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Урок по английскому языку ("Land pollution")

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hello_html_m58453e6f.gifSubject: English

 Grade: 11 A

  Date: 25.11.15

The theme:

  Land pollution


Discussing the topical subjects, to improve reading, writing, speaking, listening comprehension skills through doing tasks, to receive topical vocabulary, to compare the facts on the theme to practice the usage of numbers and prepositions, to develop speaking, listening, reading and writing skills;

to develop students’ interest in research works.


Ayapova English,  11 grade  Published by “Mektep”.

The result of knowledge :

They  can  answer the questions. They are remember the  words of   new theme. Рupils  learn to work in groups and say their own opinions, free thinking,  to say their own opinions and to respect other opinions.

The main idea:

 Оқушылар сөздік қорын байыта отырып, ауызекі сөйлеу қабілетін дамытады.  Сұрақтарға   жауап беруді үйренеді және топта жұмыс жасауға дағдыланады.

Visual aids:

Interactive board, computers, visuals, Internet, cards.

The procedure of the lesson:

              Activities of  teacher

           Activities of pupils



Organization  moment:

 5 min.

According to the music they are doing morning exercises.

Greeting; to ask about pupil’s mood.

Good morning, pupils! How are you today?

b) Conversation with on duty.


Pupils greet the pupils and share their minds about their mood.


Warm-up  5 min.





Checking up the home tasks  5 min.


 Explanation of the new materials 10 min.



Work with Interactive board.

Work in groups

Say wishes each other with ball

Grouping Work

So Pupils I’ll divide into three groups with various sweets

Ex 1p93. Ex 5p 93

Read the sentences and think if they are true

We are continue to speak about problems of the environment and about problems the environment protection. We will try to understand why environmental problems worry the people and necessity of fighting the pollution. One of the global problem is “Land pollution «Venn Diagram

I want to explain Grammar Third Conditional

If Past Perfect would have Past Participle

If I hadn’t fallen ill, I would have gone to the party.

Vocabulary and pronunciation

Watching video about environment and pollution

Work with Electronic Book and do it tasks

Working in groups


Land pollution


Air Pollution

Ex 8 p98Match the Kazakh words with the English and practice the pronunciatin

The main Idea according to video and made a poster

Task- for the 1st group

Read and translate into Kazakh

Task- for the 2nd group

Match the sentences True or False

Task- for the 3rd group

Answer the questions according to the text





And pictures


Practise : 12 min.

Prepare a poster


Land Pollution”

They made and one of the pupil in each group came and discussed

Good questions


Postcard, marker

Glue and sticker

Reflection: 3 min.

In conclusion “Hot chair”

Giving marks. Homework Ex 10p99 Ex 5p93

New words by heart

Saying good – bye! Thank you for your attention. Our lesson is over. See you the next lesson, good – bye!

 One of the pupil came and sit in a chair other pupil pflftn djghjc

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