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Урок по английскому языку Im Colins sister

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Subject: English

Grade: 5 b

Date: 3.10.2012

The theme of the lesson: I am Colin’s sister.

The aim of the lesson:

  1. to acquaintance pupils with a new vocabulary and with a new grammar;

  2. to develop their skills in writing, reading, hearing and speaking;

  3. to teach pupils to respect parents, family; bring up them be active all their life.

Visual aids: slides.

Methods: vocabulary method, informational method, question-responsible method, visual method, and method of explanation, role playing

Literature: “English” 5 form. Author is T.Ayapova

  1. Organization moment.

  • Good afternoon, children!

  • Good afternoon, teacher!

  • Who is on duty today?

  • I’m on duty today.

  • Who is absent?

  • All are present.

  • Thanks, take your seat.

  • What date is it today?

  • Today is the 3rd of October.

  1. Checking up the homework.

  • Now, children, what was your homework for today?

  • Exercises 2, 15 on pages 33, 36.

  • O.K. Are you ready? Open your exercise-books, I’ll check up your homework.

  1. New material.

  • All of you, open your book at page 36. Step two. And now look on page 38. Read and remember!

[u:, ju:] in June, (ашық буында)

Read Uu as

[ʌ] in Russian, number, uncle (жабық буында)

[ ɟ] in father, mother, brother, they, this.

Read th as

[Ɵ] in thank, three.

Read er as [ə] in mother, brother, sister. (сөз соңында).

- You know about family, but you don’t how call them. And, now all of us look to the blackboard. There is family tree and our new words. First of all, I’ll read, and then you must repeat after me. O.K? Grandfather, father, sister, aunt, nephew, son, children, grandmother, mother, brother, uncle, niece, daughter, parents, cousin.


Andy’s father – Эндидің әкесі

Colin’s sister – Коллиннің әпкесі

  • Now, let’s read the exercises 5, 7 on page 37.

  • Let’s learn to count at 10-20. Look at the blackboard.

10–ten. 11-eleven.12-twelve.13–thirteen.14-fourteen.15-fifteen.16-sixteen.17-seventeen. 18-eighteen. 19-nineteen. 20-twenty.

  1. Consolidation of the lesson.

Let’s play the game “Mosquitoes”.

  1. Resting time

Stand up.

Put your hands up.

Put your hands in your head.

Put your hands down.

Sit down.

  1. Giving the homework.

  • Your home work is to make your family tree and learn by heart the new words and new numbers.

    1. Giving marks.

  • 150 -300 = 5

50 – 150 = 4

    1. The end of the lesson.

  • Well, children, stand up. The lesson is over. Good-bye!

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