group)

  1. Oh, no! In this food there are many fats and much sugar and low vitamins and minerals.

  2. People eat fast food in a hurry which is bad for their health.

  3. If you eat fast food, you’ll have many medical problems: obesity, dental problems and heartache.

  4. Fast food is very bad. People need minerals, proteins and vitamins.

  5. They must eat healthy food. it has many vitamins, minimal of sugar, fats and salt.

T: You’ve listened to the both sides. Can you comment the answers?

P: Every group has strong arguments, and we shouldn’t refuse from vitamins, proteins and fat, which are very useful for our health, for our eyes, for our body and mood. That’s why we should follow some rules in having different kinds of food.

P 1: Start your day with a healthy breakfast.

P 2: Drink plenty of water. One should drink 8-10 glasses of water every day.

P 3: Eat healthy food. Include fruit and vegetables.

P 4: Drink milk, its product is rich of calcium.

P 5: Keep sugar to minimum.

Homework: Make up 5-7 sentences according to the proverb «Good health is above wealth. »


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