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Урок по английскому языку на тему "Days of the week"

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School № 37, Oskemen

Subject Name

Lesson Plan

Teacher name

Chernova S.I.

Topic / Unit Title:

Making birthday cards

(45 min.)



3 D, G, V.

Date :



Days of the week


Students will be able to speak about days of the week.


  1. To learn new words;

  2. To read about cards;

  3. To talk about time-table

  4. To develop spelling skills.

Teaching Methods to Engage Students

Individual work, class work.

Key Words

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, week.


One copy of Worksheets 1 and 2 for each child, vocabulary, pupil’s book


(Warm up)

  1. Organization moment. Greeting.

  2. Answer the questions.



(Worksheet 1)



(Worksheet 2)

Make a birthday card

— Good morning, boys and girls! How are you today?

What day is it today?

Look at the blackboard, please. You can see the calendar there.

What we learn today?

You are right, today we will learn the names of the days of the week and find out what you usually do on different days of the week.

2. Phonetic drill

Write on blackboard

[t]       [д]

[k]       [z]

[р]       [v]

[s]       [d]

[f]       [b]

Now let’s sound the symbols.

The first column, please, ([t], [k], [p], [s], [f].)

The second column, please, ([g], [z], [v], [d], [b].)

Давайте соединим стрелочками пары по звонкости/глухости. Name the pairs! ([t] - [d], [k] - [g], [p] - [b], [s] - [z], [f] – [v].)

Now remember the verbs with these sounds.

(Ученики по очереди называют глаголы с данными звуками.)

3. Check home-work.

4. New team

Look at this page from diary. What do you think, what isn’t enough here?hello_html_6238d3d3.jpg

Of course, days of the week,

Is it important to know days of the week?

What we will do today on the lesson? (answers)

Write down new words in vocabulary, speak with teacher, together, individually.


You are tired. Stand up and do some exercises with me!

Hands up! Clap! Clap! Clap!

Hands down! Shake! Shake! Shake!

Hands on hips! Jump! Jump! Jump!

Run! Go! Swim! Stand up!


1) Days of the Week

Дни недели

Every week has 7 days,

See how many you can say.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,

Thursday, Friday, Saturday,

Tell me, please, what day is it today?

Let’s learn to read and sing this song.

2) The second task: you should make up as many sentences as possible! Look at the screen. What do you usually do?

- Названия дней недели пишутся с заглавной буквы. Read the rule.

- Интересно , какие планы на неделю у вас. Read the task

- Расскажите, что вы обычно делаете в разные дни недели. ( I go to school on Monday. I play football on Tuesday. )




on Monday


on Tuesday


on Wednesday


on Thursday


on Friday


on Saturday

play chess

on Sunday

  1. I run on Wednesday.

  2. I swim on Monday.

  3. I jump on Saturday.

  4. I read on Sunday.

  5. I play chess on Tuesday.

  6. I write on Thursday.

3)And the last task for you I suppose. Listen to me attentively and be quick! Try to guess the day of week! Вам нужно угадать день недели!

What is the first (первый) day of week?

What is the last (последний) day of week?

What is the day before (перед) Tuesday?

What is the day before (перед) Thursday?

What is the day after (после) Monday?

What is the day after (после) Thursday?

Oh, you are perfect!

 Who can remember all days of week? Name them

The final phase of the lesson

Evaluation and conclusion.


Page 9 ex 4

New words

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