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Автор курса: Логинова Наталья Геннадьевна, кандидат педагогических наук, учитель высшей категории. Начало обучения новой группы: 27 сентября.

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Урок по английскому языку "Лондон" (8 класс)


Theme: London


  1. To introduce pupils’ with London and its sightseeings

  2. To practice in using prepositions and articles

  3. To develop reading and speaking skills

Visual aids:

  1. Slides with maps, pictures of sightseeings

  2. Exercises on the interactive blackboard

  3. Textbooks

Equipment: computer

  1. Organization moment ( Slide 1) 1 min

  2. Warm up London ( Slide 2,3 ) 2 min

  3. Reading ( Slide 4) 5 min

Parts of London 3 min

  1. Questions 5 min

  2. Exercises ( Slide 9-10) 10 min

  3. Sight seeing s ( Slide 11- 25) 5 min

  4. Exercises for sight seeing s ( Slide 26-31) 12 min

  5. Explaining hometask 2 min


  1. Organization moment ( Slide 1) 1 min

Good morning, dear pupils and guests. I am glad to see you. Sit down, please. Today we shall have a very interesting trip around London.

  1. Warm up London ( Slide 2,3 ) 3 min

What do you know about London?

  • Of course, you are quite right. London is a capital of Great Britain. As you can see Great Britain consists of England, Scotland and Wales. ( Slide 2 )

And there you can see the map of London with its sightseeings and the most important river Thames . ( Slide3 )

  1. Reading ( Slide 4-8) 5 min 3

To get some more information about London you can according the text ( Slide4 ). You have it into your textbooks, open your books on page number 125. One of pupils will start and then somebody will continue reading.

(выключить доску - No show)

Well, you have read about different parts of London and I want to show them to you. Look at the blackboard and read.

( Slide 5-8)

(выключить доску - No show)

  1. Questions 5 min

You’ve got some information about London. Let’s check the understanding of the text. Answer the questions after the text Ex 5 p 125.

  1. What can you say about London as the capital of Great Britain?

  2. How many people live there?

  3. Where is London situated?

  4. What is meant by Greater London?

  5. What parts is London traditionally divided into?

  6. What did you learn about the city?

  7. How much does the city extend?

  8. How many people work in the City?

  9. How many people live there?

  10. What is the West End? Is it the richest and the most beautiful part of London?

  11. Why does the Oxford Street attract the visitors from all over the world?

  12. What is the East End?

  1. Exercises ( Slide 9-10) 10 min

The next task we shall make on the blackboard, you should complete the sentences according to the text.

Complete the sentences: ( Slide 9)

  1. London is one of the largest cities in _the world_ and the largest in _Europe__.

  2. It’s population is __8 million____ people.

  3. London is situated on the _both banks__of the River Thames.

  4. Today in its full _extent_ Greater London _covers__ 625 square miles.

  5. Traditionally London is _devided__ into several parts.

  6. The City is the _heart__ of London.

  7. The City _extends___ over an area of about 2,6 square kilometers.

  8. The West End is the _richest__and most _beautiful__ part of London.

  9. Oxford Street in the West End is the endless_shopping area__, which attracts visitors from all over the World.

  10. There are a lot of _factories__ and _docks__ in the East End.

Well, we shall continue our work with the blackboard and the next task is to fill the blanks with articles if it is necessary.

Fill in the blanks: ( Slide 7)

  1. London is __the____ capital of Great Britain.

  2. It is one of __the____ largest cities in the world and __the__ largest city in ___-__ Europe.

  3. London is situated on __the___ both banks of __the___ River Thames.

  4. The City is __the________ heart of London.

  5. _-__ numerous banks, offices and firms are situated there.

  6. It is __the____ financial centre of ___the___ UK.

  7. The City is also _a_ market for goods from all parts of ___the___ world.

  8. About half _a__ million people work there.

  9. _The___ best hotels, shops, restaurants and theatres are situated in _the__ West End.

  10. The East End is _the___ poorest part of London.

  11. There are __a_ lot of ___-__ factories and __-_ here.

  1. Reading about sight seeing s ( Slide 11- 25) 8 min

Well, you were very active and I’ll put you marks for your answers, but now we shall see some sightseeings and get some information about it. Pay attention to the pictures because I‘ll give you tasks for checking your attention.

  1. Exercises for sight seeing s ( Slide 26-31) 12 min

I think it was interesting for you to see the pictures of the sightseeings, but I want to check, if you remember them.

( Slide 27) 3 min

The house of Parliament Westminster Abbey Buckingham Palace

Piccadilly Circus Trafalgar Square the Tower of London

( Slide 28)

Now let’s read the sentences about Tower Bridge and Big Ben and put them into the right order. I’ ll give you 2 minutes for each text. 4 min

Arrange the sentences in the right order:

Tower Bridge: 2, 3, 1, 4.

Big Ben: 4, 2, 3, 1.

( Slide 31) 5 min

And the last task will be to read the text and guess what London’s sights it is:

1) It is very old. It has a long and cruel history. You can see it from the river Thames. It is not just one building. Many years ago the Kings and Queens of Britain lived in this place. (The Tower of London)

2) It stands near the Houses of Parliament. It is really a bell. It weighs 13,720 kilograms. It has a deep tone and you can hear it on the radio. It is a famous clock. (Big Ben)

3) It is not far from the Houses Of Parliament. It is a symbol of England. It was founded by St. Peter and built by King Edward in 1065. Some famous people are buried there.( Westminster Abbey)

4) They stand beside the river Thames. You can also see them from Westminster Abbey. The country’s leaders speak at this place. The famous clock Big Ben stands near them. (The houses of Parliament )

  1. Explaining hometask 2 min

The lesson is over, your hometask will be Ex 7 p 127.Thank you for your work. Marks for the lessons.

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