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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Урок по английскому языку на тему "Члены семьи" - ''Family members'' (6 класс)

Урок по английскому языку на тему "Члены семьи" - ''Family members'' (6 класс)

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Конспект урока

Класс: 6

База практики: Тат. Булярская СОШ

Тема: Family members

Проводит: Губайдуллина Л.Т.

Дата: 18.02.2014

Учитель предметник: Вазетдинова А.А.

Оборудование: учебник М.З. Биболетова, Н.В. Добрынина, Н.Н. Трубанева “Enjoy English”, видеофильм

Цель: формирование лексических навыков


  1. Повторить ранее изученную лексику

  2. Развить внимание и догадку

  3. Семантизировать и осуществить первичную тренировку новой лексики

  4. Развить познавательный интерес учащихся к языку

Ход урока

Этапы урока

Деятельность учителя

Деятельность учащихся

Начало урока

Знакомство, речевая зарядка

Подготовительный этап

Основной этап

Работа с видеоматериалом

Завершающий этап

- Hello my dear friends! My name is Lyaisan Tagirovna. I’m a student and I am passing my practice in your school. So how are you?

- And who is on duty today?

- Tell me, please, who is abscent?

- Very good. And now we will get acquaintance. For this purpose let’s play the game ‘Snowball’. The rule is simple. Every next student should repeat the sentence of the previous students and then add his or her own one. Is it clear?

- Okay. I start the game. My name is Lyaisan Tagirovna. I like to play guitar. (Жестом показывая на ученика, продолжаю). So now repeat my sentence in indirect speech and add your own sentence.

- Very good. Now I know your names and your hobbies. And I want to get to know a little bit about your families. Can you name all the members of your family?

- Okay, good. But do you know who is aunt or uncle?

- That’s why our today’s theme is “Family members”. Look at the board, please. Here you see the words familiar and unfamiliar. Please repeat after me:










Niece (…)

- Good, thank you. Now we will watch the film ‘Family members’. Be attentive, please. During the film we will pronounce the words. And after watching the film you will answer my questions. (…) So do you like the film? Was everything clear?

- Ok. So now try to answer my questions.

1) How can you call your father?

2) How can you call your mother?

3) Why do your parents may be named as husband and wife to each other?

4) Whose husband is your father?

5) Whose wife is your mother?

6) Who is grandmother?

7) How can you call your grandmother?

8) Who is grandfather?

9) How can you call your grandfather?

10) How can you call parents of your parents?

11) How do you call your brother if he is elder/younger TO you?

12) How do you call your sister if she is elder/younger TO you?

13) Do sisters and brothers help to do homework?

14) Who is aunt?

15) Who is uncle?

16) Who are you for your aunt/uncle if you are a boy?

17) Who are you for your uncle/aunt if you are girl?

18) How should you appeal to your uncle’s or aunt’s son or daughter?

- Very nice. I see you’ve understood everything. Is your family also so big?

- How many people in your family?

- Enumerate the members of your family, please. What are their professions?

- Thank you! Good answer. And what do the members of your family like to do.

- Fine. It’s really interesting to learn a little bit about your families. That’s why please talk about your families in pairs. What are their names? How old are they? What are their professions? What are their hobbies and dreams? And so on, and so far. Finally make a little dialog. I give you 10 minutes. You can start.

- I see that you are ready. So who wants to be the first? Please begin.

- It was great. You all have friendly families. And you are all clever guys. Unfortunately our class is over. Please open your diaries. Hometask is to draw a family tree. You can use ex.1 at page 139 in your books as an example. Try to make it colourful and informative. You can use photos or pictures. Thank you for your work. I’m satisfied with it. See you on the next lesson. You can be free. Good Bye!

Слушают и высказываются

P1: Good morning! We are fine.

P1: I am on duty today.

P1: All are present.

Слушают задание

P1: Yes, everything is clear.

Слушают и выполняют задание

P1: Her name is Lyaisan Tagirovna. She likes to play guitar. My name is Alisa. I like to listen to music.

P2: Her name is Lyaisan Tagirovna. She likes to play guitar. Her name is Alisa. She likes to listen to music. My name is….

Слушают и высказывают свои предположения

P1: Yes, f.e., mother, father, brother, sister…

P1: No, we don’t know.

Слушают задание

Повторяют за учителем

Слушают задание

Смотрят видеоролик

P1: Yes, we really like it.

P2: Everything was clear.

Cлушают задание

Отвечают на вопросы

P1: Father, papa daddy, dad.

P2: Mother, mama, mommy, mom.

P3: Because they are married.

P4: My father is my mother’s husband.

P5: My mother is my father’s wife.

P6: Grandmother is my mommy’s or my father’s mother.

P7: Grandmother, grandma.

P8: He is my mommy’s or my daddy’s father.

P9: Grandfather, grandpa.

P10: Grandparents.

P11: Elder/younger brother.

P12: Elder/younger sister.

P13: Yes, they do.

P14: She is my daddy’s or my mommy’s sister.

P15: He is my daddy’s or my mommy’s brother.

P16: Nephew.

P17: Niece.

P18: Cousin.

отвечают на вопросы

P1: Yes, it is.

P2: There are 6 people in my family.

P3: My mother. She is a nurse. My father is an electricity worker. My brother. He is a driver. My younger sister. She studies at school. My grandma is a pensioner. And I am a pupil.

P4: My father likes to watch football. Mommy likes to cook. Brother is fond of driving. Sister likes to sing.


Выполняют задание

Рассказывают диалоги


Записывают домашнее задание

Прощаются с учителем

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