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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Урок по английскому языку на тему "About the capital of Kazakhstan" (8 класс)

Урок по английскому языку на тему "About the capital of Kazakhstan" (8 класс)

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The theme of the lesson: About the capital of Kazakhstan

The aim of the lesson: 1. To indroduce with The history of the

copital Astana of our country in English

2. To develop their oral speech and thinking memory

3. To raise their interest to the subject

The V.A.: poster, with words, cards.

The beginning of the lesson

1. Org moment

2. Speech drill

3. Phonetic drill

1830, 1862, 1917, 1941-45, 1992, 1997

4. Cheking of the h\t

5. Fаstening: working with crosswords and answer for the questions as…

a. In what islad is the UK situited?

b. How many square km has it?

c. What can you say about its population?

d. What is the officallanguage of the coutry?

e. What is the capital of it?

Who can retell the text about London?

Well now boys and girls lets remember geografical position of Kazakhstan?

1. Where is it situated?

2. What is the size of the area of Kazakhstan?

3. How many people live in it?

4. What is the ossical language of the country?

5. What is the capital of it?

6. Our new theme is about our capital Astana

You know our country Astana is situated in northern part of our country, on the river Ishim Those for years the name of our capital wasn’t Astana it was Akmola.

It was founded in 1830 as a fortification of Russian Impire. In 1861 it got the status of town and became a trade fairs where merchants of all over Kazakhstan and Centrall Asia, India gathered and sell cottles and agracultural products.

During Russian revolusion in 1917

Sovied Powe was estableshed there

Many changes taken place since then. During the Great Patriotic war Akmola played a very impotant role they helped to the soriet Army with raw materials and products

1961 Akmola renamed in to the Leningrad

In 1998 it got his name Akmola again. Since October

1997 it has became the capital of our state, it changed into Astana

Nowe days Astana is political, finansial, cultural centre of the country

It has several beautiful buldings, higher educational estableshment and many, many other places of interest

Look at the pictures

7. Lexical material New words

Russian Impire Российская империя

Swiet Power Советская власть

Found осковывать

Merchant купец

Influence влияние

Establish основывать

Fortification укрепление

Outpast отдельный поселок

8. Fastening.


Answer to the questions and working with crosswords


9. Marking

10 h\t

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