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Урок по английскому языку на тему "Astana"

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

Theme: What do you want to be? Sounds and letters.

The aims: to explain the new theme and practice it, working

on their pronunciation of words and sounds

to develop pupils speech habits, paying attention to the

pronunciation of the sounds [w] [w] [r]

bringing up and create pupils interest to the subject

The V.A.: pictures, books, active board.

The type of the lesson: to explain the new material

The method of the lesson: to work with vocabulary, with sounds

Procedure of the lesson:

1. Org moment

Who is on duty today?

What is your name?

Who is absent?

What date is it now?

What day is it now?

What season is it now?

What month is it now?

What was your home task?

2. Phonetic drill

Rain, rain go away

Come again another day

Little Tommy

Once to play

3. Check up home task

At the last lesson we spoke about profession. Let`s repeat these words.

a. At the blackboard pictures with profession. Pupils tell the names of the profession in English language. What is he? What is she?

Teacher, doctor, engineer, ambassador, bank manager, driver, lawyer, taxi - driver, housefine, student.

b.At the blackboard words

Rain, red, park, arm, yard, rose, ruler


IV. New theme

Today we shall continue theme – profession

What do you want to be?

I want to be a teacher

Do you want to be a doctor?

Yes, I do

No, I do not – I want to be a teather

No, I don’t

No, I do not

Sounds, [w], [wh-], [w], [wr], [r]







Wh Wr

[w] [r]

When write

What writer

Write wrong


VII. Work with book

Colin: I want to be an astronaut

Mrs. Evans: What about you. What do you want to be?

Colin: She wants to be a teacher.

Mrs. Evans: Do you, Carol?

Carol: No, I don’t. I want to be a secretary.

Ex 2 p 71

- What do you want to be?

- I want to be __________.

Ex 5 p 71

- Do you want to be _________.

- Yes, I do\no, I don’t.

VII. Conclusion

Why do you cry Willy?

Whydo you cry?

Why Willy? Why .Willy?

Why Willy? Why?

IX. Home task

V. Give the marks


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