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Урок по английскому языку "In fairy land"

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Form: 5

Theme: In Fairy Land

Aim: 1 To give more information about fairy tales

2. To develop pupils’ ability in speaking, reading and thinking

in English.

3. To bring up pupils to love the fairy tales and to be

kind and honest.

Form: Non-traditional

Method: Answer-question, game

Visual aids: The interactive board, slides, CD disc with English song.

Plan: I.Organization moment

II.Welcome to fairy land!

III.Let’s do and play!

IV. Conclusion

I. Good morning dear teachers and pupils! Welcome to our party “In Fairy Land”

Today we’ll speak about fairy tales. I think everybody likes fairy tales. Do you agree with me? Do you like Fairy tales?

II. Nobody of us grows up without tales. It’s a first that children are told in childhood. Everybody likes Fairy Tales, because it teaches us to know kindness, honest, what is good or bad, clever or silly and to be brave , help to wick people.

Fairy tales develop our fantasy. Without fantasy we can’t live. Without fantasy we can’t make many wonderful things. For example: the flying carpet was thought, then appeared a plane,the walking house was thought, then appeared a train, the voice was thought, which is heard in another side of the earth, appeared a mobile phone.

The fairy tales are different. What kind of kazakh fairy tales do you know?

Look at the pictures of fairy tales. I’ll tell you about them.

Russian tales: A turnip, The seven goats and wolf, The Bin and A little house in the wood.

French tales: Red Riding hood, Cindrella, The Sleeping Beauty, The Cat in high boots. The author of these tales is Charles Perrault.

English tales: Alice in Wonderland, the author is Lewis Carroll. This tale was written by English mathematic for his friend’s daughter.

Mowgli’s author is Joseph Rudyard Kipling. He spent his childhood in India, so he wrote “The Jungle Book” about animals and people.

One of the famous tale is Winnie the Pooh, the author is Alan Milne.

German tale is Snow White. The author of the tale is The Brothers Grimm.

III.Let’s do and play!

1.Match the words

Cindrella Wolf

Red riding hood high boots

Winnie the Pooh the wood

Mowgli mouse

A Turnip Kose

Seven goats Grandmother

The Cat Wonderland

The Slepping Beauty shoes

Aldar honey

Alice The Prince The Prince Fox

A little house Balu

2. Magic box.

Open the magic box, there are some things. Find the english translation of this thing and which fairy tale’s thing.

Shoe Honey Basket

Boots Mirror


3. Can you guess?

Listen to the music and find which fairy tale’s music.

1.Red Riding Hood

2.Winnie the Pooh

3. Buratino

4. Shrek

4. Answer the questions

- She lost her shoe at 12 o’clock. Who is she? Who is the author?

  • Who likes the honey very much?

  • Where did Red Riding Hood go? Why? Who is the author?

  • Who helps grandmother, grandfather, daughter, dog and cat to pick up the turnip?

  • How many goats did the wolf eat?

  • Who eats the bin in the wood?

  • What is the Kazakh for “Alice in Wonderland”?

  • Who are the friends of Mowgli?

  • Who laughs at rich and greedy people?

5. Acting out the fairy tale “Red Riding Hood”

IV. Conclusion.

Let’s sing the song!

Our party “In Fairy Land” is over! You were very active, thank you. I think you’ll remember what you have heard today.

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